Tuesday, December 23, 2008

& the winners were...

My Name is Pete, and I'm a Farmer, with 81%. There was a tie for second place between Turducken and M IQ is... who both scored 78%. Turducken won the tie-break, so they got second, and My IQ is... came third.

Onward Quizteam Soldiers were the best team of 2, with 67%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 21st December 2008

Current Affairs
Who was named BBC Sports Personality of the year?
Which channel island has just held its first ever election this month?
What level have US interest rates now been cut to?
Who has recently been declared dead, 14 years after his disappearance?
The recently released CD set 'Picture Book' chronicles the career of which group?
The former set of which TV show was this week sold for £735,000?
In which city is the current India v England test match being played?
Who was the Blackburn manager before Paul ince?
What financial scheme, beginning with P is associated with Bernard Madoff (2 possible answers)
Which new scent was unveiled in the US last week? Was it a smell inspired by Burger King, KFC, or Pepsi?

Picture Round
80s Toys Christmas Picture Quiz
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Music Round
Christmas songs a-go-go, inc Wham, Band Aid, The Waitresses, Cliff, and Girls Aloud

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave what to me?
Who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in the year 800?
In what year did London's last official White Christmas occur?
Which store’s Christmas ad are Take That appearing in?
& which store’s Christmas ad is Richard Hammond appearing in?
What Christmas-related plant is represented by the Latin 'Ilex'?
What scent is Ewan McGregor advertising this Christmas?
In which century were Christmas cards and crackers invented?
In the Christmas cracker joke, why don’t Elephants like Penguins?
How many films (definition – at least 80 minutes long) are being shown on ITV on Christmas Day (starting between 11am and midnight)?

General Knowledge
Which character in Dad’s Army had the catchphrase “Doomed – we’re all Doomed”?
Which food item has the marketing slogan ‘a hug in a mug’?
What colour plasters do people involved in food preparation have to wear if they cut themselves?
Which country does the word bungalow originate in?
What is the plural of mongoose?
Which country is actor Sam Neill from?
Which London brewer is based in Chiswick?
Who is currently Secretary General of the United Nations?
Which tube station has the most interchanging lines out of Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus, and Waterloo?
In The Office Christmas Special, who does Tim buy a Secret Santa gift for?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

& the winners were...

My IQ is, with 82%, just pipping The Old Hamtonwellians on 81%, with Quiz Quiztofferson (great name) coming in third on 76%.

Jim's in Town for You was the top scoring team of 2 with 73%

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th October 2008

Current Affairs
What is the new rate of VAT?
According to research in November, do people generally drive faster or slower if hung over?
What is Robert Kilroy Silk’s job outside of I’m a Celeb?
Which British sportsman is known as The Haymaker?
Name the ship captured by pirates in November?
Which two people carried Ricky Hatton’s belts into the ring in Las Vegas before the fight in November (1 point for each)?
What is the full title of the new Madagascar animated film?
Which county is Histon (who knocked Leeds out of the FA Cup) in?
Participants in which TV show received letters from Gordon Brown?
Which computer device turned 40 this week?

Picture Round
Clapham Residents Picture Quiz
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Music Round
The theme this month was things found in or around the house, featuring tracks like Clocks, Coffee & TV, Breakfast in Bed, Hanging on the Telephone, and Umbrella, among others,

Spell the word ‘you’re/your’ in the following sentences:
Which one is XXX suitcase?
If you don’t stop, XXX going to get in trouble.
Spell the word ‘their/there/they’re’ in the following sentences:
I can see them – XXX standing by the bus stop
They picked up the books, and put them in XXX bags
I can’t have lost it – I put it right XXX

The 1990s
With which two singles did Blur and Oasis contest 1995's so-called 'Battle of Britpop'?
Who scored 333 and 123 in the 1990 Lord's test v India?
In the UK, 16th September 1992 is widely known by what nickname?
Which character was played by Jonny Lee Miller in the film trainspotting?
Which company produced an item of food flavour called Cool Britannia?

