Friday, December 07, 2007

& the winners were...

Chicken Cottaaage Appreciation Society, with 84%, followed by Hellcatmudwrestler and I Wish I'd Read The Papers, both with 80%. Hellcatmudwrestler won the tie break to come second, but it's now been more than 6 months since they won a quiz. Must do better in 2008!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd December 2007

Round 1 – Recent Events

Which country is Ken Livingstone currently visiting
Which wedding anniversary did the Queen celebrate in November?
Which actor made a multi million pound profit on an
Andy Warhol picture?
& who was the picture of?
Who plays Beowulf in the new Hollywood film?
Which GCSEs is Wayne Rooney currently studying for?
Who is the new prime minister of Australia?
Which British mobile network exclusively carries the iPhone?
What is the title of Russell Brand’s book?
What do secretary Janet Kidd, builder Ray Ruddick, and solicitor John McCarthy have in common?

Round 2 - Pictures

This round featured pictures of celebrities as they appeared in the Simpsons, and ranged from the incredibly easy (Stephen Hawking, Tom Jones), to the harder (Sting, N*SYNC), to the downright impossible (JK Rowling). Although to be fair 5 teams did get JK Rowling right.

Round 3 - Music

The theme for the music round was Space Exploration, and featured tracks by The Police, Moby, Genesis, Elton John, and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Rather depressingly only one team seemed to have heard of the Bonzos - most thought that one was either by The Beatles or The Kinks.

Round 4 – Famous quotations

Who said
One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind?
The harder I practice the luckier I get?
I wouldn’t say I was the best football manager in the business, but I was in the top one?
Channel 5 is all shit isn’t it? (as part of his last words)
I think therefore I am?

Round 4 – British Political Scandals [edited to save me from getting random search engine traffic]

D**** M***** resigned from government after an affair with which actress was made public?
What newspaper was unsuccessfully sued for libel by J******** A***** in 1995?
Which party was in power in the UK at the time of the Profumo scandal?
Which Liberal MP was accused of being involved with the shooting of his lover’s dog?
Which MP, other than N*** H*******, was involved in the 1994 Cash for Questions scandal?

Round 5 - General Knowledge

In which American state is the George Bush airport?
What is the first name of either of the founders of Marks & Spencer?
What is the surname of either of the founders of Ben & Jerry’s?
Which South American country has the largest population out of Agrentina, Puru and Chile?
Who was Adolf Hitler’s Minister for Propaganda?
How many colours are there in the Dutch flag? (Yes, white does count as a colour)
Where is the body would you find the proximal phalange?
What is the Latin word for left?
In British espionage, who was known as the Third Man?
In music, how many quavers are there in a crotchet?

Monday, November 12, 2007

& the winners were...

The Three Must Get Beers, with 79%, closely followed by Quiz Hungry whores with 78% and then The Bottlers with 77%. Walk Like An Egyptian won the prize for the best team of 2 people with 59%.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th November 2007

Current affairs

What song did the England team use to psych themselves up for the final?
& Which team won the play off for 3rd place in the Rugby World Cup?
How many blades dies the new Gillette Fusion Power have?
What is the title of the new Radiohead album, released for download only in October?
Name either of the front runners in the Lib Dem leadership race?
According to a Channel 4 survey, which is the best city in the UK to live in?
Which instrument is taking over from recorders in school music lessons?
Which British poet has been celebrated with a statue at the new St Pancras station?
Why did Led Zepellin have to postpone their reunion concert?
What is John Arne Riise’s basic monthly salary (pre tax), according to details leaked on the internet (to the nearest £10,000)?

Picture Round

The theme of the picture round was map symbols, featuring the OS symbols for pub, beacon, golf course, picnic area, and youth hostel among others. No one got the symbol for landfill site!

Music Round

The music round was generally reckoned to be pretty hard. The theme was body parts (either in the band name or the song name), so we had Talking Heads, Bette Davis Eyes, Fat Bottomed Girls, Flaming Lips, Legs, and Stiff Little Fingers. Someone suggested Willy Nelson - wish I'd thought of that!

Movie Sequels

What is the first part of the Rambo trilogy called?
What is the name of the sequel to the 1970s film Chinatown?
How many sequels has Keanu Reeves had a starring role in?
Which film series has had most sequels out of Police Academy and Friday 13th?
What was the title to the sequel to Bridget Jones Diary?


