Friday, December 22, 2006

& the winners were...

Beef, Lamb and Stu, with 75%. When I was marking the second half, with the very tricky Christmas questions, I realised that I'd made it too hard. Apologies for that - it will be a bit easier next time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quiz Questions From Sunday 17th December

Current Affairs
Who was the BBC’s sports personality of the year?
What is the name of Nintendo’s new games console?
Why did Harrods sack one of the store Santas in early December?
Which Christmas song will the Crazy Frog released this year?
What was the radioactive substance found at the Itsu Sushi restaurant?
How many points are there between Manchester Utd and the club in 4th place in the Premiership?
What is Monty Panasar’s full first name?
Which country is the biggest customer for Rolls Royce in Asia, according to figures released this month?
Which sitcom won the Best TV Comedy award at this week’s comedy awards?
Which sold for most money at a charity auction in November out of John Lennon’s 1963 Mohair Suit, Elvis Presley’s Cherry Sunburst guitar, and Madonna’s Black Bustier from the Who’s That Girl tour?

Picture Round
The picture round featured screen grabs from ten films set (all or partially) at Christmas, including It's a Wonderul Life, Gremlins, Miracle on 34th Street, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone, National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation, and Eyes Wide Shut

Music Round
The music round (surprise, surprise) featured clips from ten Christmas singles, including songs by Slade, Dean Martin, The Waitresses, Cliff Richard, and Greg Lake

In The twelve days of Christmas, which item goes with number ten?
In addition to brandy and butter, what other one ingredient must be in Brandy Butter?
With which word does the second verse of the carol Oh little town of Bethlehem begin?
In the Christmas Cracker joke, what do you call a man with a spade on his head?
In which year was “Merry Xmas Everybody” first number one in the UK?
Which American Actor does Ricky Gervais interview on Channel 4 on Christmas Day?
In The Nativity Story why do Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?
Which famous mathematician and scientist was born on Christmas day in 1642?
Name two of the Beatles 4 Christmas number ones
What is BBC1’s big afternoon film on Christmas Day, to be shown just after The Green Green Grass?

General Knowledge
Which shirt number did Pele wear for Brazil?
In Karate, which belt is higher in ability out of Blue, Green or Orange?
The singer Cee-Lo is in which chart act?
Which popular cartoon character is known as Paperino in Italy
In which English county is Stonehenge?
If you were cutting a (round) Christmas pudding into eight equal pieces, how many degrees would each person get?
If you were pouring a magnum of Champagne into ten glasses and giving each person exactly the same amount, how many ml would each person get?
In the film Trading Places, what costume does Dan Ackroyd wear to infiltrate an office party?
What is the highest selling single in British chart history not to make it to number one?
What was St Nicolas the patron saint of?

Monday, December 04, 2006

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler, with 79%, comfortably beating Loughborough on Thames who got 74%.

Quiz Questions From Sunday 3rd December

Current Affairs
What is Michael Grade’s new job?
On which channel was Tony Blair recently interviewed by Sir David Frost?
Which celebrity’s autobiography is called “Too Much Too Young”?
For which country did the legendary footballer Ferenc Puskas play in the world cup in the 1950s?
Which famous American economist coined the phrase “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”?
Which company is the sponsor of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on C4?
Which of these celebrities was not a guest at Tom Cruise’s wedding out of: Jim Carrey, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez and Jamie Foxx?
Which sport did cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin play in space last month?
Which London art gallery is currently home to some giant helter skelter slides?
What is the current prison population, to the nearest 10,000?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was 'people in the news' and featured Sasha Baron Cohen (as himself), Russell Brand (without the beard), Menzes Campbell, June Sarpong, Mads Mikkelsen, Heston Blumenthal, and Eva Green among others.

Music Round
The theme was hits of 2006, and featured tracks from Sandi Thom, Embrace, Gnarles Barclay, The Arctic Monkeys, and Belle & Sebastian, to name but five.

Board Games
On the British Monopoly board, which is the most expensive property square?
In Escape from Colditz, which vehicle can players steal to try to escape?
In Risk, how do you determine who wins a battle between two opposing armies?
In Trivial Pursuit, what colour piece of pie do you get for correctly answering a sports & leisure question?
In Scrabble, what value is given to the letter Y?