General knowledge
At what age in the UK do you receive a free TV licence?
Which low-cost airline started first out of Ryanair, Easyjet, and Go (owned by BA)?
Waitrose is part of which larger retail group?
In which British city would you find an area called The Shambles?
An AM is a member of which British political body?
Who wrote the original story that was filmed as The Shawshank Redemption?
Modern humans are descended from Neanderthal Man: true or false?
The Drake Equation is used to estimate the likely existence of what?
What seriously damaged around 150 properties in Kensal Green on 7th December 2006?
What was the first name of Timothy Spall’s character in Auf Wiedersehen Pet?

Monday, November 03, 2008

& the winners were...

Old Hamtonwellians (above) with 89%, securing them a hattrick of wins. My IQ is... were second with 79%, while Quizzy Rascals came third with 76%.

I'll Finish Last won the prize for the best team of two or less with 74%. In fact there was just one of him so this is very impressive.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd November

Current Affairs

How long will Jonathan Ross be suspended from his BBC programmes?
What is the name of the new shopping centre in White City?
Writer Aravind Adiga recently gained much press coverage for winning what?
Which brand of phone (e.g. Sanyo) does James Bond use in the new film?
Which local council has decided to get rid of their speed cameras?
What is Ricky Gervais’ character’s job in his new film Ghost Town?
Why is Pete Burns suing his plastic surgeon (which body part)?
How much money was George Osborne accused of seeking in donations from Russian Oligarch Olig Deripaska?
Which team won the opening match of Rugby League's World Cup?
Tzipi Livni is a candidate to become Prime Minister of where?

Picture Round
Movie Monsters Picture Quiz
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Music Round

This month the theme was bands with The in their name (pretty easy to set, clearly), and featured The Rolling Stones, The Verve, The Gap Band, and The Housemartins among others.

Musical Instruments

Which musical instrument is…

Liberace most commonly associated with?
Django Reinhart most commonly associated with?
Phil Collins, most commonly associated with, when he was with Genesis?
The comic actor Arthur Marx, one of the Marx Brothers most commonly associated with?
The actor George Formby most commonly associated with?

The Elements

What is the lightest of the elements?
What radioactive element was used to murder former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko?
What element is used to make the filaments in traditional style light-bulbs?
Name the only two elements which are liquids at room temperature.
Animals with blue blood rely on which metal (rather than iron) as an oxygen carrier?

General knowledge

What is the more common name of the medical condition sleep apnoea?
In which country is Schipol Airport?
What hobby would you be pursuing if you were using Fat Quarters?
Which famous Spanish artist designed the logo for Chupa Chips?
Who were the two original team captains on the TV quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks?
What was the original name for Bertolli spread?
In which US state was Elvis Presley born?
Which is the most senior of the air force ranks Wing Commander, Squadron Leader and Group Captain?
What is the circumference of one of Chris Hoy's thighs, to the nearest 2 inches?
Which famous actress was the heroine of the original Halloween movie in 1978?

Monday, October 06, 2008

& the winners were...

The Old Hamptonwellians, with 87%, making it two in a row for them. There was an extraordinary 4-way tie for second place with all teams scoring 75%, but after a tie breaker question (how many copies did the Guinness Book of Records sell last week?), second place was awarded to Too Many People Cry on X Factor, and third place to I Love You More Than Transexual Porn.

Quiz Eubank won the prize for the best team of 2 players, with a very impressive 74%

Hellcatmudwrester, who frequently won in 2007, have now not played for over six months, and have been declared Missing in Action

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th October 2007

Current Affairs
Which is the most recent financial institution to be nationalised?
What does HBOS stand for?
To the nearest 10m what is Arsenal’s wage bill this season?
In Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, which role did Paul Newman play?
Who, at their conference, did the conservatives vote to be the greatest ever Tory?
Which of these people did not speak at the conservative party conference – football boss Karren Brady, or Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den, or author Terry Pratchett
Which city hosts Octoberfest?
Paul Scholes, Jonny Wilkinson and Didier Drogba all injured which body part this week?
What was the most likely cause of the fire on the Cutty Sark?
What will the Scottish government introduce for all children starting primary school from 2010?

