Friday, September 17, 2010

Next Quiz - Sunday 3rd October

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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The quiz is a no iPhone zone (I should probably try to find a picture of an iPhone 4.0). It just spoils it for everyone. If you see someone on another team using their iPhone then take a picture of them with your phone. If we all work together we can beat this.

& the winners were...

Stephen Hawking's Football Boots with 80%, followed by Bang Gangers with 76% and Rooney's Hooker with 75%.

The Dropkick Murphys were the best team of two woth 42%

All teams received prizes

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5tth September

Current affairs
Who is The Stig?
Tell us two of the Cameron's new baby's first names
Which British rock band have been granted their own edition of Monopoly?
What is the record for the most people to go on a rollercoaster nude, set in the UK last month? (to nearest 20%)
Name 3 of the 4 clubs beaten 6-0 so far in the Premiership?
Who was England’s first post-World Cup match against?
At whose trial for war crimes did Naomi Campbell testify?
Unusually, where was the final test match of the English summer held?
Which notorious alleged fraudster returned to the UK on 26th August?
Which candidate does the Millibands' mother intend to vote for in the Labour leadership election?

Picture Round

Music round
The theme was 'back to school', so lots of school-related songs, including Baggy Trousers, and Fight For Your Right

UK Weather
In the UK, which on average is the coldest month of the year?
......which on average is the warmest month of the year?
......which on average is the driest month of the year?
......which on average is the wettest month of the year?
......which month on average has the most hours of sunshine?

Who played the Michael Caine role in the 2000 remake of Get Carter?
...& who played the Michael Caine role in the 2003 remake of the Italian Job?
Which of these films is not a remake - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Magnificent Seven, or Vanilla Sky?
Which film is Russell Brand currently remaking in New York?
In what decade was the first film remake of King Kong made?

General Knowledge
Which animal does the meat Speck come from?
What year is MCMLXXXIV in standard date format?
What was the most popular tourist destination (country) from the UK in 2009?
What do either of the initials in WD40 stand for?
Which country has the internet domain suffix MZ?
Which UK city is known as the 'Granite City'?
Which county is traditionally divided into 4 'Ridings'?
The role of Derek Trotter in 'Only Fools & Horses' was originally offered to Jim Broadbent, rather than David Jason - true or false?
In the context of radio, what does DAB stand for?
in the Simpsons, which town is the main and bitter rival to Springfield?