The Ashes
What year was the series commonly referred to as ‘Botham’s Ashes’ played?
Who took 19 wickets in the Old Trafford Ashes test of 1956?
Which England batsmen returned home from Australia in early November before the start of the current series citing a ‘stress related problem’?
What animal does Andrew Flintoff have tattooed on his right arm?
Which ground traditional hosts the boxing day test match in Australia

General Knowledge
In the film Groundhog Day, what song is playing on the radio when Bill Murray wakes up?
In Bingo calling, which number goes with the phrase “Top of the shop”?
How long, in minutes, does it take for light to travel from the sun to the earth? (to the nearest minute)
In which American state is The Pentagon?
Into which country would you be flying if your luggage had the airport code CPH?
Which tree reaches a greater average heirgh out of the oak, chestnut, or Douglas fir?
Which vegetable has a variety called the Portabello?
Methane is a major greenhouse gas but what is its chemical formula?
The opening times of which major London landmark are controlled by a combination of the changing phases of the moon and the weather forecast?In Greek Mythology, what was Nike goddess of?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

& the winners were...

Loughborough on Thames, with 81%, followed by The Bobby York Charity Hotel with 78%. There was a tie for 3rd place with two teams at 77%, but Team Numberwang managed to beat Hellcatmudwrestler into the prizes by knowing the capacity of Old Trafford.

Quiz Questions From Sunday 5th November

Current Affairs
From which country did Madonna adopt a baby?
By what percentage has shoplifting risen since 2000 according to a report in October?
Who won the 2006 Booker Prize for literature?
How much did Google pay for YouTube, to the nearest $100m?
What common household task was David Cameron doing in his first video podcast on YouTube?
Who was the top earning dead celebrity last year, overtaking Elvis?
Which Economist will replace Edward Elgar on the £20 note next year, becoming the first Scot ever to appear on a bank note?
Which denomination bank note will George Best appear on in Northern Ireland?
Why were the New Zealand Rugby League team docked two points last week in the Tri Nation tournament?
What is the sixth letter in the name of Borat’s country Kazakhstan?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was 'missing faces' and included the blanked out photos of David Tennant, Graham Coxon, Woody Allen, Robert Webb, Frank Skinner, Paul Simon, and Lee Harvey Oswald

Music Round
The theme this month was parts of the body, and included trakcs by The Beatles, Junior Senior, Collapsed Lung, The Streets, and The Faces

Scientific/medical Discoveries
Which French microbiologist developed a technique for stopping milk from going sour?Which American statesman is credited with invented the lightning rod,
Name one field of science in which Marie Curie won a Nobel prize?
Complete the missing word – in Isaac Newton’s 3rd law he states that for each action there must be an equal and [something] reaction
Which 17th century scientist demonstrated his theories of motion by dropping balls of different sizes from the tower of Pisa?

Successful & Attempted Revolutions
Which King did Guy Fawkes attempt to depose kill with the gunpowder plot?
Which famous politician’s son was involved in an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea?
In which European country was the July Revolution of 1830?
In The Young Ones which two other housemates did Rick attempt to stage a military coup against in the episode Oil?
In which city did Adolf Hitler attempt a coup in 1923?

General Knowledge
In the film Groundhog Day, what song is playing on the radio when Bill Murray wakes up?
How many strings does a ukulele have?
What are the three main ingredients of pastry?
How many boxes are there with money in them in the gameshow Deal of No Deal?
What occupation would traditionally be done by someone called Hayward?
What is the French word for pavement?
Which monarch ruled first out of: William II, Charles II or George II?
Which tree do conkers come from?
What is the three letter postcode for Kilburn (tube station)?
What was American Jazz musician Chet Baker real first name?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

& the winners were...

...The Hubert Grovers, with 83%. There was an exciting play-off between Whittlesea Wanderers and Friends, and Loughborough on Thames, who both scored 81%; Whittlesea won to claim the coveted second place spot.

Questions from Sunday 1st October

Current Affairs
Which team won this year’s Ryder Cup for golf?
Which popular Soho pub closed in September?
Name the album that won the Mercury Music Prize?
Who are the two new presenters of What not To Wear?
According to papers revealed last week, what did the suffragettes want to do to the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith?
Which free London newspaper is published by Rupert Murdoch?
Where did Labour hold their party conference?
How long did Tony Blair’s standing ovation last (to the nearest 3 minutes)?
Who is the author of the book The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid?
What are you not now allowed to discriminate against people for, as of a law that came into force today?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was men in beards, and featured Bill Oddie, Getafix (from Asterix), Brian Blessed, David Bellamy, Lenin, Karl Marx and Fidel Castro, among others.

