Monday, June 05, 2006

Questions from Sunday 4th June

Current Affairs

1. Which band won the 2006 Eurovision song contest?
2. Who is the oldest member of the English world cup squad?
3. What was the halftime score of England’s friendly against Hungary?
4. What did David Cameron choose as his luxury on Desert Island Discs?
5. Which team won the Guinness Rugby Union Premiership? Sale
6. Which art gallery is celebrating its 150th anniversary?
7. Which birthday would Marilyn Monroe be celebrating this year had she lived?
8. Which newspaper did Bono edit for one day in May?
9. What are the first two names of Geri Halliwell’s Baby?
10. Which series of Big Brother are we currently ‘enjoying’?

Tom Hanks

1. In which 1989 film did Tom star as Detective Scott Turner?
2. How many times has Tom Hanks won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role?
3. Which character did Tom play in the film toy Story?
4. Which of his films is about a hitman's son who witnesses what his father does fro a living?
5. In the film Big, what sort of company does Josh get a job with?


What nationality is:
6. Golfer Vijay Singh
7. Film-maker Pedro Almodovar
8. Racing Driver Jarno Trulli
9. Supermodel Gisele
10. The Band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

General Knowledge

1. What gender is the MP Kim Howells?
2. Which state in the US does Jim Beam whiskey come from?
3. Which opera does the aria Nessun Dorma appear in?
4. What shirt number did Gazza wear in the 1990 world cup?
5. Which two countries fought the first Opium War, ending in 1843?
6. Which sitcom has had the most series, out of Hi Di Hi, One Foot In The Grave, and Red Dwarf?
7. Which world religion worships Ganesh, the elephant god?
8. What colour are the flowers of the Lily of the Valley (most commonly)
9. Express the fraction one eighth as a decimal, to three decimal paces?
10. Write down the sentence ‘he ran up the stairs quickly’, and circle the adverb

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