In what decade did/was…

Queen Victoria die?
Hilary Clinton born?
Sydney Opera House open?
Smoking get banned on the Underground, including platforms?
Cliff Richard last have a UK number 1?

General Knowledge

Which band did Johnny Fingers play keyboards for?
On an OS map, what do the initials FB signify?
Who’s tallest out of Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Guscott and Jeremy Paxman?
Who wrote the 1812 Overture?
In which month does the Kentucky Derby horse racing event take place?
The meat of which animal is usually used to make doner kebabs?
Which two teams play in the sporting event known as El Clasico?
How many cards (maximum) are dealt to each player in a game of Blackjack?
Who is the current monarch of The Netherlands?
If Je suis is French for I am, what is French for You Are?

Monday, October 08, 2007

& the winners were...

Pressure's Too Much with 75%, from MDP Wags with 74% and Prideaux Puzzlers with 71%. The scores show how much people were foxed by the music and the pictures.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th October 2007

Recent Events

Which band won this year’s Mercury Music prize?
What do the letters RMT stand for?
Which reggae song did the Conservatives choose as their rallying cry at this year’s party conference?
Which one day cricket record did Yuvrat Singh set in mid September?
What will be the new name for Virgin Megastores?
What name did the Blue Peter producers think was unsuitable for a cat?
What product does Paddington Bear advertise in a new ad?
What is the legal age for smoking cigarettes in the UK?
What is the nickname for the Argentinean Rugby team?
What was the name of the first man made object to orbit the earth, launched 50 years ago this week?

Picture Round

A tricky picture round this month, featuring people (vaguely) in the news, like Zac Efron, Hazel Blears, George Chuter, George Osborne (who hardly anyone got), Marcel Marceau and Lois Maxwell.

Music Round

The music round was marred by a) me cocking up the stereo, and b) many of the tracks being too obscure. Theme was biblical references in song or band names, with some obvious ones like Angels, and Devil in Disguise, and also some shockers like Jesus & Mary Chain (Never Understand) and Judas Priest (Breakin' The Law), although it was also shocking how few people knew Israelites by Desmond Decker

Beers of the world

In which town in Germany is Becks beer brewed?
Which country produces Singha beer?
Which state in Australia produces Swan and Emu beer?
Which African country has it’s own Guinness brewery?
In which English county is the Black Sheep Brewery?

Who am I?

Born in Hampstead in February 1927, she is a 2 times Oscar winning actress
Born in Homerton in February 1957, he is a film and TV actor and former amateur boxer
Born in July 1866, she is an English author, illustrator, botanist and conservationist, best known for her children’s books
Born in May 1820, she was popularly known as The Lady of the Lamp
Born in May 1769, he was an Anglo-Irish soldier and statesman who came to prominence in the Napoleonic Wars, eventually reaching the rank of Field Marshall

General Knowledge

What does the word rhinoceros mean literally in Greek?
Which Back To The Future movie is mostly set in the Wild West?
Which animal is shown on the tin for Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup?
What does ‘syrup’ mean in Cockney rhyming slang?
Who popularised the slogan The Medium is The Message?
What colour is an Alba Rose?
Which country has the highest population densities out of Sweden, Germany and Spain?
According to mythology, what happens to a person if they meet their doppelganger/double?
What was the previous name for Sri Lanka?
How many letters are there in the Portuguese word Arguido?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

& the winners were...

Team Balham, with 84%, just ahead of just Got Back From Zurich with 81% and Noel's Posse with 76%. Loyal regulars Team Chewy won the prize for the best team with only two players, scoring an impressive 70%

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd September 2007

Current Affairs / It happened last month
A statue of who was unveiled outside parliament last week?
How many children do the Spice girls have between them?
In which month did Big Brother 2007 start?
Which club does Jose Antonio Reyes play for?
Which club does Peter Schmichael’s son Kaspar play for?
What is the new world record for holding your breath, to the nearest 2 minutes?
According to a recent study, what % of 11 year olds in the UK cannot read and write, to the nearest 5%?
What did a student called Arvind Aradhya win in an Indian reality show in August?
Which members of society does Billy Bragg’s new charity give guitars to?
What event did Kelly Sotherton win a bronze medal at in Japan?