Music Round
The music round was all about days of the week, and included tracks by The Boomtown Rats, Happy Mondays, The Sundays, U2, The Cure, and Whigfield

Reality TV – Which terrestrial TV channels broadcast these shows last week?
Extreme Dreams With Ben Fogle?
The Teen Tamer
Ladette to Lady?

Numbers – fill in the missing words – e.g. “52 W in a Y” would be “52 weeks in a year”
26 L of the A?
57 HV?
64 S on a CB?
90 D in a RA?
12 S of the Z?

General Knowledge
In which county is the cathedral city of Ripon?
Solve the crossword clue – Turn ‘H’ around – 7 letters, beginning with S
What colour are motorways shown on British AA road Maps?
Which country is the world’s largest producer of coffee? (i.e. grower not roaster)
Which film contains the most uses of the F word out of Goodfellas, The Big Lebowski, and Scarface?
What was the previous name of the mobile network 02 in the UK?
Which road connects Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations?
What is the collective noun for a group of beavers?
How many plastic Hippos are there on the board of Hungry Hungry Hippos game?
What was the British singer Peter Sarstedt’s biggest hit?

Monday, September 04, 2006

& the winners were...

The Czech Republic Were Lucky, with 81%, narrowly preventing last month's winners, Hellcatmudwrestler from winning two in a row.

Questions from Sunday 3rd September

Current Affairs

What colour medal did Zara Phillips win at the World Equestrian Games in August?
According to Keep Britain Tidy, how large is the UK population of rats, to the nearest million?
Which airline removed two Asian passengers from a flight to Manchester because they weren’t talking English?
Which football club will Jonathan Woodgate be playing for this season?
How old would Freddie Mercury have been on 5th September 2006?
What is the surname of Big Brother winner Pete?
Which popular dead British author is being celebrated by his own day on 13th September?
What is the title of Al Gore’s new film about climate change, opening in the UK in September?
What is the new cover price of the Evening Standard?
Who is the current Foreign Secretary?

Picture Round

The picture round this month was on logos, featuring those from companies like Walls, Start-Rite, Laughing Cow, Vodafone, Bathing Ape, and Chanel.

Music Round

The theme for the music round was initials, including tracks from KLF, ZZ Top, AC/DC & XTC, and songs containing initials from The Beatles, The Fall, and Tammy Wynette...

European Cities

Which European city is home to the football club Real Betis?
Which European city features the monumental stairway called in English The Spanish Steps?
Which European German city is home to the Mercedes Benz museum?
Which European city houses the largest port in Europe?
Which European city is Oscar Wilde buried in?


Which British poet wrote the poem I wish I’d looked after my teeth?
What is the name of the Philip Larkin poem that features the F word in the first line?
Which poet was married to the writer Sylvia Plath?
How many lines does a poem called a Sonnet have?
Complete the next line of this poem by Spike Milligan:
Dr O’Dell fell down a well,
and broke his collar bone
But Doctors should attend the sick…

General Knowledge

What does Moulin Rouge mean in French?
Which film is longest (in the original version) out of Kill Bill Volume 1, Shawshank Redemption, and Apocalypse Now?
In which decade did Crunchie bars first go on sale?
Which European fashion house produces the perfumes Angel and Alien?
What does Yom Kippur mean in Israeli?
Which station is at the Northern end of the Jubilee Line?
What is the symbol for iron on the periodic table?
In which continent is the river Plate?
In martial arts, what is a Dojo?
Which 19th Century German politician was nicknamed the Iron Chancellor?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler with a very impressive 82%. The Barbecutioners had a perfect second half (40/40), but they couldn't catch Hellcat...

Questions from Sunday 6th August

Current Affairs

Which company was the sponsor of last weekend’s festival on Clapham Common?
Name one of the NatWest 3
What is the new Bank of England Interest rate, as of Thursday?
How much did Newcastle pay for Damian Duff, to the nearest £1m?
How did the jockey Paul O’Neill reprimand his horse City Affair?
Which two buildings are currently being shown in posters for Thames Water to publicise how much water they are trying to save?
Which record was No. 1 in last week’s last ever Top Of The Pops?
Which band’s music is celebrated in the new musical Daddy Cool?
Which Eastern European country is currently being run by twin brothers?
How many goals did England score in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, including penalties?

