Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quiz Questions From Sunday 5th November

Current Affairs
From which country did Madonna adopt a baby?
By what percentage has shoplifting risen since 2000 according to a report in October?
Who won the 2006 Booker Prize for literature?
How much did Google pay for YouTube, to the nearest $100m?
What common household task was David Cameron doing in his first video podcast on YouTube?
Who was the top earning dead celebrity last year, overtaking Elvis?
Which Economist will replace Edward Elgar on the £20 note next year, becoming the first Scot ever to appear on a bank note?
Which denomination bank note will George Best appear on in Northern Ireland?
Why were the New Zealand Rugby League team docked two points last week in the Tri Nation tournament?
What is the sixth letter in the name of Borat’s country Kazakhstan?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was 'missing faces' and included the blanked out photos of David Tennant, Graham Coxon, Woody Allen, Robert Webb, Frank Skinner, Paul Simon, and Lee Harvey Oswald

Music Round
The theme this month was parts of the body, and included trakcs by The Beatles, Junior Senior, Collapsed Lung, The Streets, and The Faces

Scientific/medical Discoveries
Which French microbiologist developed a technique for stopping milk from going sour?Which American statesman is credited with invented the lightning rod,
Name one field of science in which Marie Curie won a Nobel prize?
Complete the missing word – in Isaac Newton’s 3rd law he states that for each action there must be an equal and [something] reaction
Which 17th century scientist demonstrated his theories of motion by dropping balls of different sizes from the tower of Pisa?

Successful & Attempted Revolutions
Which King did Guy Fawkes attempt to depose kill with the gunpowder plot?
Which famous politician’s son was involved in an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea?
In which European country was the July Revolution of 1830?
In The Young Ones which two other housemates did Rick attempt to stage a military coup against in the episode Oil?
In which city did Adolf Hitler attempt a coup in 1923?

General Knowledge
In the film Groundhog Day, what song is playing on the radio when Bill Murray wakes up?
How many strings does a ukulele have?
What are the three main ingredients of pastry?
How many boxes are there with money in them in the gameshow Deal of No Deal?
What occupation would traditionally be done by someone called Hayward?
What is the French word for pavement?
Which monarch ruled first out of: William II, Charles II or George II?
Which tree do conkers come from?
What is the three letter postcode for Kilburn (tube station)?
What was American Jazz musician Chet Baker real first name?

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