Monday, December 21, 2009

& the winners were...

Old Hamtonwellians, regaining their winning ways with 78%.

Rage Against The Quiz Machine and Snow Chance tied for second, with 76%, and Snow Chance were given second place after two tied tie-break questions.

Katie and Amy were the best team of two with 64%.

Well done everyone - see you in 2010!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 20th December - Christmas Quiz

Current Affairs
Who won Strictly?
& which team were named the team of the year in the BBC Sportsrsonality of the ceremony?
What is Time Magazine’s Man of the Year Ben Bernanke job / role?
Why were BA given an injunction to stop the cabin crew strike (reason)
How many countries sent delegates to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, to the nearest 30 countries?
Name the West End play currently starring Damien lewis and Keira Knightley?
What is the name of Sam Taylor-Wood's new film about the young John Lennon?
How many South-African born players were there in the England team that started the first test against South Africa?
What will be phased out in 2018 after over 300 years of use?
Which non-politician was again accused of trying to interfere with government policy this week?

Picture Round

Music Round
All the usual Christmas hits - although amazingly lots of teams couldn't name Slade's one.

In the carol, how many Lord’s a Leaping? (10)
What’s the next line – “We Three Kings of Orient Are”?
In the cracker joke, what time did Sean Connery go to Wimbledon?
Who has a Christmas Number One with “When You Believe”?
What is the significance of the horseshoe Christmas pudding charm to the finder?
Which of these films is not set (all or partially) at Christmas – Love Actually, Titanic, or Trading Places?
Which plant, associated with Christmas, is parasitic, and grows attached to the branches of another tree or shrub?
Which 1970s British TV comedy show had a Christmas special based on the story of Jack & The Beanstalk?
What is the theme of this year’s Royal Mail Christmas stamps? (No, not 'Christmas'...)
What date is the Feast of Stephen?

General knowledge
What religion did L Ron Hubbard found?
Who is older out of Bobby and Jackie Charlton?
What genre or style of music do you associate with the musician Peter Tosh?
How many players are there in a water polo team?
What name links an actor from Peep Show and the writer of Cloud Atlas?
Which car manufacturer would you associate with models such as the TR7 and the Spitfire?
Which king recaptured London from the Vikings in the year 886?
In what decade of the 19th century was Clapham Common bandstand built?
Which government minister resigned in 1988 after publicly discussing Salmonella contamination of eggs?
& finally for the Christmas quiz, what is the nationality of Manchester City’s striker Roque Santa Cruz?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

& the winners were...

X-Quiz-it, with a very impressive 92%, followed by Stephen Hawking's Football Boots with 88%, and Something Christmassy with 84%.

Ravenswood were the best team of two.

Well played everyone!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th December

Current Affairs
Name two other teams in England’s world cup group
How many albums did Susan Boyle sell in the first week of sale (to the nearest million)?
Which book retailer went into administration on 26th November?
If Edward is a Vampire, what is Jacob?
What happened to all the shirts and scarves left at St James Park in honour of Sir Bobby Robson - Were they a) – Destroyed, b) Sent to Africa, or c) Sold on Ebay?
Which band will be headlining the 2010 Glastonbury festival?
What was freed mercenary Simon Mann’s nickname for Mark Thatcher?
Which local landmark was recently claimed to be the second-worst station in the country by a survey?
What restarted on 20th November, after an interval of over a year?
Who is the new manager of Portsmouth?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme for the month was 'weather' so tracks from The Weather Girls, Katrina & The Waves, Ice Cube (Ice - geddit?), and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Chilli - geddit?), among others.

Which film director was arrested in Switzerland on a United States arrest warrant in September?
Which country announced a successful nuclear test in May?
On what did US Airways Flight 1549 make a successful emergency landing?
Mir-Hossein Mousavi challenged unsuccessfully for the presidency of which country?
Which politician made a cameo appearance in Eastenders in October?

Animal Genders - Please write down the male and female names for:

General Knowledge
Name John Simm’s character in Life on Mars
Which website would you associate American Tom Anderson with?
What is the current fine for dropping a cigarette butt in the street?
What colour grapes are generally used to make campaign?
Who wrote the lyrics for Meatloaf’s songs?
In which Australian city did cricket's first ever test match take place?
Who was the last English King to die on the battlefield?
Michael Brearley is president of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, but what is he still most famous for leading?
Which modern British road is often termed the Great North Road?
Geoff Ryman's novel '253' is set on which transport system?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

& the winners were...

