Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Questions from Sunday 1st October

Current Affairs
Which team won this year’s Ryder Cup for golf?
Which popular Soho pub closed in September?
Name the album that won the Mercury Music Prize?
Who are the two new presenters of What not To Wear?
According to papers revealed last week, what did the suffragettes want to do to the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith?
Which free London newspaper is published by Rupert Murdoch?
Where did Labour hold their party conference?
How long did Tony Blair’s standing ovation last (to the nearest 3 minutes)?
Who is the author of the book The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid?
What are you not now allowed to discriminate against people for, as of a law that came into force today?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was men in beards, and featured Bill Oddie, Getafix (from Asterix), Brian Blessed, David Bellamy, Lenin, Karl Marx and Fidel Castro, among others.

Music Round
The music round was all about days of the week, and included tracks by The Boomtown Rats, Happy Mondays, The Sundays, U2, The Cure, and Whigfield

Reality TV – Which terrestrial TV channels broadcast these shows last week?
Extreme Dreams With Ben Fogle?
The Teen Tamer
Ladette to Lady?

Numbers – fill in the missing words – e.g. “52 W in a Y” would be “52 weeks in a year”
26 L of the A?
57 HV?
64 S on a CB?
90 D in a RA?
12 S of the Z?

General Knowledge
In which county is the cathedral city of Ripon?
Solve the crossword clue – Turn ‘H’ around – 7 letters, beginning with S
What colour are motorways shown on British AA road Maps?
Which country is the world’s largest producer of coffee? (i.e. grower not roaster)
Which film contains the most uses of the F word out of Goodfellas, The Big Lebowski, and Scarface?
What was the previous name of the mobile network 02 in the UK?
Which road connects Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations?
What is the collective noun for a group of beavers?
How many plastic Hippos are there on the board of Hungry Hungry Hippos game?
What was the British singer Peter Sarstedt’s biggest hit?

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