Picture Round
This month’s picture round was very boysy, with 10 pictures of cars to identify, including the Renault 4, Peugeot 205, Fiat Multipla, Lotus Elise, and Chrysler Crossfire

Music Round
The music round was subtitled Caught By The Fuzz, and featured bands whose members had been in trouble with the police at one time or another, including Guns N Roses, The Doors, and Babyshambles.

Famous Battles
Which American General died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
During which war was the Battle of the Bulge?
Which two countries fought the Battle of Goose Green?
During which Century was the battle of Naseby?
Which battle features in the 2001 war film Enemy At The Gates?

Sporting equipment
What is smallest out of a cricket ball, a tennis ball or a hockey ball?
Which sport would you have been playing in the early 20th century if you were using a mashie niblick?
Which player’s aluminium cricket bat led to changes in the laws of cricket?
What sport is played on the ice with stones and brooms?
What was initially used to make pole vault poles, when the competitive sport started in 1850?

General knowledge
What was Elvis’ middle name?
Which colour of the rainbow is closest to the Dulux colour called Royal Regatta?
What colour are the seats in the House of Commons?
Which day is called Donnerstag in Germany?
What are the three principle ingredients of Marzipan?
What is the first name of Garfield’s owner in the cartoon strip?
Who wrote the books The History of Mr Polly, and The Time Machine
In Reservoir Dogs, which colour character did Steve Buscemi play?
How many PAIRS of chomosomes do humans have in each cell?
In women’s clothes sizes, what is the UK equivalent of a US size 10?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

& the winners were...

Halal, is it meat you're looking for (great name) with 73 points, after winning a tie break question against Shave The Children who also scored 73. Where's Owen came third with 70 points, and Burning rock were the inaugural winners of our new 'best team of two' prize.

The scores were lower than usual, which I guess shows that it was pretty hard. We'll make it easier next time.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th August 2007

Current affairs/it happened last month

Which British politician got into trouble for smoking on a train?
Which country won the Copa America football tournament?
Which country won the Asian Cup football tournament?
According to a survey released this week, what % of UK drivers would fail their driving test if they had to re-take it (to the nearest 10%)?
What is the precise amount that a ticket to Prince’s UK concerts cost?
How did John Smeaton become famous?
Who is Harry Potter married to at the end of The Deathly Hallows?
Whose new book is called ‘If you liked School, you’ll love work’?
Who didn’t visit Tony Blair at Chequers, out of: Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Atkinson, and Vernon Kaye?
What is a bowser?

Picture Round

The theme for the picture round was TV ads, and featured such classics as Smash, Dime Bar, Carling Black Label, Dove, and Renault Clio

Music Round

This month we dragged pub quiz music rounds into the 21st century, with a set of ten mashups supplied by my friend Simon. Theams had to identify the two artists in each song (rather than artist and song title) and were treated to some interesting mixes including Oasis/Green Day, Led Zep/Snoop Dogg/ Talk Talk/Duran Duran, Lynnard Skynnard/Nelly, and Reel 2 Reel/Ray Parker Jr

Specialist – The Simpsons

In which town or city in the US did The Simpsons movie get it’s premiere?
Which Simpsons family member is played by Nancy Cartwright?
What was the profession of Krusty The Clown’s father?
Who provides the voice of Sideshow Bob?
What is shown in the picture hanging over the Simpsons’ Sofa?

Specialist – National Dishes

Which country are the biscuits TimTams made in?
Which region of France does Camenbert traditionally come from?
Is Rogan Josh traditionally from which Indian region – Punjab, Goa or Kashmir?
Which European country is most associated with Fondue?
Which American state is the home of Buffalo Wings?

General knowledge

In which state is the city of Denver?
Which G8 country is led by a person with a black belt in Judo (we need the name of the country)?
Which road connects Tottenham Court Road to Leicester Square?
What does the acronym Quantas stand for?
Which medical procedure did Dr Christian Barnard perform for the first time?
Who is a made up character out of: Captain Birdseye, maker of frozen food, Mr Kellogg, maker of breakfast cereal, and Mr Kipling, maker of baked goods?
In science, what is absolute zero, in centigrade, to the nearest 10 degrees?
Which role has been played in films or on TV by Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell & jonathan Rhy Meyers?
What does the word Meretricious mean?
What sort of sporting arena exists at Walthamstow, and Wimbledon, but no longer at White City?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

& the winners were...