Picture Round
US Cities Picture Quiz
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Music Round
This month's music round was on the theme of 'Animals', featuring tracks by Atomic Kitten, Arctic Monkeys, Boomtown Rats, B52s etc. You get the picture.

What colour cap does a plastic bottle of semi skimmed milk have in Sainsbury’s?
What flavour is a pack of Blue Extra chewing gum? (precise – not just mint)
What colour is a packet of Walkers cheese and onion?
What colour was The Incredible Hulk originally in the comic books?
The The Muppets, what colour hair does Beeker have?

Long John Silver features in which novel by Robert Louis Stevenson?
Name the most recent in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series of films?
What is the nickname given to the skull and crossbones type flag reputedly flown by pirates?
Pirate radio DJ Delbert Wilkins was a creation of which comedian?
Which country's waters have seen more pirate attacks than any other in recent years?

General knowledge
What brand of footwear does the company R Griggs make?
Which US city has the area code 212?
What kind of art is Lascaux in France famous for?
Who was the regular England test captain prior to Michael Vaughan?
What was the Dutch currency before the Euro?
Who’s the taller out of film directors Mike Leigh and Spike Leigh?
Which game is played with Mallets and Hoops?
Which actor’s autobiography is called My Name is My Bond?
Which company makes the ‘Kelly’ handbag?
In the film The Godfather, who is the character Johnny Fonteine supposedly based on?

Monday, September 08, 2008

& the winners were...

...Old Hamptonwellians, returning to winning ways for the first time in a few months, with 89%, followed by Halal, is it Meat You're Looking For, denied their hatrick of wins with 85%, and then Norfolk & Goode in third with 77%.

Yuka claimed the prize for the best team of 2 with 57%.

A good quiz overall, although the current affairs and the 'misquotations' were a bit hard for several of the teams.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th September 2008

Current Affairs
How many medals did Great Britain win at the Beijing Olympics?
If GB came 4th in the total table, where did Australia come?
Who won Big Brother? (1st & last name)
What was the average rainfall total for the UK in August 2008, to the nearest 20mm? (the average from 1961 – 1990 was 92mm)
Jacqueline Wilson’s childrens’ book ‘My Sister Jodie’ withdrawn for sale in August because it featured which anatomical swear word - arsehole, prick, or twat?
Give the surnames of the two US VP candidates
Which white American actor blacks up to appear in the new film Tropic Thunder?
What is the nationality of the Man Utd footballer Dimitar Berbatov?
What is the proposed new name for Virgin Radio?
Name the latest hurricane to threaten New Orleans

Picture Round
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Music Round
The theme of the music round was 'modes of transport' and featured tracks from The Cars, Divine Comedy (National Express), the Manics (Motorcycle Emptiness), Van Halen (Van - geddit?) and Sister Sledge (Sledge - geddit?)

Popular mis-quotations
According to popular myth, who says "Don't throw those bloody spears at me" in which film?
Which UK prime minister is commonly misquoted as having said "Crisis, what crisis?"
The film Casablanca contains the phrase "Play it again, Sam." True or false?
To which character is the term "Elementary, my dear Watson" usually (but wrongly) attributed?
Who is misquoted as saying "dreams are the royal road to the unconscious”?

Seats of learning
What school does Harry Potter go to?
In which country in the UK is Gordonstoun school (where Prince Charles went)?
In Australian academia, what do the initials QUT stand for?
In which British city is Herriot Watt University?
Is Harvard University on the East Coast or the West Coast of the US?

General knowledge
Which country does the liqueur Benedictine come from?
In which American sport might a player score a triple double?
In which American sport do the Washington Redskins play?
Which kind of fruit is an Egremont Russet?
If fridges and freezers are termed ‘white goods’, what are TVs, DVD players etc termed?
Which famous musician was known as The Lizard King?
What was the last UK no. 1 single that Michael Jackson had (BBC chart)?
Who’s tallest out of Richard Branson, Richard Madeley and Cliff Richard?
Which is the most Easterly station on the Central Line?
Which film features a criminal gang called the Dead Presidents?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

& the winners were...

Halal, Is It Meat You're Looking For (who deny being hardcore Bill Bailey fans - they just like the name) with 72%, followed by What Horses Can Teach Us with 69%, and the Old Hamptonwellians with 67%.

