Friday, March 09, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th March 2007

Current Affairs
Which popular London sandwich chain went into administration in February?
How old was David Cameron when he got in trouble at school for taking smoking cannabis?
What is the new name for the Holmes Place chain of gyms?
Which animal represents the new Chinese year in horoscopes?
Which film won the Oscar for best animated feature?
Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s male co-star in the play Equus?
Who has announced that they are standing against Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership?
In what year is the BBC drama Life on Mars set?
What was the score in the Rugby six nations game between Scotland and Italy on Saturday 24th February?
(In honour of Shrove Tuesday) What are the three essential ingredients of batter?

Picture Round
This month the pictures were physical outlines of countries from maps, including Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Cuba, New Zealand and Sweden

Music Round
This month’s theme was bands from Manchester, including Oasis, The Stone Roses, Simply Red, 10cc, Badly Drawn Boy and A Guy Called Gerald

Advertising Slogans
Which companies use the following slogans
The drive of your life?
Think Different?
Pleasure you can’t measure?
Impossible is Nothing?
For successful living?

Pigs – in honour of the Chinese Year of the Pig
How many toes does a pig have on each trotter?
Which two major world religions ban their followers from eating pork?
Which part of the pig does Ham come from?
Which English novel of the 1950s features a boy called Piggy who suffers from Asthma?
Which popular British broadcaster called his wife (affectionately) The Pig?

General knowledge
Who has got the most international caps for football out of Gary Lineker, Ray Wilkins, or David Beckham?
Which brewer is based in Southwold, Suffolk?.
What is the name of the river that flows through Cardiff?
What was the previous name for Tokyo?
What is the most popular team sport in Japan?
Who writes the Tracy Beaker series of books?
What is the German equivalent of the Footsie Index of share prices?
Who was the US president at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbour?
If the first wedding anniversary is paper, what is the traditional fifth wedding anniversary present?
What is Morse code for the letter T?

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