4 Weeks to go with 86%, followed by Hubert Grovers with 80%, and Anticontitutionalment (the longest French word) with 78%

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st July 2007

Current Affairs

How much did the new London 2012 Olympic logo reportedly cost?
Who is the new Deputy leader of the Labour Party?
Which Barcelona player did a Maradona in June, scoring a vital goal with his hand?
Give the first name of either the Joseph winner or the Grease is the Word male winner?
Which two famous car companies are Ford reportedly selling?
What did George Bush supposedly have stolen on an official trip to Albania?
Which actor led the Sheffield United protest to the Houses of Parliament?
What is the start date for the new Premiership football season?
What weight did Ricky Hatton fight at in his recent victory in Las Vegas?
Which round did England get to in the U21 European championships?

Picture Round

The picture round featured Olympic symbols from various cities including Munich, Barcelona, Helsinki, Beijing, and Los Angeles

Music Round

The music round this month was relatively lazy - it was bands with 3 members - featuring Motorhead, Hansen, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Dodgy, and the Bee Gees, among others.


What is the legal minimum age to buy cigarettes in the UK?
Cigarettes were popularised in Britain after which war, when British soldiers saw Turkish soldiers smoking?
Which British award connected to smoking has been won by celebrites including Stephen Fry, Harold Wilson and Tony Benn
According to WHO estimates from 2000, do a higher percentage of men or women in the US smoke?
Which is the most popular brand of cigarettes in the US?

What was banned in the US under the Volstead Act of 1919?
In what year did it become illegal to have a pen knife in your hand luggage on planes from the UK?
The sale of which of these items is NOT banned by eBay – Lottery Tickets, Alcohol Miniatures, Items from the Titanic, or Used Underwear
Which 2006 film was the first non-pornographic film to be banned in Russia?
Which was the first European country to ban smoking in public places?

General knowledge
Name the aeroplane that dropped the Atomic bombs on Hiroshima?
How many hulls does a catamaran have?
What is a Horologist an expert in?
Approximately how many furlongs are there in a kilometre to nearest 2 furlongs?
Which British Prime Minister was known as Sunny Jim?
Which British Engineer built the ships The Great Western and The Great Eastern?
In the context of DIY what are mastics?
Which alcoholic spirit starts as Molasses?
Which Album was released first out of The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem, Sing When You’re Winning by Robbie Williams, and The Man Who by Travis?
Which London Cathedral is closest to London Bridge station?

Monday, June 11, 2007

& the winners were...

Early Flight From Gatwick with 84%, from The Pub's Got No Beer with 82%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st June 2007

Current Affairs

What was the name of the UK band that entered Eurovision?
& which country gave them top marks?
To the nearest ten thousand, how many seats does the new Wembley Stadium have?
What cargo did the Cutty Sark most commonly carry?
How many goals were scored by Derby in the 2007 Championship play off final?
Which player of AC Milan has a father who also won the European Championship?
How much will Asda’s new school uniforms cost (to the nearest £5)?
What are the first names of Big Brother’s first twins?
Which famous rock star makes a cameo appearance in the new Pirates if the Caribbean film?
Which vintage British band is scheduled to headline the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury on the Sunday night?

Picture Round

Pictures of movie posters from the 1980s this month, which foxed a few people. Featuring iconic shots of movies like Moonstruck, Highlander, Caddyshack, Do The Right Thing, The Right Stuff, and Sex, Lies and Videotape

Music Round

In a vaguely themed way the music round was tracks from the 1970s, featuring the Bee Gees, Sister Sledge, Queen, Jilted John and others

Popular inventions

Which musical instrument did the American musician Les Paul invent?
Which Briton invented the www system of internet addresses?
What is Briton Trevor Baylis’s most famous invention
Which 1960s invention by Swede Karl Dahlman was a great help to gardeners?
What did Sir Frank Whittle invent that made mass tourism possible?

TV Quiz & Game Shows

Complete Roy Walker’s Catchphrase “It’s good, but…”
In which quiz show did you have to express your answer as a question?
In Blockbusters, how many seconds did you get for a Gold Run?
Who was the original presenter of Blankety Blank?
Who is the most recent presenter of Bullseye, on Satellite only?