Film Quotations

Which films feature the lines:
“You're gonna need a bigger boat”
“If you build it, he will come”
“Well, nobody's perfect”
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”
“There's no place like home”

Real Names

How are these people better known:
Actor Carlos Estevez
Comedian Royston Vasey
Singer and TV presenter Rita Crudgington
Footballer Ronaldo de Assis Moreira
Rapper Curtis Jackson III

General Knowledge

What was the first video ever played on MTV in the US?
Which berries are used in the production of Gin?
What was the main characteristic of the Viz character Aldridge Prior?
What does the acronym ISA stand for in a financial context?
What temperature does water boil at, in Fahrenheit?
Which animal has the highest average heart rate (beats per minute) out of a monkey, a cat, or a hamster?
In the British army, what is the rank immediately above Colonel? (Brig)
If a bag has 15 red socks, and 4 blue socks, what is the maximum number of socks you would need to take out to have one complete pair?
& what is the maximum number you would have to take out to guarantee two complete pairs (any colour)
Fill in the missing word in the name of a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – BLANK Fuel

Monday, June 05, 2006

& the winners were...

Hellcatmudwrestler, with an amazing 84%, just ahead of Old Hamptonwellians, who fought back strongly in the second half to score 82%

Questions from Sunday 4th June

Current Affairs

1. Which band won the 2006 Eurovision song contest?
2. Who is the oldest member of the English world cup squad?
3. What was the halftime score of England’s friendly against Hungary?
4. What did David Cameron choose as his luxury on Desert Island Discs?
5. Which team won the Guinness Rugby Union Premiership? Sale
6. Which art gallery is celebrating its 150th anniversary?
7. Which birthday would Marilyn Monroe be celebrating this year had she lived?
8. Which newspaper did Bono edit for one day in May?
9. What are the first two names of Geri Halliwell’s Baby?
10. Which series of Big Brother are we currently ‘enjoying’?

Tom Hanks

1. In which 1989 film did Tom star as Detective Scott Turner?
2. How many times has Tom Hanks won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role?
3. Which character did Tom play in the film toy Story?
4. Which of his films is about a hitman's son who witnesses what his father does fro a living?
5. In the film Big, what sort of company does Josh get a job with?


What nationality is:
6. Golfer Vijay Singh
7. Film-maker Pedro Almodovar
8. Racing Driver Jarno Trulli
9. Supermodel Gisele
10. The Band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

General Knowledge

1. What gender is the MP Kim Howells?
2. Which state in the US does Jim Beam whiskey come from?
3. Which opera does the aria Nessun Dorma appear in?
4. What shirt number did Gazza wear in the 1990 world cup?
5. Which two countries fought the first Opium War, ending in 1843?
6. Which sitcom has had the most series, out of Hi Di Hi, One Foot In The Grave, and Red Dwarf?
7. Which world religion worships Ganesh, the elephant god?
8. What colour are the flowers of the Lily of the Valley (most commonly)
9. Express the fraction one eighth as a decimal, to three decimal paces?
10. Write down the sentence ‘he ran up the stairs quickly’, and circle the adverb

Monday, May 08, 2006

& the winners were...

Circus Act, with 76%, narrowly beating 3 Wise Women (+1) into second place

Questions from Sunday 7th May

Current Affairs

What is the first name of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s new baby?
What is the first name of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ new baby?
Which football club did Steve McClaren last play for?
How much money were Man Utd granted by the Lottery Commission to hold lunchtime fitness classes for members of staff?
What is the celebrity Bear Grylls, currently starring in a poster on Clapham North station, famous for?
Who writes the TV drama series The Street (NOT Coronation Street)
How much is the new McDonalds Ham & Cheese toastie?
Which horse won this year’s Grand National at Aintree?
Which band does the ex-Libertine Carl Barat now play with?
Which party now has the most seats in Lambeth Council?

What was the year?

