Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th February 2007

Current Affairs

In which city will the UK’s first super-casino open?
Name the football club in LA that David Beckham will be playing for next season
Which Oscar category is the film Borat nominated for?
What product are Johnny Vegas and Monkey advertising on TV at the moment?
What round did Andy Murray get to in the Australian Open?
Which political party’s complaint to the police triggered the current Cash for Honours enquiry?
Spell the first name of Jade Goody’s mum … Budden
Spell the first name of Chelsea striker … Shevchenko
To the nearest million how many viewers did Jade Goody’s eviction interview receive?
Name the cargo ship that ran aground off the Devon coast

The Tube

Name the Zone 2 tube station whose name features none of the letters of the word mackerel?
How many tube lines intersect at Green Park station?
In what year, to the nearest ten years, was Clapham North Tube station opened?
Which South London station features a memorial to the 65 people killed by a bomb in World War II?
On which tube line is Ruislip Gardens?

Picture Round

In contrast to last month the picture round was very easy and featured reality TV stars. Most teams had no difficulty identifying Jade fromBig Brother, Andy from X Factor, Danny from Popstars, Jeremy from Airport, Lizzie from Wife Swap, or Bianca from love Island, among others.

Music Round

The theme of the music round was songs featuring different parts of London, and included tracks by The Kinks, The Fall, The Jam, Leonard Cohen, Squeeze, The Clash, and The Pogues.

Reservoir Dogs – e.g. Which Reservoir dog is the Chancellor of the Exchequer – Gordon Brown (first and surname needed)

Which Reservoir Dog:
Is a member of Take That?
Wrote the novel The Quiet American?
Was the lead singer of the Pixies?
Was twice manager of Leeds United?
Won 93 caps for France in Rugby Union?

General knowledge

What is the more common name for the drug Diamorphine?
Who is the oldest member of U2?
What do they do in the brewing process that makes Guinness black?
In science, what is measured in Joules?
What does the acronym SIM stand for in SIM card?
Which British politician made the infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in April 1968?
Which country is the world’s largest producer of Gold?
Who played the character Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf?
How fast, in metres per second, does a body travel in freefall, near to the surface of the earth?
What colour is a packet of Walkers Cheese & onion crisps?

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