General knowledge

Which British city has a district called The Gorbals?
Minsk is the capital city of which European country?
Which popular company holds the royal warrant as by appointment to the Queen for providing mobile phones?
Which company owns the URL
Who played the part of Trigger in Only Fools & Horses?
Which country does Samsung originate in?
Which surname is most common in the UK out of Williams, Johnson and Robinson?
How many ex-Prime Ministers of Britain are still alive (NOT TB)
What is the chemical symbol for Potassium?
Who wrote the Mister Men series of books?

Monday, May 28, 2007

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

& the winners were...

Afternoon Delights who scored an impressive 86%. You're Not So Special Now Morhinho and Free The Gumball One tied in second and third place with 81%, but Gumball claimed the honours by winning the tie break question.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th May 2007

Current Affairs
What did Keith Richards claim – and later deny - that he did with his dad’s ashes?
How did Jacqui Oatley make history in April 2007?
How many years ago did the Beatles album Sergeant Pepper come out?
Who completed this year’s London marathon fastest out of Gordon Ramsay, model Nell McAndrew, and TV presenter Floella Benjamin?
Who is the author of the book The Children of Hurin, which was published posthumously in April?
Which celebrity dog has been used to replace the dog in the classic His Master’s Voice picture?
Which fashion company has linked up with the electronics company LG to produce a new phone?
Which insect has been revealed to be dying off as a result of mobile phone signals?
What is the Queen’s favourite football club?
In the new Spider-Man movie, what colour spider suit does that character Venom wear?

Picture Round
The picture round featured faces from the news in April, and included Lewis Hamilton, John Higgins, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Tina O'Brien and Gerald Butler

Music Round
The music round featured artists from Liverpool, and included songs by The Beatles, The Coral, the Zutons, The Lightning Seeds, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Cilla Black.

Citizenship Test
In which part of the country are Geordie dialects most commonly spoken?
In what year were women given to right to vote, to the nearest 5 years?
In what year will the next national census be carried out?
What item is traditionally carried into neighbour’s houses in Scotland on New Year’s Day as part of first footing?
In which year was the voting age in Great Britain lowered to 18, to the nearest five years?

Formerly Known As
What was the previous name of the Snickers chocolate bar?
What was the previous name of the O2 mobile phone network
What is the current name for Oil of Ulay?
What was the previous name of the sweets Starburst?
What was the previous name for GMTV, the ITV breakfast show?

General knowledge
What is the nearest hospital to Waterloo station?
How many 4 year terms of office did George Bush senior serve as President?
At which sport does Lee Briers compete?
Who is tallest out of Hugh Laurie, Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner, and Hugh Jackman?
In the comedy duo Derek and Clive, who played Derek?
In the US, which year old college is known as the sophomore year?
In the movie Zoolander, what is Zoolander’s first name?
Which A Road is known as Snake Pass?
How many legs does a wasp have?
If you were walking from Tottenham Court Road tube to Oxford Circus tube, in which direction (N, S, E, W) would you be going?

Monday, April 02, 2007

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrester, with 88%, closely followed by Early Flight From Gatwick with 84%, and Campaign for a Separate Wigan with 83%.

Extra special prizes were provided by Lisa Stickley from her shop at 74 Landor Road, SW9 9PH. Thanks Lisa! ;-)

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st April 2007

Current Affairs
Which birthday did Coleen McLaughlin celebrate yesterday?
In which British city was Crufts 2007 held?
What is the most common denomination bank note in the UK?
According to the medical paper The Lancet, what is the second most dangerous drug in Britain
What is the new name for the Cycling Proficiency Test?
Who scored the first goal for England against Andorra last week?
Which team did Ireland beat in their second 2007 Cricket World Cup Game?
To the nearest billion, what is the total budget for the Olympics in 2012 expected to cost, as revealed by the government in Mid March?
What is the name of the special DVD player available on the Playstation 3 video game console?
What is the surname of the brothers in the band The Proclaimers, currently at number one in the UK charts?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was comic actors from the last 100 years, including Zach Braff, Hattie Jacques, Liz Smith, Roy Kinnear, Peter Sellers, Will Hay, and Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle.

Music Round
The theme of the music round was numbers (either in the band name or the song name), and featured tracks by U2, Blink 182, The Four Tops, The Rolling Stones, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Haircut 100.