Julie Burchill was born, Livin’ doll was No. 1, and Buddy Holly died
James Nesbit was born, It’s Not Unusual was No. 1, and Winston Churchill died
Raul was born, Yes Sir I Can Boogie (by Baccara) was No. 1, and Charlie Chaplin died
Prince Charles got married, Shakin’ Stevens was No. 1 with Behind the Green Door, and Natalie Wood died
Rudolf Giuliani was knighted, The Ketchup Song was No. 1, and Dudley Moore died


Please draw:
An acute accent
A grave accent
An umlaut
A circumflex accent
A cedilla

General Knowledge

Which ship did Charles Darwin make his most famous voyage of discovery?
In a hospital what do the initials ENT stand for, as in ENT Department?
Which TV actor’s autobiography is called A Likely Story?
Which company owns the URL
Which company has registered the trademark Your Potential – Our Passion
What is the longest road out of the Oxford St, Shaftesbury Avenue, and Clapham High Street,
If the time is 2.30, how many degrees is the hour hand at?
What gender was Red Rum?
What is the most common voltage for electrical appliances in the US (to the nearest 5 volts)
Where was the original location of Marble Arch (Street)?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Questions from Sunday 2nd April

Current Affairs

Who won the Oxford/Cambridge Boat race earlier today?
Who won the Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role?
How much duty did Gordon Brown put on a pint of beer in the budget?
During the first test match against India, which English cricketer scored a century on his test debut?
In which city was the Commonwealth games held?
What are the names of the two teams in this series of The Apprentice?
What is the name of the new national daily Newspaper, launched in March?
How much were the drug testers paid to take part in the tests of TGN1412
What is the lowest placed team still in the FA cup?
Which country’s diplomats were in the new this week for non payment of the congestion charge?

The New Testament

In which town was the feast at which Jesus turned water into wine?
What was the name of Jesus’ cousin who is patron saint of Canada?
What was the profession of Simon (also called Peter) before he became a disciple?
What was the name of the disciple who initially doubted Jesus resurrection?
What are the names of the 4 gospels, in the order in which they appear in the new testament?

Weights and measures

What is the length in cm of a standard (Camel Light) cigarette – to nearest ½ cm?
What is the weight of 1 litre of water, to the nearest 10gm
Which imperial measure is longer out of a furlong, a chain, a perch?
What does Tsp refer to on recipes
If North is 0 degrees, and South is 180 degrees, how many degrees when the compass points to North West?

General Knowledge

What is the 17th letter of the alphabet?
Whose football ground is the closest, as the crow flies, to this pub, out of Chelsea, Chrystal Palace and Millwall?
Who starred as Spiderman in the 2001 film?
What does Circus mean in latin?
Where in the body is the thyroid gland?
How many different families of instruments make up a symphony orchestra?
Which river flows through Budapest?
What star sign does a person have if they are born on 2nd April?
What shirt number does the Hooker wear in Rugby union?
Difficiency in which vitamin is likely to lead to the disease Rickits

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Questions from Sunday 5th March

Current Affairs

Who is the new leader of the Lib Dems?
What is the full name of David Cameron’s new baby
If a gold medal is 3 points, silver 2, and bronze 1, how many points in total did Team GB get at the 2006 Winter Olympics
Under the same criteria, which country got the most points overall?
Who admitted that he wasn’t clever enough to help his son with his maths homework?
Which national newspaper had the headline last week saying “Spies Bugged Diana’s Last Calls”?
Which tennis tournament did Andy Murray win in February?
Which band played at halftime in the 2006 Superbowl
What species of bird was Dick Cheney trying to shoot when he accidentally shot his friend?
Which sitcom is currently being done as a west End play?

Infamous Robberies

Which painting was stolen from the Louvre in August 1911?
What was the name of the policeman who led the investigation into the Great Train Robbery?
At which UK airport did the Brinks Mat gold robbery take place?
What was the name of the Diamond that thieves attempted to steal from the Dome in November 2000? (Millenium Star)
By which nickname was the American bank robber Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, who died in 1908, better known?

People Called Smith

Which person called Smith is the main character in the novel 1984?
Which person called Smith has appeared in the films Death on the Nile, Room with a View and Gosford Park?
Which person called Smith was briefly heavyweight boxing champion of the world in the 1980s?
Which person called Smith is a footballer who started his career with Leeds Utd in 1998?
Which person called Smith is an American singer who has covered songs by Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen?

