Monday, January 08, 2007

Quiz Questions From Sunday 7th January 2007

Current Affairs

How old will you need to be to legally buy cigarettes in England and Wales this time next year?
How old is the youngest boy to sail the Atlantic single-handedly?
What was the best selling hardback book of 2006?
What was the name of President Gerald Ford’s arguably better-known wife?
In whose house did Tony Blair stay at in late December 2006?
What was historic about Mortiz Volz’s goal for Fulham against Chelsea on Saturday 30th December?
In which test stadium did Shane Warne take his 700th test wicket in December?
Which two Eastern European countries were admitted to the European Union on 1st January?
Which Eastern European country adopted the Euro as their currency on 1st January 2007?
Which pop group re-formed to make an advert for Daz?

Picture Round

I've found out how to do a really hard picture round - ask about old and dead people. This month all the faces in the picture round were of people who had died in 2006, including Ron Greenwood, Tony Banks, James Brown, Syd Barrett, and Alan 'Fluff' Freeman.

Music Round

In honour of Christmas and New Year all of the tracks featured a reference to alcohol in either the band name or the song title, including tracks by UB40, The Verve, Brandy, thin Lizzy, and The Wurzels.

Poles – in honour of 2007 being international polar year

Who was the first person to reach the geographical South Pole inDecember 1911?
Name the ship in which Ernest Shackleton tried to reach the South Polein 1914?
Which American State has a city called North Pole?
Which Pole is in the Arctic Ocean?
At which Pole do King Penguins live?

Coming up in 2007

What is the title of the new Harry Potter book, to be published in 2007?
Where is the 2007 Cricket World Cup to be played?
In films, who will play the character John McClaine for the 4th time in 2007?
Which nation do England play first in their first Rugby World Cup game?
What is the title of the new Cop film, from the makers of Shaun of the Dead?

General Knowledge

Which language is referred to by it’s native speakers as Suomi?
Which Ceefax page number would you go to see the current Premiership football table?
Who is Britain’s highest paid trades union official?
In which English county is Shepherd’s Neame brewery based?
Who is tallest out of Raymond Van Barnevelt, Robin Van Persie, and Denise Van Outen?
What was the first programme ever to be shown on Channel 4?
By what name was the Belgian cartoonist George Remi better known?
Which company exclusively makes Lycra?
Which British city is circled by the M60 motorway?
Name the nearest tube station to Charing Cross Hospital?

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