Hoaxes & Practical Jokes
Which hoax fooled the historian Hugh Trevor Roper in 1983?
Who did Rory Bremner pretend to be in a series of hoax phone calls last month?
Which famous actor played a con man and hoaxer in the film Catch Me If You Can?
Which rock star did the Guardian claim had decided to back the Conservative party in an April Fool’s joke last year?
What was the name of the ‘made up drug’ that the comedian Chris Morris persuaded celebrities to campaign against in an episode of the TV programme Brasseye?

Which disaster movie featured characters trapped on top of a skyscraper?
In which city is the CN Tower?
Which is tallest out of The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Empire State Building, and the Eiffel Tower?
Which of the following companies does not have offices in Canary Wharf out of: Daily Telecraph, Virgin Radio, Daily Mirror and Reuters?
Which country has the highest number of buildings over 100 floors?

General knowledge
What does the Japanese word Seiko mean?
How did Lawrence of Arabia die?
In the current Fifa Wold Rankings, which country is highest out of England, The Netherlands and Porutgal
In which sport does the Duckworth Lewis rule apply?
In banking, what do the initials HSBC stand for?
Which city is the capital of the Philippines
How many letters are there in the word Kathmandu?
Which popular American TV movie features the characters Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez?
In chess, what is the total possible number of moves that a knight can make in a turn if it starts from the centre of the board?
How many violinists are there in a standard string quartet?

Friday, March 09, 2007

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler with 81%, followed by Viva Espana with 76% and Spirit of Davos with 72%. Overall it was probably too hard, with the average mark being in the mid-50s, so we'll make it a bit easier next time.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th March 2007

Current Affairs
Which popular London sandwich chain went into administration in February?
How old was David Cameron when he got in trouble at school for taking smoking cannabis?
What is the new name for the Holmes Place chain of gyms?
Which animal represents the new Chinese year in horoscopes?
Which film won the Oscar for best animated feature?
Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s male co-star in the play Equus?
Who has announced that they are standing against Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership?
In what year is the BBC drama Life on Mars set?
What was the score in the Rugby six nations game between Scotland and Italy on Saturday 24th February?
(In honour of Shrove Tuesday) What are the three essential ingredients of batter?

Picture Round
This month the pictures were physical outlines of countries from maps, including Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Cuba, New Zealand and Sweden

Music Round
This month’s theme was bands from Manchester, including Oasis, The Stone Roses, Simply Red, 10cc, Badly Drawn Boy and A Guy Called Gerald

Advertising Slogans
Which companies use the following slogans
The drive of your life?
Think Different?
Pleasure you can’t measure?
Impossible is Nothing?
For successful living?

Pigs – in honour of the Chinese Year of the Pig
How many toes does a pig have on each trotter?
Which two major world religions ban their followers from eating pork?
Which part of the pig does Ham come from?
Which English novel of the 1950s features a boy called Piggy who suffers from Asthma?
Which popular British broadcaster called his wife (affectionately) The Pig?

General knowledge
Who has got the most international caps for football out of Gary Lineker, Ray Wilkins, or David Beckham?
Which brewer is based in Southwold, Suffolk?.
What is the name of the river that flows through Cardiff?
What was the previous name for Tokyo?
What is the most popular team sport in Japan?
Who writes the Tracy Beaker series of books?
What is the German equivalent of the Footsie Index of share prices?
Who was the US president at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbour?
If the first wedding anniversary is paper, what is the traditional fifth wedding anniversary present?
What is Morse code for the letter T?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

& the winners were...

Old Hamptonwellians with 84%, followed by the Duke of Edinburgh - Pub Quiz Every Thursday at
8pm [their full team name] with 82%. Third place was taken by Team Numberwang, with 75%, after they beat 2H at a tie breaker question.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th February 2007

Current Affairs

In which city will the UK’s first super-casino open?
Name the football club in LA that David Beckham will be playing for next season
Which Oscar category is the film Borat nominated for?
What product are Johnny Vegas and Monkey advertising on TV at the moment?
What round did Andy Murray get to in the Australian Open?
Which political party’s complaint to the police triggered the current Cash for Honours enquiry?
Spell the first name of Jade Goody’s mum … Budden
Spell the first name of Chelsea striker … Shevchenko
To the nearest million how many viewers did Jade Goody’s eviction interview receive?
Name the cargo ship that ran aground off the Devon coast

The Tube

Name the Zone 2 tube station whose name features none of the letters of the word mackerel?
How many tube lines intersect at Green Park station?
In what year, to the nearest ten years, was Clapham North Tube station opened?
Which South London station features a memorial to the 65 people killed by a bomb in World War II?
On which tube line is Ruislip Gardens?

