Friday, May 06, 2011

Next quiz - Sunday 5th June

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is on Landor Road, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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The quiz is a no smartphone zone. It just spoils it for everyone. If you see someone on another team using their iPhone (other smartphones are available) then take a picture of them with your phone. If we all work together we can beat this.

& the winners were...

Non Educated Delinquents with 80% followed by Les with 76% and Landor Hope and Glory with 74%

Red Heels were the best team of two with 65%

Quiz questions from Sunday 1st May

Current Affairs
Who made (designed) Kate’s dress? (1 pt for company, 2 for designer)
How many of the 40 horses who started the Grand National finished? (nearest 10%)
Which company or organisation uses the slogan “Helping You Find Healthy”?
Did the American divorce rate go up or down as the US sunk into recession in the last decade?
How many minutes did Fernando Torres play for Chelsea before scoring?  (nearest 10%)
Catherine Zeta-Jones recently announced that she had been suffering from what?
How was Spain’s Copa del Rey damaged after Real Madrid had won it?
Which Labour politician shared a platform with David Cameron to speak against the Alternative Vote?
Which Lib Dem politician shared a platform with Ed Miliband to speak in favour of the Alternative Vote?
Which two teams will contest the FA Cup final?

Picture Round
Royal Wedding guests

Music Round
Boys & girls' names, so Ben, Layla, Mickey, and more

Royal Wedding
Who is older – William or Kate?
How many guests were invited to the service (to nearest 50)
How many of these people went to the Royal Wedding – Rowan Atkinson, James Blunt, Trevor Brooking, Andrew Flintoff, Stephen Fry, Jamie Oliver, & Guy Richie?
Who was the US representative at the Royal Wedding (name, or title)
Which British company made a chocolate cake for the reception?

The wood of which tree is traditionally used to make English longbows?
The wood of which tree is traditionally used to make cricket bats?
Which tree, famously associated with London, is classified scientifically under the genus ‘Platanus’?
What term describes trees which lose their leaves in autumn and re-grow in spring?
What name is given to the practice of cutting back tree trunks to encourage the growth of shoots?

General knowledge
How many states in the US begin with the letter I?
How many English counties begin with the letter D?
What is the morse code for the letter S
What is the Danish name for Donald Duck?
Which legendary English cricketer, who retired in 1934, is commemorated by a blue plaque in Englewood Road, Clapham South
Who was notoriously murdered on 29th December 1170?
What type of bridge is the Forth Rail Bridge: box girder, cantilever or suspension?
Which scientist formulated the germ theory of disease?
What drives a Stirling Engine?
Which sculptor produced ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Kiss’?