Friday, July 12, 2013

Next Quiz - Sunday 4th August

Kick off at 8pm

£2 per person to enter, max 5 to a team

Lots of prizes!

The Landor is at 70 Landor Rd  London, SW9 9PH, where it meets Willington Road, two minutes walk from Clapham North tube station (Northern Line)

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Please join our new Facebook page here.  Facebook deleted the old group, but they've now re-instated it, but with none of the original members.  If you play the quiz, please join, so that we can invite you to events.

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The quiz is a no smartphone zone. It just spoils it for everyone. If you see someone on another team using their iPhone (other smartphones are available) then take a picture of them with your phone. If we all work together we can beat this!

& the winners were...

...Les with 74%, after winning a tie break (how long in minutes is Shaun of the Dead?) against Village Idiots.

Quizeum came third with 70%

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th July

Current Affairs
What did Barack Obama think George Osborne’s first name was?
Which country was admitted to the EU last month?
Which British band had its first UK no. 1 album for more than 40 years?
At what establishment did David Warner attack Joe Root?
What is the name of Kanye West’s new album & baby (1 pt for each)
Name the new Governor of the Bank of England
Saudi Arabia has just moved its weekend days to Friday and Saturday.  What two days were they before?
The man who defaced a portrait of the Queen last month was a campaigner with which group?
Who was the President of Egypt until last week?
Who won the Confederations Cup?

Picture Round
Secret agents - ten fictional ones to identify, including Johnny English and Harry Palmer

Music Round
Covers - songs like Die Young covered - teams had to identify the song and the original artist

Ice Cream
Spell 'Hargen Dars'
Which ice cream product had a new flavour out last year called Infinity?
Complete the Ben & Jerry’s Flavour – Caramel [blank] [blank]
What has more calories – a mars bar or a mars ice cream bar?
Which British comedy film of 2004 mentions Cornettos?

Who knocked Serena Williams out of the women's singles this year?
In what decade was the inaugural Wimbledon championship played?
In what decade were the Wimbledon Championships first televised?
Which British player was the first to play an entire match under the Centre Court roof?
There is no Mixed Doubles tournament in the Junior Championships: True or False?

General knowledge
Which rapper is known as Breezy?
What legal issue was decided by the court case Roe Vs. Wade in the US?
In British spying/traitor history, who was The Third Man?
What 4 letter acronym is the name of a cable that connects an iPad to a TV?
In which southern Irish city would you find a Butter Museum?
Which nation is behind the stalled development proposed for the Chelsea Barracks site?
Which famous London sports ground is nicknamed the 'Old Cabbage Patch'?
What does GCHQ stand for?
What does the abbreviation UAV, used to describe a drone, stand for?
How many years is it since there was a British Men's Wimbledon winner (until today)?