Sunday, July 08, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st July 2007

Current Affairs

How much did the new London 2012 Olympic logo reportedly cost?
Who is the new Deputy leader of the Labour Party?
Which Barcelona player did a Maradona in June, scoring a vital goal with his hand?
Give the first name of either the Joseph winner or the Grease is the Word male winner?
Which two famous car companies are Ford reportedly selling?
What did George Bush supposedly have stolen on an official trip to Albania?
Which actor led the Sheffield United protest to the Houses of Parliament?
What is the start date for the new Premiership football season?
What weight did Ricky Hatton fight at in his recent victory in Las Vegas?
Which round did England get to in the U21 European championships?

Picture Round

The picture round featured Olympic symbols from various cities including Munich, Barcelona, Helsinki, Beijing, and Los Angeles

Music Round

The music round this month was relatively lazy - it was bands with 3 members - featuring Motorhead, Hansen, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Dodgy, and the Bee Gees, among others.


What is the legal minimum age to buy cigarettes in the UK?
Cigarettes were popularised in Britain after which war, when British soldiers saw Turkish soldiers smoking?
Which British award connected to smoking has been won by celebrites including Stephen Fry, Harold Wilson and Tony Benn
According to WHO estimates from 2000, do a higher percentage of men or women in the US smoke?
Which is the most popular brand of cigarettes in the US?

What was banned in the US under the Volstead Act of 1919?
In what year did it become illegal to have a pen knife in your hand luggage on planes from the UK?
The sale of which of these items is NOT banned by eBay – Lottery Tickets, Alcohol Miniatures, Items from the Titanic, or Used Underwear
Which 2006 film was the first non-pornographic film to be banned in Russia?
Which was the first European country to ban smoking in public places?

General knowledge
Name the aeroplane that dropped the Atomic bombs on Hiroshima?
How many hulls does a catamaran have?
What is a Horologist an expert in?
Approximately how many furlongs are there in a kilometre to nearest 2 furlongs?
Which British Prime Minister was known as Sunny Jim?
Which British Engineer built the ships The Great Western and The Great Eastern?
In the context of DIY what are mastics?
Which alcoholic spirit starts as Molasses?
Which Album was released first out of The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem, Sing When You’re Winning by Robbie Williams, and The Man Who by Travis?
Which London Cathedral is closest to London Bridge station?

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