Tuesday, December 23, 2008

& the winners were...

My Name is Pete, and I'm a Farmer, with 81%. There was a tie for second place between Turducken and M IQ is... who both scored 78%. Turducken won the tie-break, so they got second, and My IQ is... came third.

Onward Quizteam Soldiers were the best team of 2, with 67%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 21st December 2008

Current Affairs
Who was named BBC Sports Personality of the year?
Which channel island has just held its first ever election this month?
What level have US interest rates now been cut to?
Who has recently been declared dead, 14 years after his disappearance?
The recently released CD set 'Picture Book' chronicles the career of which group?
The former set of which TV show was this week sold for £735,000?
In which city is the current India v England test match being played?
Who was the Blackburn manager before Paul ince?
What financial scheme, beginning with P is associated with Bernard Madoff (2 possible answers)
Which new scent was unveiled in the US last week? Was it a smell inspired by Burger King, KFC, or Pepsi?

Picture Round
80s Toys Christmas Picture Quiz
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Music Round
Christmas songs a-go-go, inc Wham, Band Aid, The Waitresses, Cliff, and Girls Aloud

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave what to me?
Who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in the year 800?
In what year did London's last official White Christmas occur?
Which store’s Christmas ad are Take That appearing in?
& which store’s Christmas ad is Richard Hammond appearing in?
What Christmas-related plant is represented by the Latin 'Ilex'?
What scent is Ewan McGregor advertising this Christmas?
In which century were Christmas cards and crackers invented?
In the Christmas cracker joke, why don’t Elephants like Penguins?
How many films (definition – at least 80 minutes long) are being shown on ITV on Christmas Day (starting between 11am and midnight)?

General Knowledge
Which character in Dad’s Army had the catchphrase “Doomed – we’re all Doomed”?
Which food item has the marketing slogan ‘a hug in a mug’?
What colour plasters do people involved in food preparation have to wear if they cut themselves?
Which country does the word bungalow originate in?
What is the plural of mongoose?
Which country is actor Sam Neill from?
Which London brewer is based in Chiswick?
Who is currently Secretary General of the United Nations?
Which tube station has the most interchanging lines out of Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus, and Waterloo?
In The Office Christmas Special, who does Tim buy a Secret Santa gift for?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

& the winners were...

My IQ is, with 82%, just pipping The Old Hamtonwellians on 81%, with Quiz Quiztofferson (great name) coming in third on 76%.

Jim's in Town for You was the top scoring team of 2 with 73%

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th October 2008

Current Affairs
What is the new rate of VAT?
According to research in November, do people generally drive faster or slower if hung over?
What is Robert Kilroy Silk’s job outside of I’m a Celeb?
Which British sportsman is known as The Haymaker?
Name the ship captured by pirates in November?
Which two people carried Ricky Hatton’s belts into the ring in Las Vegas before the fight in November (1 point for each)?
What is the full title of the new Madagascar animated film?
Which county is Histon (who knocked Leeds out of the FA Cup) in?
Participants in which TV show received letters from Gordon Brown?
Which computer device turned 40 this week?

Picture Round
Clapham Residents Picture Quiz
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Music Round
The theme this month was things found in or around the house, featuring tracks like Clocks, Coffee & TV, Breakfast in Bed, Hanging on the Telephone, and Umbrella, among others,

Spell the word ‘you’re/your’ in the following sentences:
Which one is XXX suitcase?
If you don’t stop, XXX going to get in trouble.
Spell the word ‘their/there/they’re’ in the following sentences:
I can see them – XXX standing by the bus stop
They picked up the books, and put them in XXX bags
I can’t have lost it – I put it right XXX

The 1990s
With which two singles did Blur and Oasis contest 1995's so-called 'Battle of Britpop'?
Who scored 333 and 123 in the 1990 Lord's test v India?
In the UK, 16th September 1992 is widely known by what nickname?
Which character was played by Jonny Lee Miller in the film trainspotting?
Which company produced an item of food flavour called Cool Britannia?

General knowledge
At what age in the UK do you receive a free TV licence?
Which low-cost airline started first out of Ryanair, Easyjet, and Go (owned by BA)?
Waitrose is part of which larger retail group?
In which British city would you find an area called The Shambles?
An AM is a member of which British political body?
Who wrote the original story that was filmed as The Shawshank Redemption?
Modern humans are descended from Neanderthal Man: true or false?
The Drake Equation is used to estimate the likely existence of what?
What seriously damaged around 150 properties in Kensal Green on 7th December 2006?
What was the first name of Timothy Spall’s character in Auf Wiedersehen Pet?