Quiz Akabusi won the prize for the best team of two, with 61%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd August 2008

Current Affairs

According to the Mail on Sunday, how is artist Robin Gunningham better known?
Which London museum is holding a new exhibition on the Emperor Hadrian?
How much did the Police in London pay to informants (collectively) each day, on average, in the last financial year? (to the nearest £2k)
At which course was the British Open played?
What do the initials SAT as in the educational tests stand for?
How many stages of the Tour de France did Briton Mark Cavendish win?
Which energy company announced a 35% increase in prices last week?
How did John Mason from Scotland achieve fame last month?
How many letters are there in the name Radovan Karadzic?
Which magazine have Brad and Angelina sold pictures of their twins to?

Picture Round

Music Round

The theme to the (very difficult) music round was artists and songs with initials in the title, and featured Run DMC, INXS, NWA, The Beatles (Back in the USSR), JJ Cale, and the KLF. But it was too hard - next time the music will be a lot easier!

Olympic events

In which decade was synchronised swimming introduced?
What was introduced most recently, out of Taekwondo, Triathalon, and Badminton?
Which is the only team event in the Paralympics that is open to mixed teams?
True or false – the Beijing Olympics will include the sport of BMX
Rebecca Romero from the UK won a silver medal for rowing in Athens in 2004. In which other sporting discipline will she now compete in Beijing?

First & last lines

Which book begins with the line “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”
Which song starts with the line “My life is brilliant”?
Which of Shakespeare’s plays starts with the line “Who’s There?”
Which film ends with the line “There’s no place like home”?
Which film ends with the line “Hang on lads – I’ve got an idea…”

General knowledge / random trivia

What sort of dog is Snoopy?
What is Boris Johnson’s first name?
In the US, how many cents are there in a nickel?
What is the current cost of a colour TV license (to the nearest £10)?
Which film is based on the novel 'Jack's Return Home' by Ted Lewis?
The premium range in Sainsbury's is 'Taste the Difference', and it's 'Finest' in Tesco. What is the equivalent at Asda called?
In 1976, 2 Viking spacecraft landed on which planet?
Which capital city is the most northerly (highest latitude) out of Amsterdam, Budapest, and Dublin?
What is does the word tuba (as in musical instrument) mean in Latin?
In Austin Powers, what was the first name of Dr Evil’s son?

Friday, July 11, 2008

& the winners were...

Halal, is it Meat You're Looking For? (clearly Bill Bailey fans) with 92% (!), followed by The Old Hamptonwellians with 77%, & the Dashing O'Flynns with 76%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th July 2008

Current Affairs
Who won the TV show The Apprentice (first name and surname)?
Who was the first scorer at Euro 2008?
& who scored the most goals?
A disused tunnel near which mainline rail station in London is the location for a new graffiti exhibition?
Which was the first political party to declare a candidate to oppose David Davis?
Why has Zara Phillips dropped out of the Beijing Olympics?
Why was the psychiatrist Raj Pasaud suspended from practicing for 3 months by the general medical council?
Which popular item of stationery celerated its 60th birthday last month – the Big Biro, the Bulldog Clip, or the Rotadex?
Which star of the TV show The Incredible Hulk makes a cameo appearance in the new Incredible Hulk film?

Picture Round

Music Round
The music round was on the theme of American towns or cities, and featured 10 songs by people like Whitney Houston, Dinah Washington, Simon & Garfunkel, Will Smith, and Bob Marley (Buffalo is a town in New York State)

People named after other people
The rapper Calvin Broadus gets his stage name from which cartoon character?
Which American public figure is Christiano Ronaldo named after?
Who was Dennis Bergkamp named after?
Which singer wrote the song that Chelsea Clinton is named after?
Which pope took his name from his immediate predecessor?

Health & Medicine (In honour of the anniversary of the NHS)
How many portions of fruit and / or vegetables does the Department of Health recommend eating per day (minimum)?
What painkilling drug does Alka Seltzer contain?
Who was the Minister of Health responsible for the formation of the National Health Service?
What is the name of the controversial new model of clinics, strongly opposed by the BMA?
If you had suffered a sprain, would you have damaged muscles or ligaments?

