Thursday, September 17, 2009

& the winners were...

Sightseeing With Stevie Wonder, with 88%, followed by My IQ Is with 82%, and then Ruggy Ruggy Ruggy with 74%.

My IQ Is were also the top team with 2 people - so well done to them!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th September 2009

Current Affairs
At what ground did England regain the Ashes last month?
For what crime is a woman in Malaysia facing 6 lashes?
Name any two current housemates in this year's big brother (Charlie,
David, Lisa, Rodrigo, Siavash, Sophie)
Which London common did the Climate Camp set up on last week?
Ted Kennedy was a senator for which US state?
What name did Oasis previously go by, when the band first formed?
Name the South African athlete at the centre of the recent gender controversy.
Name the two festivals which took place on Clapham Common over the bank holiday weekend?
Sir David Richards has become the new head of which service?
Which shop was declared the most profitable in London, but revenue per square foot last month?

Picture Round
English counties (but not in a format that is easy to embed - sorry!)

Music Round
The theme was A-J - so the first song was a track from a band beginning with A, the second from a band beginning with B, and so on...

Reality TV – Which terrestrial TV channels broadcast these shows last week?
60 Minute Makeover
Escape to the Country
Michaela's Animal Road Trip
House Swap
10 Years Younger

World facts
Finland had been a part of which 2 European countries prior to its independence?
Which makes the greatest contribution to global carbon emissions out of France, Spain or the UK?
What famous mountain forms the highest point in Pakistan?
Chile has substantial mineral wealth, based mainly around which metal?
What is the capital of Brazil?

General knowledge
What does the urdu word Balti mean?
To the nearest 10% - what is the circumference of the M25?
To the nearest 10% - what is the distance from London to Edinburgh?
Which scientist first discovered penicillin?
What war lasted from 1618 to 1648?
In which country was the electric battery invented in?
Who directed the films Frenzy, Topaz, and Marnie?
Which is the most popular British pub name out of The Eagle, the Fox & Hounds, or the Greyhound
Who is the patron saint of travellers?
Which British public figure designed the model village of Poundbury?