Tuesday, April 07, 2009

& the winners were...

Awesome foursome, living up to their name, with 86%, followed by Beergut 100 with 85%, and Old Hamtonwellians with 83%. It was a very exciting quiz, with Old Hamtonwellians leading by 2 points at half time, but having a bit of a shocker in the general knowledge round.

Quiz Akabusi were the best team of 2 players with 66%.

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th April 2009

Current Affairs
What was thrown over Peter Mandelson by an environmental protester last month?
Name both the teams in the new series of The Apprentice
Who won the Oxford Vs Cambridge Boat Race?
Which American comedian and film star has just released an album of banjo music called The Crow?
Which football club is the Damned United in the film of the same name?
What position does Timothy Geithner hold in the US government?
In which decade did the Irish rugby team last achieve a Grand Slam, before last month?
Which British singer is behind the new fashion label Pretty Green?
What did Barack Obama give to the Queen as a present?
Who came second in the Australian Grand Prix?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme of this month's music round was 'flora and fauna', which meant tracks by Lily Allen, Rose Royce, Ash, and others

Which beer is advertised with the slogan "it's about time"?
Which HG Wells novel is partly set in the year 802,701?
How old is the earth (to the nearest 0.5bn years)?
How many microseconds are there in 1 second?
How long is a lunar month, to the nearest week?

What mythical country is the setting for the novel and film Prince Caspian?
Which country is the setting for the sitcom MASH?
In which city is the American drama series The Wire set?
What country is the setting for the novel The Grapes of Wrath?
Which town is the setting for the British sitcom Last of the Summer Wine?

General Knowledge
How many members are there in a volleyball team(i.e. actively playing at any time)?
What is Bono’s real name?
In which year was Mrs Thatcher elected Prime Minister?
An anemometer is used to measure the speed of what?
The low-price range in Asda is 'Smart Price' and it's 'Value' in Tesco. What is the equivalent at Sainsbury's called?
An oenophile is a connoiseur of what?
Which continent would lose most land to a sea level rise of 1 metre?
In which ocean are the islands of Zanzibar?
What nationality was the footballer Roger Milla?
Who killed Jesse James?