3's a Crowd, with 74%, followed by Village Idiots with 73%. There was a tie between Old Hamtonwellians and Stephen Hawking's Football Boots for third, with both teams scoring 72%, but SHFB won the tie breaker to take it.

Redundancy Sucks were the best team of two, with a very respectable 67%.

Overall the quiz seemed hard, despite quite a straightforward picture round - easier next month, promise!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd November 2009

Current Affairs
Which drug has Andre Agassi admitted to taking during his tennis career?
What gift did the England World Cup bid organisers give to the wives of the World Cup committee?
Name two other people also on the Nick Griffin QT panel? (Not Dimbleby)
What colour uniforms will the TNT postal delivery workers wear?
Which west end musical is Jane Horrocks currently starring in?
How many iPhones have been sold globally since 2007? (to the nearest 20%)
Which newspaper printed an article claiming that 'there was nothing natural about the death of Stephen Gately'?
Which living artist currently has an exhibition of his work at The Wallace Collection?
Who provides the voice of Mr Fox in the new stop-motion film?
Following the recent expose of fake celebrity stories in the tabloids, which of the following is true: Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud being a physics and astronomy enthusiast; Gordon Ramsey starring in an animated comedy as himself, or director Guy Ritchie receiving a black eye from juggling cutlery?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme this month was 'salutations & titles' so songs & artists featuring the words Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir, Prince, & so on.

Kits & Uniforms
Which famous British regiment wear a maroon beret?
Which English club's kit was the Juventus strip modelled on?
Which English club's kit was the Atletico Bilbao strip modelled on?
Members of which famous club sport 'egg and bacon' ties?
How many chevrons would a police sergeant wear on the sleeve of their jacket?

People called Jones
Which person called Jones was born in 1969, and won a Golden Globe for acting in the film of Chicago?
Which person called Jones, who died earlier this year, was best known as the General Secretary of the TGWU?
Which person called Jones was born in 1953 is a TV presenter and a keen sailor?
Which person called Jones was born in 1970, works as a singer and has duetted with both Cerys Matthews and Terry Wogan?
Which person called Jones was born in 1974, also works as a singer, and is on record as hating pop reality like X-Factor and Pop Idol?

General knowledge
Who wrote the book 'Our Man in Havana'?
Which company makes & markets Scrabble in the UK?
Which county is the town of Bakewell in?
The Viking Line was a possible name for which tube line?
Which language does the word Phobia come from?
Britain's most senior judge is named Lord Judge: true or false?
Who said "I'm Britain's favourite German, albeit at the head of a very short list"?
Which famous economist said "In the long run, we are all dead"?
With which city are Massive Attack predominantly associated with?
What does the French word 'papillon' translate to in English?

Monday, October 12, 2009

& the winners were...

Village Idiots with 75%, followed by Too Old To Think wiht 74%, and Old Hamtonwellians 1st Team with 72%. (The regular Old Hamtonwellians get 71%).

Team Glendell were the best team of 2.

The lowish scores show that it was quite a hard quiz - the jackets foxed most teams. Well done everyone!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th October

Current affairs
Which city suffered a dust storm last month?
What was the name of the anti-Obama rally that took place in Washington last month?
What is the name of the Postal workers union?
Name the new Dan Brown book
Which Rolling Stones song is going to be Susan Boyle's new single?
Who was the first contestant to be voted off Strictly?
Which two German companies ended years of feuding with a charity football match?
Which European country had an election last week?
Which British political party proposed a special tax on housed valued at >£1m
Which popular film from 1994 has just become a west end play?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was 'Materials, so Paper Planes, Porcelain, Hi Ho Silver Lining, Rubber Bullets and more...

Punful books
Which TV presenter has just written a book called Driven to Distraction?
Which comedian has written a book called Look Back in Hunger?
Which comedian has written a book called Saturday Night Peter?
Which TV presenter has written a book called Knave of Spades?
Which sportsman has written a book called Ashes to Ashes?

Kids TV Characters
Which of the Ninja Turtles had the catchphrase Cowabunga?
Which town does Sportacus live in?
What item of clothing did Benny wear in Top Cat?
What colour was James, in the Thomas The Tank Engine series?
What is the name of He Man's green tiger?