General knowledge / random trivia
The chemicals CFCs are notorious for causing damage to what?
What product is Burton-on-Trent most famous for?
Which Grand Slam tennis tournament did Greg Rusedski reach the final of in 1997?
In the 20th Century, four clubs won the old 2nd Division and then went on to take the League title the following season. Name 2 of them.
The two halves of which country were united in 1976 after over 20 years of near-continuous warfare?
In how many Rugby World Cups did Mike Catt play?
Which composer wrote the 1812 overture?
The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of which major war?
The founder of which supermarket coined the motto ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’?
What is the name of the bottled water marketed by Del in an episode of Only Fools & Horses?

Monday, June 02, 2008

& the winners were...

Chicken Cottaage Appreciation Society, with 81%, from the Old Hamptonwellians with 78% and Leer League with 69%. JP3000 were the top team of two players, with 64%. Quite a hard quiz then...

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st June 2008

Current Affairs
What is it now illegal to do on the tube, as of this morning?
The music of which band is celebrated in a new musical called ‘Never Forget’?
What is FA cup final scorer Kanu’s first name?
At which English football ground was the UEFA Cup final held? (Stadium name, not team name)
What is the most frequently handed in item of lost property, according to TFL, at 35,000 items a year?
What % of the vote did the Conservatives get in the Crewe and Nantwich byelection? (to the nearest 5%)
Where did Cherie Blair conceive Leo, according to her recent book?
What was the profession of the woman painted by Lucian Freud in a painting sold for $33m in May?
What is Gordon Brown’s favourite pop group (he listens to them every day)?
Why is South African Oscar Pistorius likely to be disqualified to run at this summer’s Olympics?

Picture Round
People in hats:

Music Round
The theme of the music round was bands with siblings in them, including Oasis, Bros, Spandau Ballet, The Kinks, The Osmonds, and The Nolans. (Just as siblings aren't allowed to have babies, most of this lot proved why they shouldn't be allowed to have pop groups either)

Food & Drink named after places
Which cheese is also a village and a gorge in Somerset?
Which wine is also a town located 20km South West of Rome?
Which cake is also the 4th largest city in Scotland?
Which sugar, used in home baking, is also a colony in Gyuana?
Which Mexican state, next to Guatemala is also a brand of hot sauce?

What was the year
In which year was…
James Nesbit born, comedy western Cat Ballou won the best picture Oscar, and Stan Laurel died?
Jonny Wilkinson was born, Alien won the best picture Oscar, and Sid Vicious died?
Dutch footballer Arjen Robben was born, Amadeus won the best picture Oscar, and poet John Betjeman died?
The UK handed sovereignty of Hong Kong to the Chinese, As good as it gets won the best picture Oscar, and the Notorious BIG died?
Britney Spears was no. 1 with Toxic, The Aviator won best picture Oscar, and actor Peter Usinov died?

General knowledge / Random Trivia
What does the word Nivea mean in Latin?
What does the Restaurant name La Rueda mean in Spanish?
Who wrote the children’s book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
The meat of which animal is generally used to make Pastrami?
Which popular craft activity begins with ‘casting on’ and ends with ‘casting off’?
What is the highest denomination Euro banknote?
Which tube station is nearest to the ship The Golden Hind?
Which animal is fastest out of a coyote, an elk and a wildebeast?
What type of hat does Indiana Jones wear?
In the film Office Space, what piece of office machinery is destroyed by the main characters with baseball bats?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

& the winners were...

Hamptonwellians Reserves with 91 points, followed by the Old Hamptonwellians with 88 points, and Team Boab with 87 points.

It was a great night, with a really good turnout. Great fun!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th May 2008

Current Affairs

Which record did David Blaine break last week?
How many English players scored in last week’s Champions League semi finals?
Which world leader flies in the plane Shepherd 1?
Which British actress named the new cruise liner P&O Ventura?
Which one of the following is not in the new series of Gladiators – Oblivion, BattleAxe, Africa, Tornado?
Which British Politician appeared in an episode of American Idol in April?
& which American politician appeared in the US edition of Deal or No Deal?
How many years in prison were the Royal blackmailers each sentenced to?
Which chocolate company bought the Wrigley’s gum company in April?
What is the name of the fictional city in the new GTA game?

