Thursday, August 07, 2008

& the winners were...

Halal, Is It Meat You're Looking For (who deny being hardcore Bill Bailey fans - they just like the name) with 72%, followed by What Horses Can Teach Us with 69%, and the Old Hamptonwellians with 67%.

Quiz Akabusi won the prize for the best team of two, with 61%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd August 2008

Current Affairs

According to the Mail on Sunday, how is artist Robin Gunningham better known?
Which London museum is holding a new exhibition on the Emperor Hadrian?
How much did the Police in London pay to informants (collectively) each day, on average, in the last financial year? (to the nearest £2k)
At which course was the British Open played?
What do the initials SAT as in the educational tests stand for?
How many stages of the Tour de France did Briton Mark Cavendish win?
Which energy company announced a 35% increase in prices last week?
How did John Mason from Scotland achieve fame last month?
How many letters are there in the name Radovan Karadzic?
Which magazine have Brad and Angelina sold pictures of their twins to?

Picture Round

Music Round

The theme to the (very difficult) music round was artists and songs with initials in the title, and featured Run DMC, INXS, NWA, The Beatles (Back in the USSR), JJ Cale, and the KLF. But it was too hard - next time the music will be a lot easier!

Olympic events

In which decade was synchronised swimming introduced?
What was introduced most recently, out of Taekwondo, Triathalon, and Badminton?
Which is the only team event in the Paralympics that is open to mixed teams?
True or false – the Beijing Olympics will include the sport of BMX
Rebecca Romero from the UK won a silver medal for rowing in Athens in 2004. In which other sporting discipline will she now compete in Beijing?

First & last lines

Which book begins with the line “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”
Which song starts with the line “My life is brilliant”?
Which of Shakespeare’s plays starts with the line “Who’s There?”
Which film ends with the line “There’s no place like home”?
Which film ends with the line “Hang on lads – I’ve got an idea…”

General knowledge / random trivia

What sort of dog is Snoopy?
What is Boris Johnson’s first name?
In the US, how many cents are there in a nickel?
What is the current cost of a colour TV license (to the nearest £10)?
Which film is based on the novel 'Jack's Return Home' by Ted Lewis?
The premium range in Sainsbury's is 'Taste the Difference', and it's 'Finest' in Tesco. What is the equivalent at Asda called?
In 1976, 2 Viking spacecraft landed on which planet?
Which capital city is the most northerly (highest latitude) out of Amsterdam, Budapest, and Dublin?
What is does the word tuba (as in musical instrument) mean in Latin?
In Austin Powers, what was the first name of Dr Evil’s son?