General Knowledge
How is 24 year old Londoner Dylan Mills better known?
Which poem does the film title Chariots of Fire come from?
What country used to be called Formosa?
How much does The Big Issue cost?
How much does The News of The World cost?
How many players are there in a rugby league team – on the pitch at any time?
Who directed the film Schindler's list?
By which nickname was the footballer Darren Anderton most commonly known?
In basketball how many points is a slam dunk worth?
What is the PH value of water?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

& the winners were...

Sightseeing With Stevie Wonder, with 88%, followed by My IQ Is with 82%, and then Ruggy Ruggy Ruggy with 74%.

My IQ Is were also the top team with 2 people - so well done to them!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th September 2009

Current Affairs
At what ground did England regain the Ashes last month?
For what crime is a woman in Malaysia facing 6 lashes?
Name any two current housemates in this year's big brother (Charlie,
David, Lisa, Rodrigo, Siavash, Sophie)
Which London common did the Climate Camp set up on last week?
Ted Kennedy was a senator for which US state?
What name did Oasis previously go by, when the band first formed?
Name the South African athlete at the centre of the recent gender controversy.
Name the two festivals which took place on Clapham Common over the bank holiday weekend?
Sir David Richards has become the new head of which service?
Which shop was declared the most profitable in London, but revenue per square foot last month?

Picture Round
English counties (but not in a format that is easy to embed - sorry!)

Music Round
The theme was A-J - so the first song was a track from a band beginning with A, the second from a band beginning with B, and so on...

Reality TV – Which terrestrial TV channels broadcast these shows last week?
60 Minute Makeover
Escape to the Country
Michaela's Animal Road Trip
House Swap
10 Years Younger

World facts
Finland had been a part of which 2 European countries prior to its independence?
Which makes the greatest contribution to global carbon emissions out of France, Spain or the UK?
What famous mountain forms the highest point in Pakistan?
Chile has substantial mineral wealth, based mainly around which metal?
What is the capital of Brazil?

General knowledge
What does the urdu word Balti mean?
To the nearest 10% - what is the circumference of the M25?
To the nearest 10% - what is the distance from London to Edinburgh?
Which scientist first discovered penicillin?
What war lasted from 1618 to 1648?
In which country was the electric battery invented in?
Who directed the films Frenzy, Topaz, and Marnie?
Which is the most popular British pub name out of The Eagle, the Fox & Hounds, or the Greyhound
Who is the patron saint of travellers?
Which British public figure designed the model village of Poundbury?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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Join our Facebook group by searching for 'landor quiz' on

The quiz is a no iPhone zone. It just spoils it for everyone. If you see someone on another team using their iPhone then take a picture of them with your phone. If we all work together we can beat this. Clay Shirky says so.

& the winners were...

There was a thrilling 3 way tie for the top position, with 3 teams all getting 78%.

After a tie breaker (how many cars have so far been traded in under the government 'more than 10 years old' scheme) Old Hamtonwellians were declared winners, with Smell My Cheese second, and Team Janine third.

2 Yahoos.Bing were the best team of two with 64%.

All teams received prizes of some sort.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd August 2009

Current Affairs
In which city was the first test against Australia played?
Which British TV channel broadcast the Michael Jackson Memorial live?
Where did Operation Panther's Claw take place?
Where did Tom Watson come in the Open at Turnberry
What position did Bradley Wiggins finish in TdF?
What item of office did the NYPD spend £1m on in 2007?
At which London venue did Usain Bolt race in late July?
What has just been banned in Bundanoon, Australia, on environmental grounds?
How is the Baron of Clapton better known?
At which football club will Sven Goran Eriksson now be working?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme this month was TV themes (lazy, I know), and we treated the regulars to such delights as Knight Rider, Blakes' 7, and the 'walking away' music from The Incredible Hulk.

West End Musicals
A young woman wants to find out which of 3 men is her father
3 friends go on a bus trip to play a gig in a hotel
An escaped convict adopts the daughter of a woman who dies
A rebel 300 years in the future hears old music and lyrics in his head
Twins separated at birth fall in love with the same woman

What is Buzz Aldrin's real first name?
What is the most common element in the universe?
Having lost its status as a plane, what type of object is Pluto now classed as?
Which number Apollo mission was the first to land on the moon?
In what year did a man last walk on the moon?