Picture Round

In contrast to last month the picture round was very easy and featured reality TV stars. Most teams had no difficulty identifying Jade fromBig Brother, Andy from X Factor, Danny from Popstars, Jeremy from Airport, Lizzie from Wife Swap, or Bianca from love Island, among others.

Music Round

The theme of the music round was songs featuring different parts of London, and included tracks by The Kinks, The Fall, The Jam, Leonard Cohen, Squeeze, The Clash, and The Pogues.

Reservoir Dogs – e.g. Which Reservoir dog is the Chancellor of the Exchequer – Gordon Brown (first and surname needed)

Which Reservoir Dog:
Is a member of Take That?
Wrote the novel The Quiet American?
Was the lead singer of the Pixies?
Was twice manager of Leeds United?
Won 93 caps for France in Rugby Union?

General knowledge

What is the more common name for the drug Diamorphine?
Who is the oldest member of U2?
What do they do in the brewing process that makes Guinness black?
In science, what is measured in Joules?
What does the acronym SIM stand for in SIM card?
Which British politician made the infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in April 1968?
Which country is the world’s largest producer of Gold?
Who played the character Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf?
How fast, in metres per second, does a body travel in freefall, near to the surface of the earth?
What colour is a packet of Walkers Cheese & onion crisps?

Monday, January 08, 2007

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler, with an impressive 85%. QuizTeam-a Aguilera came second with 75%, and Barnies third with 74%.

Quiz Questions From Sunday 7th January 2007

Current Affairs

How old will you need to be to legally buy cigarettes in England and Wales this time next year?
How old is the youngest boy to sail the Atlantic single-handedly?
What was the best selling hardback book of 2006?
What was the name of President Gerald Ford’s arguably better-known wife?
In whose house did Tony Blair stay at in late December 2006?
What was historic about Mortiz Volz’s goal for Fulham against Chelsea on Saturday 30th December?
In which test stadium did Shane Warne take his 700th test wicket in December?
Which two Eastern European countries were admitted to the European Union on 1st January?
Which Eastern European country adopted the Euro as their currency on 1st January 2007?
Which pop group re-formed to make an advert for Daz?

Picture Round

I've found out how to do a really hard picture round - ask about old and dead people. This month all the faces in the picture round were of people who had died in 2006, including Ron Greenwood, Tony Banks, James Brown, Syd Barrett, and Alan 'Fluff' Freeman.

Music Round

In honour of Christmas and New Year all of the tracks featured a reference to alcohol in either the band name or the song title, including tracks by UB40, The Verve, Brandy, thin Lizzy, and The Wurzels.

Poles – in honour of 2007 being international polar year

Who was the first person to reach the geographical South Pole inDecember 1911?
Name the ship in which Ernest Shackleton tried to reach the South Polein 1914?
Which American State has a city called North Pole?
Which Pole is in the Arctic Ocean?
At which Pole do King Penguins live?

Coming up in 2007

What is the title of the new Harry Potter book, to be published in 2007?
Where is the 2007 Cricket World Cup to be played?
In films, who will play the character John McClaine for the 4th time in 2007?
Which nation do England play first in their first Rugby World Cup game?
What is the title of the new Cop film, from the makers of Shaun of the Dead?

General Knowledge

Which language is referred to by it’s native speakers as Suomi?
Which Ceefax page number would you go to see the current Premiership football table?
Who is Britain’s highest paid trades union official?
In which English county is Shepherd’s Neame brewery based?
Who is tallest out of Raymond Van Barnevelt, Robin Van Persie, and Denise Van Outen?
What was the first programme ever to be shown on Channel 4?
By what name was the Belgian cartoonist George Remi better known?
Which company exclusively makes Lycra?
Which British city is circled by the M60 motorway?
Name the nearest tube station to Charing Cross Hospital?