General Knowledge

What does a numismatist collect?
Who wrote the nursery rhyme The Owl and the Pussycat
What is the last line of the rhyme that begins One Two, Buckle my Shoe
Which other sport, apart from Tennis, was Fred Perry a world Champion in?
What does the second amendment to the US constitution allow US citizens to do?
How many players are there at the start of The Weakest Link?
Who’s tallest out of Nicholas Lindhurst, Nicholas Cage, and Nikolas Anelka?
In degrees C, what is the normal temperature of the human body?
What is the name for the mythical process of turning other metals into Gold?
How many prime numbers are there between ten and twenty?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Questions From Sunday 5th February

Current Affairs

What is the surname of the CBB winner Chantelle?
Which country is Didier Drogba playing for in the African Nations cup?
Which political party won the recent Palestinian elections?
What is the new Steven Spielberg film’s title in Germany?
Which Scandinavian country is currently having it’s goods boycotted by middle eastern countries?
Who writes the daily showbusiness column The Green Room in Metro?
How much (to the nearest $1/2m) did Google founder Larry Page receive in his salary from Google last year?
What species of whale swam up the Thames last month?
Which pop magazine announced that it is going to cease publication in February?
Which animal symbolises this year in Chinese horoscopes?

London Markets

What is Smithfield market most famous for selling?
On which day is Billingsgate market completely closed?
Which tube station is closest to Borough market?
In which decade did the Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market move to Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall?
What is the name of the market held in the Truman’s Old Brewery building near Spittalfields every Sunday?

What was the year?

Tony Blair was born, Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest, and Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation took place in Westminster Abbey
Noel Gallagher was born, Celtic won the European Cup Final and Che Guevara was executed
Dido was born, Benny Hill had the Christmas No. 1, and Jim Morrison died
Hillary Duff was born, Lester Piggott was imprisoned for tax evasion, and Andy Warhol died
Romeo Beckham was born, Nicole Kidman won the Oscar for best actress, and Spike Milligan died

General Knowledge

In Greek mythology (and a song by Iron Maiden) who flew too close to the sun in wings made of feathers and wax?
From which Zone 1 mainline railway station can you catch trains to Norwich?
What is the French title of the film The Planet of the Apes?
Which river flows through the centre of Stockport?
What is the letter M in Morse Code?
What was invented first out of the paper clip, the stapler, and the pop up toaster?
What is the circumference of a circle whose radius is 5cm (to the nearest centimetre)?
Which popular entertainer used the catchphrase “I’m in charge!” when he hosted Sunday night at the London Palladium in the 1950s and 60s
What do the initials RAM stand for in computer memory?
Who was the full time (not caretaker) England football manager immediately before Kevin Keegan?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Questions From Sunday 15th January

Current Affairs

Which prominent MP was accused last week of not paying his council tax?
What gong was Bruce Forsyth awarded in the New Year’s Honours?
In the context of last week’s wildcat tube strike, what do the initials SPAD stand for?
What was the most popular comedy film in the Channel 4 poll?
Who will play Inspector Clouseau in the new Pink Panther film out later this year?
What is the title of Dan Brown’s new novel, to be published this year?
Who was photographed in Heat magazine at Christmas posed in a parody of Jordan and Peter Andre’s wedding photos?
In which year did Charles Kennedy become leader of the Lib Dems?
Who scored Wigan’s goal against Arsenal on Tuesday night?
Who is the only woman nominated for the Best British Live Act at this year’s Brit Awards?


What was the first name of Dr Atkins, founder of the Atkins diet?
What does GI in GI diet stand for?
Which company bought Weight Watchers in 1978?
How many calories are there in a 330ml can of diet coke?
Which diet food is the sponsor for ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club?

The Bible – Old Testament

Who parted the Red Sea to lead the Children of Israel to freedom?
What fate befell Lot’s wife in the book of Genesis
Which tribe did Goliath belong to?
Who begat (was the father of) Joseph?
What is the 10th Commandment?

General Knowledge

What does GI stand for in the context of the American military?
What does Al Jazeera mean in Arabic? (The Island/ The (Arabic) Peninsula)
In which city is the statue Mannekin Pis?
How many ounces are there in a pound?
Who has been married most out of Joan Collins, Liza Minelli or Pamela Anderson?
Oh average how many Friday the 13ths are there each year?
Who wrote a collection of Poetry called The Whitsun Weddings?
In which century did the Ming Dynasty start?
What was the main ingredient of the seafarers drink Grog?
According to UK teaching unions, what is the minimum permitted temperature in classrooms for lessons to take place?