General Knowledge
Which Disney film first featured the song When You Wish Upon a Star
In which country was the sport lacrosse invented?
What does the word 'trivia' mean in Latin?
Which two bodies of water are connected by the Straits of Gibraltar?
In which country would you find the parliamentary constituency of Bongo?
In what county would you find the Forest of Dean?
What is the favourite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
What must a rugby player do in order to achieve a 'full house' during a game?
What term is given to the football feat of scoring 6 goals in a game?
What letter features next in line on a keyboard after 'QWERTY'?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Next Quiz - Sunday 2nd August

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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Join our Facebook group by searching for 'landor quiz' on

The quiz is a no iPhone zone. It just spoils it for everyone. If you see someone on another team using their iPhone then take a picture of them with your phone. If we all work together we can beat this. Clay Shirky says so.

& the winners were...

Charlie's Bitches, with 74%. There was a tie for second and third with both Double Trouble and 2 Midget Wrestlers and a Fake Hooker getting 73%. Double Trouble took second place after a tie break, by having the closest guess to the question 'How many albums did Michael Jackson sell last week in the US?'

All teams playing received prizes.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th July 2009

Current Affairs
What colour is associated with the campaign to overturn the Iranian Election result?
What percentage of British kids aged 5-9 have a mobile phone, according to recent research? (to nearest 10%)
Why was a till receipt from Morrisions in the news in June?
Which country won the Cricket 20:20 World Cup?
Why were British teams not in the confederation Cup?
What flavour pizza did Andy Murray eat after his epic 4th round victory on Monday night?
Which of these artists did not play at Glastonbury – The Fratellis, Lady Gaga or Spinal Tap?
How many years in prison was American fraudster Bernard Madoff sentenced to?
Which two people did Michael Jackson nominate to be guardians of his children?
Who is the minister for Transport?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme this week was 'multi-taskers' - people who act as well as sing. It was very strange to find out that more people could identify William Shatner singing Common People than David Bowie singing Rebel Rebel. I think we're finding the level...

Paid in full – How much are these people paid per year to the nearest 20%
MEP Nick Griffin
Local MP Kate Hoey
BBC Director General Mark Thompson
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Northern Rock chief executive Gary Hoffman

20th Century History
Who was the first British king of the 20th century?
In which decade was the first talking film, "The Jazz Singer" released?
Which battle is generally considered to have occurred between 10 July and 31 October 1940?
The 'Tryst with Destiny' speech marked the independence of which country?
Who was the only US president to serve more than 2 terms in the 20th century?

General Knowledge
Which day of the week do the French call Lundi
Which day of the week do the Germans call Donnerstag?
How do you spell 'barbecue'?
What number is represented by the term 'a score'?
Who did England beat 3-2 in a brutal match of 1934, that became known as the ‘Battle of Highbury’?
How many screens are there at the Clapham picture house cinema?
Which artist did Ruskin accuse of "flinging a pot of paint in the public's face?
Which country has the world’s largest mosque?
What does the washing label of a triangle with a cross over it mean?
What shape is the pasta the Italians call Farfalle?

Monday, June 08, 2009

& the winners were...

...A Quiz Team of Sorts, with 82%, narrowly beating Farewell Alice, who scored 81%. Quiztal Maze came third with 77%.

There were no teams of two, so there was no special prize for them, but all teams got a prize of some sort (T-shirts, 1664 glasses, even water pistols)

Overall a very good turnout, given that it clashed with the final of The Apprentice.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th June 2009

Current Affairs
Which country did England lose to in cricket on Friday?
Which country tested a nuclear device in May?
What slang term is given to the practice of MP switching their first and second home designations?
Who is the new Home Secretary?
Which high street shop is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year?
Which TV show is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year?
Which team won the most premiership games out of Newcastle, Middlesborough and West Brom?
Barack Obama is nominating Sonia Sotomayor for which official body?
What name was given to the famous fossil revealed last month?
Which party leader has proposed abolishing the House of Lords?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme this month was songs and artists with foreign words in them, so En Vogue, Livin' La Vida Loca, Je T'Aime, and Depeche Mode all featured. As did Scritti Politi, although NO ONE managed to identify either the band or the song The Word Girl from the 20 seconds that we played.

Which European country has the most wind turbines out of France, Germany, or the UK?
Which European country has the highest percentage rate of unemployment out of Austria, Portugal or Spain?
Which European country has the highest alcohol consumption per head, out of Italy, Norway, and Switzerland?
Which European country has the highest level of obesity in Europe out of Belgium, Denmark and the UK?
Which European country has the highest average height out of Finland, Greece, or the Netherlands?