Picture Round

This month's picture round was on breeds of dog. Play along here

Music Round

A music round with a difference - 10 duets, but instead of naming the artist and the song title, teams had to identify both singers in each case. Duetting artists included Elton John & Kiki Dee, Madonna & Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry, Dre and Snoop, and Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias.

Band Names

Which film gave the band McFly their name?
What are the Kaiser Chiefs (original meaning)?
A song by which band gave Radiohead their name?
What is Pearl Jam?
In medical terms, what does REM stand for?

Boris or Johnson

Which Boris or Johnson…
First won a Wimbledon singles final at the age of 17?
Was the 36th President of the USA?
Was an actor, born William Henry Pratt, and most famous for horror films?
Was the writer of the plays Volpone and The Alchemist?
Is a prominent American activist for HIV prevention and safe sex?

General knowledge

What physical activity do you need a PADI certificate for?
Which company is the world’s largest manufacturer of digital cameras?
Which country do the Faroe Islands belong to?
What product does the company YKK make?
In law, what is a McKenzie’s Friend?
On a guitar, what string is directly below the D string?
& on a typewriter keyboard, which letter is directly to the right of the D key?
Who is tallest out of TV presenter Tim Lovejoy, Tennis player Tim Henman, and Former England footballer Tim Flowers?
Which British bank has trademarked the term ‘Hole in the Wall’ to describe cash points?
In the film Se7en, what is in the box?

Monday, April 07, 2008

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler with 89%, followed by My IQ is... with 88%, and then Heff's Heroes with 86%. Hubert Grovers were the top team of two people with 81%. Good job the music round was so hard, or people would have been getting in the 90s!

There was a bit of debate over the question 'What ingredient makes a Black Russian black?' The official answer was Kaluha, as a traditional Black Russian is just 2 parts of vodka mixed with one part of Kaluha, over ice. However these days many bars turn it into a long drink (& reduce the level of alcohol) by diluting it with Coca Cola. But I let people have the points for the 'cola' answer.

See a couple of 'non-Coke' recipes here and here

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th April 2008

Current affairs

Which horse won Saturday’s Grand National?
How much money, to the nearest £50,000 did the M*****’s win from ******* ********** for false allegations?
& how much, to the nearest £3m did Heather mills receive from Paul McCartney?
Why are thousands of Americans currently acting in a play called ‘Before the Ban’?
Which artist is currently exhibiting a urinal at The Tate – Damien Hirst, Marcel Duchamp, or Georges Remi?
Which American bank ‘did a Northern Rock’ and had to be rescued?
What nationality is the French President’s wife, Carla Bruni?
Fans of which football club this season are singing the song ‘Feed the Yak’?
How did 13 year old Tom Daley make history last month?
Which British politician confessed / boasted of just under 30 sexual partners?

Picture Round

The theme of the picture round was Men in Drag - play along here

Music Round

This month's theme was Jobs and Occupations, featuring songs by Village People, Soulja Boy, Joan Armatrading, Billy Bragg (which only one team got), The Waterboys (ditto), and Princess Superstar


What is the main alcoholic ingredient of Bloody Mary?
Which ingredient makes a Black Russian Black?
Which fruit juice is central to a Tequila Sunrise?
The leaves of which plant are used in a Mohito?
Which fruit juice (or schnapps) is used in a bellini?

The London Mayoral Election

Who is the Liberal Democrat’s candidate in the London Mayoral elections?
Which magazine did Tory candidate Boris Johnson used to edit?
How many children does Labour candidate Ken Livingstone have?
What colour is Ken Livingstone using to represent himself in posters and election literature?
What is the date of the election?

