Monday, February 06, 2006

Questions From Sunday 5th February

Current Affairs

What is the surname of the CBB winner Chantelle?
Which country is Didier Drogba playing for in the African Nations cup?
Which political party won the recent Palestinian elections?
What is the new Steven Spielberg film’s title in Germany?
Which Scandinavian country is currently having it’s goods boycotted by middle eastern countries?
Who writes the daily showbusiness column The Green Room in Metro?
How much (to the nearest $1/2m) did Google founder Larry Page receive in his salary from Google last year?
What species of whale swam up the Thames last month?
Which pop magazine announced that it is going to cease publication in February?
Which animal symbolises this year in Chinese horoscopes?

London Markets

What is Smithfield market most famous for selling?
On which day is Billingsgate market completely closed?
Which tube station is closest to Borough market?
In which decade did the Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market move to Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall?
What is the name of the market held in the Truman’s Old Brewery building near Spittalfields every Sunday?

What was the year?

Tony Blair was born, Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest, and Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation took place in Westminster Abbey
Noel Gallagher was born, Celtic won the European Cup Final and Che Guevara was executed
Dido was born, Benny Hill had the Christmas No. 1, and Jim Morrison died
Hillary Duff was born, Lester Piggott was imprisoned for tax evasion, and Andy Warhol died
Romeo Beckham was born, Nicole Kidman won the Oscar for best actress, and Spike Milligan died

General Knowledge

In Greek mythology (and a song by Iron Maiden) who flew too close to the sun in wings made of feathers and wax?
From which Zone 1 mainline railway station can you catch trains to Norwich?
What is the French title of the film The Planet of the Apes?
Which river flows through the centre of Stockport?
What is the letter M in Morse Code?
What was invented first out of the paper clip, the stapler, and the pop up toaster?
What is the circumference of a circle whose radius is 5cm (to the nearest centimetre)?
Which popular entertainer used the catchphrase “I’m in charge!” when he hosted Sunday night at the London Palladium in the 1950s and 60s
What do the initials RAM stand for in computer memory?
Who was the full time (not caretaker) England football manager immediately before Kevin Keegan?

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