Years ending in 9
What year saw the start of the great Wall Street crash?
Which year saw Aspirin patented as a drug, the start of the Boer War and the birth of Al Capone?
Which year saw the Shah of Iran deposed, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and Mother Teresa win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Which year saw the opening of the M1, Fidel Castro taking power in Cuba, and British Empire Day renamed Commonwealth Day?
Which year saw the publication of Darwin's 'On the origin of Species', Big Ben rung for the first time and the birth of Arthur Conan Doyle?

General knowledge
Which US state is the home to Jack Daniels’ whiskey?
Which band did Syd Barrett play in in the 1960s & 70s?
Which football team has the nickname The Posh?
Which country do the band Sigur Ros come from?
By what name is singer John Stephens usually known?
2009 is the international year of natural fibres: true or false?
Which notorious historical figure has been played by Robert Carlyle, Noah Taylor and Bruno Ganz?
Apart from rugby, which other sport did Rob Andrew play at first-class level?
What number is represented by the term 'a score'?
In which Australian state is Neighbours filmed?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

& the winners were...

Old Hamptonwellians with 88%, followed by We've just got back from Mexico with 85%. There was a 3 way tie for third, between Sparkle Motion, Sonny Bono Ski Club, and Senderos & Gallas Christmas Party all on 80 points.

All the above received prizes and Senderos & Gallas were also the best team of 2.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd May 2009

Current Affairs
What is the name of the Obama’s new dog?
Who were Damian McBride’s notorious emails addressed to (main recipient)
How many goals were scored in total in the 2 legs of the Liverpool / Chelsea champion’s league quarter finals?
In how many languages (to the nearest 10) did the Pope give his Easter blessing?
What song did Susan Boyle sing on Britain’s Got Talent?
What are Sainsbury’s going to call the fish Pollock – supposedly less embarrassing for customers
Who was the king of England 500 years ago this year?
How many levels of threat are there on the WHO's flu pandemic scale?
Whose second solo album, called 'Further Complications' is released next month?
Who has recently retired as Poet Laureate?

Picture round

Music Round
The theme was covers. Teams had to name the Original Artists and songs in each case, not the artist doing the cover. Tracks included Hey Ya, Like a Virgin, and I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Museums & Galleries around the world
In which city would you find The Anne Frank museum?
In which city would you find The Prado museum?
In which country in the UK would you find the coal mining museum Big Pit?
Which of these cities does not have a Guggenheim museum – Berlin, Stockholm, or Venice?
& in which city would you find the Smithsonian Air and Space museum?

Alter Egos
What name is Natasha Khan better known by when performing?
Who is Paul O'Grady's most famous alter ego?
Who wrote 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde '?
Who adopted the persona 'Ziggy Stardust'?
Cornishman David Pollard's divorce was brought about by the affair of his alter ego on where?

General Knowledge
In the video game Nintendo DS, what do the initials DS stand for?
The term 'le binge drinking' has been adopted in French slang: true or false?
What is the name given to a baby kangaroo (or other marsupial)?
What flower is the symbol of Yorkshire?
Which UK city saw a giant mechanical spider in action in 2008?
What was the painter Van Dyck’s first name (not Dick)
What is the French word for Firemen?
What is the maximum number of different clubs is a golfer allowed to have with him during a game?
Which country does the anime cartoon style come from?
What was the previous name for the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

& the winners were...

Awesome foursome, living up to their name, with 86%, followed by Beergut 100 with 85%, and Old Hamtonwellians with 83%. It was a very exciting quiz, with Old Hamtonwellians leading by 2 points at half time, but having a bit of a shocker in the general knowledge round.

Quiz Akabusi were the best team of 2 players with 66%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th April 2009

Current Affairs
What was thrown over Peter Mandelson by an environmental protester last month?
Name both the teams in the new series of The Apprentice
Who won the Oxford Vs Cambridge Boat Race?
Which American comedian and film star has just released an album of banjo music called The Crow?
Which football club is the Damned United in the film of the same name?
What position does Timothy Geithner hold in the US government?
In which decade did the Irish rugby team last achieve a Grand Slam, before last month?
Which British singer is behind the new fashion label Pretty Green?
What did Barack Obama give to the Queen as a present?
Who came second in the Australian Grand Prix?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme of this month's music round was 'flora and fauna', which meant tracks by Lily Allen, Rose Royce, Ash, and others

Which beer is advertised with the slogan "it's about time"?
Which HG Wells novel is partly set in the year 802,701?
How old is the earth (to the nearest 0.5bn years)?
How many microseconds are there in 1 second?
How long is a lunar month, to the nearest week?