General knowledge

Which kids TV show features the character Iggle Piggle?
Which European country has a statue of the writer Ken Follett?
Who was the father of Mary, Queen of Scots?
Which one of the following feeds isn’t primarily from the meat of a pig – chorizo, proscuitto, or Polenta?
On the stock market, does a bear think the price of shares is going to go up, or down?
In the comic Viz, what amazing item of clothing did Felix possess?
On betting, what are the most advantageous odds to the gambler, out of 2-1, 9-4 and 11-6?
How many original band members were there in The Who?
What is the name of the grill used as a doorway in many castles, that could be raised to let visitors in?
In There is Something About Mary, why is Ben Stiller’s character taken to hospital in the first ten minutes?

Monday, March 03, 2008

& the winners were...

Team Victory, with 86%, followed by The Awesome Foursome with 83%. The Old Hamptonwellians and Heff's Heroes had to fight it out for the third place, with Herr's Heroes eventually winning a tie breaker (on how many copies of Delia's new book were sold last week).

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd March 2008

Current Affairs

In which province of Afghanistan was Prince Harry stationed?
What type of law did Dr Rowan Williams say was inevitable in the UK?
How many goals were scored in total in the African Cup of Nations (to the nearest ten)?
How many goals have Man Utd scored against Newcastle in the Premiership this season?
Which American presidential hopeful won a Grammy in February?
Which Balkan country declared independence in February?
What relation to Fidel Castro is Raul Castro, the new leader of Cuba?
Fill in the blank – Blu-ray is the VHS what [blank] is to Betamax?
In which country in Britain is the new statue to Tommy Cooper?
Why was the former exotic dancer Brooke Busey-Hunt have cause to celebrate last Sunday?

Picture Round

See it here

Music Round

Boys and Girls - songs named after a boy or a girl, featuring Mandy, Kayleigh, Mickey, Geno, Stan and Ben, among others


Consider the number set: 1,3,3,3,4,4,6,7,8,9

What is the count of the numbers?
What is the sum of the numbers?
What is the mean of the numbers?
What is the mode of the numbers?
What is the median of the numbers?

Real Names

By what names are these people better known?

The rapper Marshall Mathers
The DJ Julius O’Riordan
The comedian Matthew Hall
The model Laura Hollins
The actor and playwright Ian Roberts

General Knowledge

Which architect designed St Paul’s Cathedral?
Which is officially the fattest state in the US out of California, Florida and Mississippi?
Which city was the original location of the Elgin Marbles?
In what part of a horse is the fetlock?
Which dance style is named after Arabic words meaning ‘fugitive peasant’?
Who was the song Hey Jude written about?
What colour are Viagra pills?
What does the word Primogeniture mean?
In which decade did the revolutionary Che Guevara die?
In the video game Grand Theft Auto – Vice City, which city was Vice City based on?

Monday, February 04, 2008

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler with 78%, closely followed by the Old Hamptonwellians with 775, and Team Victory with 74%. My IQ is... won the prize for the best team of 2 people with 54%.

This puts Hellcatmudwrestler in line for scoring a hattrick of wins next month - so come along and make sure they don't get it!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd February 2008

Current Affairs

Which British city is the European Capital of Culture 2008?
How much will Tony Blair be earning a year from his job with JP Morgan (To the nearest £100k)?
How many Premiership clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for, including loan deals?
What nationality was the climber Sir Edmund Hillary?
Who won the Saga Insurance Masters snooker championship in January?
What is the title of the new James Bond film, currently filming?
To the nearest 100, how many phone boxes in Scotland did not have a single outgoing call in 2007?
Which guitar hero appeared live onstage with Bill Gates at a Microsoft presentation in Las Vegas
Give the nicknames of both teams contesting tonight’s Superbowl
What did the inhabitants of the Scottish Island of Eigg get for the first time this weekend?

Picture Round

The picture round featured characters from kids' books, including Babar, Olivia, Captain Pugwash, Curious George and Jeremy fishers, which most people thought was Toad from Wind in the Willows

Music Round

The theme was month was hits of 2007, to give people a brak from the relatively aged selection of clips that I normally play. Most teams did pretty well in identifying hits by Lily Allen, The Fratellis, The Killers, Rhianna, Leona Lewis and Mika. But this was only a temporary reprive. Expect more 80s indie and seventies songwriters next time round!

