Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th May 2007

Current Affairs
What did Keith Richards claim – and later deny - that he did with his dad’s ashes?
How did Jacqui Oatley make history in April 2007?
How many years ago did the Beatles album Sergeant Pepper come out?
Who completed this year’s London marathon fastest out of Gordon Ramsay, model Nell McAndrew, and TV presenter Floella Benjamin?
Who is the author of the book The Children of Hurin, which was published posthumously in April?
Which celebrity dog has been used to replace the dog in the classic His Master’s Voice picture?
Which fashion company has linked up with the electronics company LG to produce a new phone?
Which insect has been revealed to be dying off as a result of mobile phone signals?
What is the Queen’s favourite football club?
In the new Spider-Man movie, what colour spider suit does that character Venom wear?

Picture Round
The picture round featured faces from the news in April, and included Lewis Hamilton, John Higgins, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Tina O'Brien and Gerald Butler

Music Round
The music round featured artists from Liverpool, and included songs by The Beatles, The Coral, the Zutons, The Lightning Seeds, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Cilla Black.

Citizenship Test
In which part of the country are Geordie dialects most commonly spoken?
In what year were women given to right to vote, to the nearest 5 years?
In what year will the next national census be carried out?
What item is traditionally carried into neighbour’s houses in Scotland on New Year’s Day as part of first footing?
In which year was the voting age in Great Britain lowered to 18, to the nearest five years?

Formerly Known As
What was the previous name of the Snickers chocolate bar?
What was the previous name of the O2 mobile phone network
What is the current name for Oil of Ulay?
What was the previous name of the sweets Starburst?
What was the previous name for GMTV, the ITV breakfast show?

General knowledge
What is the nearest hospital to Waterloo station?
How many 4 year terms of office did George Bush senior serve as President?
At which sport does Lee Briers compete?
Who is tallest out of Hugh Laurie, Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner, and Hugh Jackman?
In the comedy duo Derek and Clive, who played Derek?
In the US, which year old college is known as the sophomore year?
In the movie Zoolander, what is Zoolander’s first name?
Which A Road is known as Snake Pass?
How many legs does a wasp have?
If you were walking from Tottenham Court Road tube to Oxford Circus tube, in which direction (N, S, E, W) would you be going?

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