What mythical country is the setting for the novel and film Prince Caspian?
Which country is the setting for the sitcom MASH?
In which city is the American drama series The Wire set?
What country is the setting for the novel The Grapes of Wrath?
Which town is the setting for the British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine?

General Knowledge
How many members are there in a volleyball team(i.e. actively playing at any time)?
What is Bono’s real name?
In which year was Mrs Thatcher elected Prime Minister?
An anemometer is used to measure the speed of what?
The low-price range in Asda is 'Smart Price' and it's 'Value' in Tesco. What is the equivalent at Sainsbury's called?
An oenophile is a connoiseur of what?
Which continent would lose most land to a sea level rise of 1 metre?
In which ocean are the islands of Zanzibar?
What nationality was the footballer Roger Milla?
Who killed Jesse James?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Next Quiz - Sunday 5th April

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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& the winners were...

Quiz on my Face with 85%, followed by The Tamsin Team (who loved the music round) on 80%, with Sir Trivia McDonald narrowly beaten into 3rd on 79%.

Every Day is like Sunday were the best team of 2 with 62%.

Well done everyone!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st March 2009

Current Affairs
What size loss did RBS declare on Thursday (to the nearest £1bn)
How much more is Philip Schofield being paid than Fern Brittan (per episode) to present the new Mr & Mrs show on ITV (to the nearest £5k)
Which environmental product has been withdrawn from sale by B&Q?
How many children in total does Nadia Suleman, the mother of the Octuplets born in late January, have?
Why did TFL threaten to dock some workers a day’s pay in early February?
How many letters are there in the surname of Morgan Tz… new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe?
What colour kit will Oldham Athletic wear in aid of charity when they play Leeds United on 2nd March?
Which magazine, and which TV station bought the rights to Jade Goody’s wedding (1 point for each)
Who presented the Oscars?
Why would Iggy Pop not be able to get insurance from Swiftcover, the company he advertises on TV?

Picture Round

Music Round
The music round this month consisted of 10 mashups - teams had to name both artists mashed together. All mashups were taken from - go to the site to download your own.

English Tourism
In which county is Leeds Castle?
What do the initials ZSL stand for in ZSL London Zoo?
In which town in England is the Jorvik Viking Center?
Which of these towns is not in Derbyshire – Buxton, Bakewell or Melton Mowbray?
How many hotels are there at Alton Towers?

What links the characters Hanna Schmitz and April Wheeler in recent films?
In what film is Kayser Soze a character and presence?
What were the first names of Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue's characters in 'Neighbours'?
How many different characters did Alec Guinness play in the film 'Kind Hearts and Coronets'?
In which novel is Boo Radley a character and presence?

General knowledge
What does the word Kopf mean in German?
How many Baldwin brothers are there?
What nationality are the rock band Europe?
In which city does the music festival SXSW (South by South West) take place?
The year 2005 was earmarked to commemorate the achievements of which scientist?
Which musical does the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ come from?
Which London street features the Royal Academy & Fortnum & Masons, and Hatchards bookstore?
What colour wine in generally made from Tempranillo grapes?
In what year (precise) was the Battle of Waterloo?
Why would Michael Winner not be able to get insurance from Esure, which he advertises?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Next Quiz - Sunday 1st March

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

View Larger Map

Join our Facebook group by searching for 'landor quiz' on

& the winners were...

Old Hamtonwellians, with 83%, followed by Chelsea Nil, Liverpool... with 82% (i.e. Chelsea nil, Liverpool 82), with Fundamentalist Quiztians in third on 78%.

Quiz Akabusi were the best team of two, with 76%.

& there was me thinking it was quite hard this month. I suspect all of the winning teams had seen Slumdog Millionaire (questions 1 & 10 of the general knowledge round)

Also, in case anyone is wondering, that was definitely a snood...

