Monday, January 07, 2008

& the winners were...

Quiz All Over My Face (featuring members of Hellcatmudwrestler and Circus Act, plus others) with 83%, just beating The Chicken Cottaage Appreciation Society with 81%, denying Steve Henn a hatrick of wins, and then Quiz Team Aguilera coming third on 78%.

Overall the quiz was too hard. It'll be easier next month, and feature more current music...

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th January 2008

Round 1 – Recent Events

Which London hospital suffered a major fire last week?
Who is currently the top English goalscorer in the Premiership (prem goals only)?
What was the highest rating UK TV show on Christmas Day?
Which British record did the Queen set in December 2007 (no, not YouTube!)?
Which story was the Sun writing about in December with the headline The Liar, The Witch, and the Wardrobe?
Why did Man Utd player Ronaldo receive a driving fine in December?
What % of gift tokens are said to be unused, according to a survey in December (to the nearest 10%)?
What % of new years honours went to women, again to the nearest 10%
Oil has just reached the price of $100 to the barrel – but how many UK gallons are there to the barrel?
According to the Pakistani government, how did Benazir Bhutto die?

Picture Round

This month's theme was 'winners of 2008', and featured some easy, and some hard pictures of people who has won things in 2008, including Forrest Whittaker, Helen Mirren, Nicolas Sarkozy, Mark Wallenger, and Doris Lessing

Music Round

In what I hoped was quite a creative twist, this month all of the tracks in the music round were covers - and teams had to identify the original artist and song. Excerpts included Last Christmas (covered by the Manics), Ooops I Did It Again (covered by Richard Thompson), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (covered by Keane), and Prett Vacant (covered by The Kingswoods, so confusingly that only one team got it).

Round 4 – Celebrity weddings of 2007

We need the surnames of the two people in each case (e.g. Cruise / Holmes):

She had the best selling British album of 2007, and he’s currently in prison on remand
He’s an English footballer, and she’s a model and fashion writer for the Daily Mirror
He plays Kevin Watley’s assistant in Lewis, and she had a number one single when she was 15.
He’s the ex husband of an ex-Atomic Kitten, and she’s a singer and former star of Neighbours
He’s an iconic British singer, and she’s the former face of Ultimo lingerie

Round 4 – US Elections

Name either the Republican or Democrat winner of the Iowa Caucus last week
Which animal represents the Republican party?
How many US senators are there for each state in the Union?
In which month is the 2008 US election to be held?
Which state is Hilary Clinton a senator for?

Round 5 – General Knowledge

Which alcoholic spirit is mixed with orange to produce Grand Marnier?
Who wrote the play under Milk Wood?
What was the Belfast firm Harland and Woolf famous for making?
What is the colour of the live wire in the UK electrical wiring code?
How many different letters are there in the name Evel Kneivel? (OK, this question doesn't work well when written down!)
What is the capital of Pakistan?
Which two animals breed to produce mules?
In prison slang, what is a ‘screw’?
Are there more pubs in London (zones 1-4) called The Blue Posts, The Marquis of Granby or The Coach and Horses?
What would your star sign be if your birthday was today?