Monday, September 04, 2006

& the winners were...

The Czech Republic Were Lucky, with 81%, narrowly preventing last month's winners, Hellcatmudwrestler from winning two in a row.

Questions from Sunday 3rd September

Current Affairs

What colour medal did Zara Phillips win at the World Equestrian Games in August?
According to Keep Britain Tidy, how large is the UK population of rats, to the nearest million?
Which airline removed two Asian passengers from a flight to Manchester because they weren’t talking English?
Which football club will Jonathan Woodgate be playing for this season?
How old would Freddie Mercury have been on 5th September 2006?
What is the surname of Big Brother winner Pete?
Which popular dead British author is being celebrated by his own day on 13th September?
What is the title of Al Gore’s new film about climate change, opening in the UK in September?
What is the new cover price of the Evening Standard?
Who is the current Foreign Secretary?

Picture Round

The picture round this month was on logos, featuring those from companies like Walls, Start-Rite, Laughing Cow, Vodafone, Bathing Ape, and Chanel.

Music Round

The theme for the music round was initials, including tracks from KLF, ZZ Top, AC/DC & XTC, and songs containing initials from The Beatles, The Fall, and Tammy Wynette...

European Cities

Which European city is home to the football club Real Betis?
Which European city features the monumental stairway called in English The Spanish Steps?
Which European German city is home to the Mercedes Benz museum?
Which European city houses the largest port in Europe?
Which European city is Oscar Wilde buried in?


Which British poet wrote the poem I wish I’d looked after my teeth?
What is the name of the Philip Larkin poem that features the F word in the first line?
Which poet was married to the writer Sylvia Plath?
How many lines does a poem called a Sonnet have?
Complete the next line of this poem by Spike Milligan:
Dr O’Dell fell down a well,
and broke his collar bone
But Doctors should attend the sick…

General Knowledge

What does Moulin Rouge mean in French?
Which film is longest (in the original version) out of Kill Bill Volume 1, Shawshank Redemption, and Apocalypse Now?
In which decade did Crunchie bars first go on sale?
Which European fashion house produces the perfumes Angel and Alien?
What does Yom Kippur mean in Israeli?
Which station is at the Northern end of the Jubilee Line?
What is the symbol for iron on the periodic table?
In which continent is the river Plate?
In martial arts, what is a Dojo?
Which 19th Century German politician was nicknamed the Iron Chancellor?