Monday, December 21, 2009

& the winners were...

Old Hamtonwellians, regaining their winning ways with 78%.

Rage Against The Quiz Machine and Snow Chance tied for second, with 76%, and Snow Chance were given second place after two tied tie-break questions.

Katie and Amy were the best team of two with 64%.

Well done everyone - see you in 2010!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 20th December - Christmas Quiz

Current Affairs
Who won Strictly?
& which team were named the team of the year in the BBC Sportsrsonality of the ceremony?
What is Time Magazine’s Man of the Year Ben Bernanke job / role?
Why were BA given an injunction to stop the cabin crew strike (reason)
How many countries sent delegates to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, to the nearest 30 countries?
Name the West End play currently starring Damien lewis and Keira Knightley?
What is the name of Sam Taylor-Wood's new film about the young John Lennon?
How many South-African born players were there in the England team that started the first test against South Africa?
What will be phased out in 2018 after over 300 years of use?
Which non-politician was again accused of trying to interfere with government policy this week?

Picture Round

Music Round
All the usual Christmas hits - although amazingly lots of teams couldn't name Slade's one.

In the carol, how many Lord’s a Leaping? (10)
What’s the next line – “We Three Kings of Orient Are”?
In the cracker joke, what time did Sean Connery go to Wimbledon?
Who has a Christmas Number One with “When You Believe”?
What is the significance of the horseshoe Christmas pudding charm to the finder?
Which of these films is not set (all or partially) at Christmas – Love Actually, Titanic, or Trading Places?
Which plant, associated with Christmas, is parasitic, and grows attached to the branches of another tree or shrub?
Which 1970s British TV comedy show had a Christmas special based on the story of Jack & The Beanstalk?
What is the theme of this year’s Royal Mail Christmas stamps? (No, not 'Christmas'...)
What date is the Feast of Stephen?

General knowledge
What religion did L Ron Hubbard found?
Who is older out of Bobby and Jackie Charlton?
What genre or style of music do you associate with the musician Peter Tosh?
How many players are there in a water polo team?
What name links an actor from Peep Show and the writer of Cloud Atlas?
Which car manufacturer would you associate with models such as the TR7 and the Spitfire?
Which king recaptured London from the Vikings in the year 886?
In what decade of the 19th century was Clapham Common bandstand built?
Which government minister resigned in 1988 after publicly discussing Salmonella contamination of eggs?
& finally for the Christmas quiz, what is the nationality of Manchester City’s striker Roque Santa Cruz?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

& the winners were...

X-Quiz-it, with a very impressive 92%, followed by Stephen Hawking's Football Boots with 88%, and Something Christmassy with 84%.

Ravenswood were the best team of two.

Well played everyone!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th December

Current Affairs
Name two other teams in England’s world cup group
How many albums did Susan Boyle sell in the first week of sale (to the nearest million)?
Which book retailer went into administration on 26th November?
If Edward is a Vampire, what is Jacob?
What happened to all the shirts and scarves left at St James Park in honour of Sir Bobby Robson - Were they a) – Destroyed, b) Sent to Africa, or c) Sold on Ebay?
Which band will be headlining the 2010 Glastonbury festival?
What was freed mercenary Simon Mann’s nickname for Mark Thatcher?
Which local landmark was recently claimed to be the second-worst station in the country by a survey?
What restarted on 20th November, after an interval of over a year?
Who is the new manager of Portsmouth?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme for the month was 'weather' so tracks from The Weather Girls, Katrina & The Waves, Ice Cube (Ice - geddit?), and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Chilli - geddit?), among others.

Which film director was arrested in Switzerland on a United States arrest warrant in September?
Which country announced a successful nuclear test in May?
On what did US Airways Flight 1549 make a successful emergency landing?
Mir-Hossein Mousavi challenged unsuccessfully for the presidency of which country?
Which politician made a cameo appearance in Eastenders in October?

Animal Genders - Please write down the male and female names for:

General Knowledge
Name John Simm’s character in Life on Mars
Which website would you associate American Tom Anderson with?
What is the current fine for dropping a cigarette butt in the street?
What colour grapes are generally used to make campaign?
Who wrote the lyrics for Meatloaf’s songs?
In which Australian city did cricket's first ever test match take place?
Who was the last English King to die on the battlefield?
Michael Brearley is president of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, but what is he still most famous for leading?
Which modern British road is often termed the Great North Road?
Geoff Ryman's novel '253' is set on which transport system?