Kids’ Riddles

What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?
What did the policemen say to his tummy?
What did the Spanish farmer say to his hen?
Which cheese is made backwards?
What happened to the cat that swallowed a ball of wool?

Three of a kind - What are these three all types of:

Bourbon and garibaldi and digestive
Cirrus, Altocumulus and nimbostratus
Habsburg, Wettin and Valois
Swing, lifting & beam
Andalusian, Norfolk Grey and Houdan

General Knowledge/Random Trivia

Which Asian electronics company’s name translates as Three Stars?
In E=MC2, what is ‘E’?
What does the word Malingerer mean?
Which Northern Line tube station features a mural of cricketers?
Which London theatre is the Queen musical We Will Rock You playing at?
In British law, which drug has the lowest classification, out of Ecstasy, Magic Mushrooms and Ritalin?
What type of sport (fighting, ball game or throwing) is Glima, the national sport of Iceland?
How does the Chinese custom of Yum Cha translate to in English?
Who painted The Night Watch?
The bark of which tree produces salicylic acid, which is used in aspirin?

Monday, January 07, 2008

& the winners were...

Quiz All Over My Face (featuring members of Hellcatmudwrestler and Circus Act, plus others) with 83%, just beating The Chicken Cottaage Appreciation Society with 81%, denying Steve Henn a hatrick of wins, and then Quiz Team Aguilera coming third on 78%.

Overall the quiz was too hard. It'll be easier next month, and feature more current music...

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th January 2008

Round 1 – Recent Events

Which London hospital suffered a major fire last week?
Who is currently the top English goalscorer in the Premiership (prem goals only)?
What was the highest rating UK TV show on Christmas Day?
Which British record did the Queen set in December 2007 (no, not YouTube!)?
Which story was the Sun writing about in December with the headline The Liar, The Witch, and the Wardrobe?
Why did Man Utd player Ronaldo receive a driving fine in December?
What % of gift tokens are said to be unused, according to a survey in December (to the nearest 10%)?
What % of new years honours went to women, again to the nearest 10%
Oil has just reached the price of $100 to the barrel – but how many UK gallons are there to the barrel?
According to the Pakistani government, how did Benazir Bhutto die?

Picture Round

This month's theme was 'winners of 2008', and featured some easy, and some hard pictures of people who has won things in 2008, including Forrest Whittaker, Helen Mirren, Nicolas Sarkozy, Mark Wallenger, and Doris Lessing

Music Round

In what I hoped was quite a creative twist, this month all of the tracks in the music round were covers - and teams had to identify the original artist and song. Excerpts included Last Christmas (covered by the Manics), Ooops I Did It Again (covered by Richard Thompson), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (covered by Keane), and Prett Vacant (covered by The Kingswoods, so confusingly that only one team got it).

Round 4 – Celebrity weddings of 2007

We need the surnames of the two people in each case (e.g. Cruise / Holmes):

She had the best selling British album of 2007, and he’s currently in prison on remand
He’s an English footballer, and she’s a model and fashion writer for the Daily Mirror
He plays Kevin Watley’s assistant in Lewis, and she had a number one single when she was 15.
He’s the ex husband of an ex-Atomic Kitten, and she’s a singer and former star of Neighbours
He’s an iconic British singer, and she’s the former face of Ultimo lingerie

Round 4 – US Elections

Name either the Republican or Democrat winner of the Iowa Caucus last week
Which animal represents the Republican party?
How many US senators are there for each state in the Union?
In which month is the 2008 US election to be held?
Which state is Hilary Clinton a senator for?

Round 5 – General Knowledge

Which alcoholic spirit is mixed with orange to produce Grand Marnier?
Who wrote the play under Milk Wood?
What was the Belfast firm Harland and Woolf famous for making?
What is the colour of the live wire in the UK electrical wiring code?
How many different letters are there in the name Evel Kneivel? (OK, this question doesn't work well when written down!)
What is the capital of Pakistan?
Which two animals breed to produce mules?
In prison slang, what is a ‘screw’?
Are there more pubs in London (zones 1-4) called The Blue Posts, The Marquis of Granby or The Coach and Horses?
What would your star sign be if your birthday was today?