Monday, October 03, 2011

Next Quiz - Sunday 6th November

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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The quiz is a no smartphone zone. It just spoils it for everyone. If you see someone on another team using their iPhone (other smartphones are available) then take a picture of them with your phone. If we all work together we can beat this.

& the winners were...

Village Idiots with 84%, followed by Gin'll Fix It with 80% and Old Hamtonwellians with 78%

Well played everyone!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd October

Current affairs
What new motorway top speed limit is the Transport Secretary proposing?
How often is a jockey allowed to use his whip in a flat race? (1 either side)
How old is Michael Winner’s new wife (to nearest 10 years)
Which of these is NOT the name of a Group in this year’s X-Factor:  2 Shoes, Chasing Keys, The Risk, Urban Candy?
Which banking firm was the employer of disgraced banker Kweku Adoboli?
Name the Traveller site in Essex which has been the scene of a contested eviction?
In which city was the Labour Party conference held?
Which actor has campaigned for action on phone hacking at all 3 party conferences?
Whict TV presenter's ancestor was revealed to have massacred native Americans in a recent episode of 'Who do you Think You are'?
Who beat Australia 15-6, in the first surprise result of the Rugby World Cup?

Picture round
The theme was professors - 10 real and fictional professors to identify

Music round
Boybands and Girl Groups partly inspired by The X-Factor.  I had to buy lots of songs specially for this one.

Everyday Latin
Name the common Latin phrase that means…
And so on (2 words (or one, if abbreviated)
Do not dispair (2 words)
Interrupting intercourse prior to ejaculation (2 words)
Proportionate (2 words)
Unwelcome person (3 words)

Food & Drink
Egremont Russet, Merton Worcester and Pixie are all British varieties of what?
What is defined as "beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide"?
What is the name given to someone who makes confectionery from chocolate?
Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Toulouse are varieties of which foodstuff?
Cochineal, Tartrazine, Annato and Caramel have all been used for what purpose in foodstuffs?

General knowledge
Which New Zealand town takes it’s name from the ancient name for Edinburgh?
Which TV show features the band Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem?
In which British county is Oswestry?
Place the following district line tube stations in order – Barking, East Ham, Elm Park, Hornchurch (W – E)
In which year did the first Nirvana album (Bleach) come out? (Within 1 year)
What is the next Grand Slam tournament to take place in the tennis calendar?
How many letters in the word 'Paraphernalia'
How many metres are there in one (standard) mile?  (+/- 5%)
What name is gioven to the festival of Jewish New Year?
Which college seceded from the University of London in July 2007?