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st February 2009

Current affairs
What is the occupation of Chesley Sullenberger 3rd, recently in the news?
What is the new on-the-spot penalty fine for not having a valid ticket on the London Underground? (to the nearest £10)
& what is the new on-the-spot penalty fine for possession of cannabis? (to the nearest £10)
Did shares on the US Dow Jones Index rise or fall on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration?
Who is the new celebrity in Dictionary Corner in Countdown?
In the Chinese calendar, what animal represents this year?
How did Joe Kinnear accidentally refer to the footballer Charles N’Zogba last week?
Who is the new shadow Business Secretary?
Who has been nominated for an Oscar for their role in Rachel Getting Married?
Which TV presenter has recently revealed he receives hate mail from creationists?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was colours - so songs from Green Day, Simply Red, Coldplay, White Stripes etc. One of the easiest for a while, but only one team got full marks on it.

Which architect designed St Paul's cathedral?
Which Australian city is known as the City of Churches?
Paddy's Wigwam' is a popular nickname for what?
Name the current archbishop of Canterbury.
Which artist is most famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Monkey Tennis
In recent TV programmes…
Which celebrity drove a taxi around America?
Which celebrity opened up a pub with his best mate?
Learnt to sail tall ships with his son?
Drove through Italy in a Mini, in honour of The Italian Job
Travelled overland from Britain to Australia

General Knowledge / Random Trivia
Whose face is on the American $100 bill
Write down the equation to add up all the cells from D7 to D53 in Microsoft Excel
In which modern country is Transylvania?
Who wrote a letter in January 2001 addressed ‘From number 42 to number 43’?
How mush duty (note – duty, not VAT) do you pay on a standard size bottle of wine (to the nearest 20p
What was Che Guevara's real first name?
The Montgolfier brothers were famous for flying what type of aircraft?
What is the distance covered in a full circuit of the Circle Line, to the nearest mile?
Which novel famously opens with the line: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" (title and writer)?
& finally, in Alexander Dumas’ book the Three Musketeers, who was the third musketeer after Athos and Portos?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

& the winners were...

Number 45, with 78%, followed by Fi & Helen with 73%, and Quizzy Rascals with 71%.

Derek & Barbara were the best team of 2 players, scoring 58%.

Overall quite a hard quiz, but there were lots of teams of 2 and 3. Well try to make it a bit easier next time.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th January 2009

Current Affairs
Which TV show got the highest UK audience on Christmas Day?
How many football teams from the top 4 English divisions played on Boxing Day (to the nearest 5)?
How many seconds were there in the last minute of 2008?
Which relative of Chris Hoy also received an award in the New Year Honours (e.g. brother, sister)?
Which recently deceased Nobel prizewinner said: "I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God created on earth, certainly greater than sex, although sex isn't too bad either."
What has Norwich Union recently been rebranded as?
Who is the Israeli defence minister?
Which out of The Mini, miniskirt, London Eye and tube map will not appear on a stamp in 2009?
Steven Gerrard was arrested after a fight in which town?
Who has been revealed as the new Doctor Who?

Picture Round
Guess the month from the newspaper front page. Not as hard as it looks, and the key is to look at the smaller stories, not just the main headline. Probably best to print it out to see it properly.

Music Round
The music round this month followed the theme of the month, and was a review of the best and best selling singles of 2008, including Katy Perry, MIA, Mystery Jets, MGMT and Coldplay

Who was appointed president of Cuba in February?
In which month of 2008 did the price of oil reach $100 per barrel for the first time?
Where did Great Britain finish in the Olympic medals table?
Who said of sadomasochism "why worry, if you're not hurting anyone?
Who won the ‘beard of the year’ award (two possible answers accepted)

Coming attractions
Which female British singer has a new album out called ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ in February
In which month will the Grand National be run?
Which character from his TV shows does Sacha Baron Cohen play in a film released in May?
Which website is Channel 4 using for Big Brother auditions this year – Bebo, Facebook, or YouTube?
Which famous British scientist will be celebrated in the 200 year anniversary of his birth (& the 150 year anniversary of this most famous book) in 2009?

General Knowledge
People in which job generally have a CORGI certificate?
What does the German work Vier mean?
Who writes the Tracy Beaker books?
An atoll is an island primarily made out of what?
The Beaufort cale is used to measure the strength of what?
A Daguerrotype was an early type of what?
In which country would you find the Cresta Run?
Which has larger ears: the African Elephant or the Indian Elephant?
Which French monarch was known as the Sun King?
What type of animal is the character Feathers McGraw in the Wallace and Gromit film The Wrong Trousers?