Monday, October 12, 2009

& the winners were...

Village Idiots with 75%, followed by Too Old To Think wiht 74%, and Old Hamtonwellians 1st Team with 72%. (The regular Old Hamtonwellians get 71%).

Team Glendell were the best team of 2.

The lowish scores show that it was quite a hard quiz - the jackets foxed most teams. Well done everyone!

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th October

Current affairs
Which city suffered a dust storm last month?
What was the name of the anti-Obama rally that took place in Washington last month?
What is the name of the Postal workers union?
Name the new Dan Brown book
Which Rolling Stones song is going to be Susan Boyle's new single?
Who was the first contestant to be voted off Strictly?
Which two German companies ended years of feuding with a charity football match?
Which European country had an election last week?
Which British political party proposed a special tax on housed valued at >£1m
Which popular film from 1994 has just become a west end play?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was 'Materials, so Paper Planes, Porcelain, Hi Ho Silver Lining, Rubber Bullets and more...

Punful books
Which TV presenter has just written a book called Driven to Distraction?
Which comedian has written a book called Look Back in Hunger?
Which comedian has written a book called Saturday Night Peter?
Which TV presenter has written a book called Knave of Spades?
Which sportsman has written a book called Ashes to Ashes?

Kids TV Characters
Which of the Ninja Turtles had the catchphrase Cowabunga?
Which town does Sportacus live in?
What item of clothing did Benny wear in Top Cat?
What colour was James, in the Thomas The Tank Engine series?
What is the name of He Man's green tiger?

General Knowledge
How is 24 year old Londoner Dylan Mills better known?
Which poem does the film title Chariots of Fire come from?
What country used to be called Formosa?
How much does The Big Issue cost?
How much does The News of The World cost?
How many players are there in a rugby league team – on the pitch at any time?
Who directed the film Schindler's list?
By which nickname was the footballer Darren Anderton most commonly known?
In basketball how many points is a slam dunk worth?
What is the PH value of water?