Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th August 2007

Current affairs/it happened last month

Which British politician got into trouble for smoking on a train?
Which country won the Copa America football tournament?
Which country won the Asian Cup football tournament?
According to a survey released this week, what % of UK drivers would fail their driving test if they had to re-take it (to the nearest 10%)?
What is the precise amount that a ticket to Prince’s UK concerts cost?
How did John Smeaton become famous?
Who is Harry Potter married to at the end of The Deathly Hallows?
Whose new book is called ‘If you liked School, you’ll love work’?
Who didn’t visit Tony Blair at Chequers, out of: Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Atkinson, and Vernon Kaye?
What is a bowser?

Picture Round

The theme for the picture round was TV ads, and featured such classics as Smash, Dime Bar, Carling Black Label, Dove, and Renault Clio

Music Round

This month we dragged pub quiz music rounds into the 21st century, with a set of ten mashups supplied by my friend Simon. Theams had to identify the two artists in each song (rather than artist and song title) and were treated to some interesting mixes including Oasis/Green Day, Led Zep/Snoop Dogg/ Talk Talk/Duran Duran, Lynnard Skynnard/Nelly, and Reel 2 Reel/Ray Parker Jr

Specialist – The Simpsons

In which town or city in the US did The Simpsons movie get it’s premiere?
Which Simpsons family member is played by Nancy Cartwright?
What was the profession of Krusty The Clown’s father?
Who provides the voice of Sideshow Bob?
What is shown in the picture hanging over the Simpsons’ Sofa?

Specialist – National Dishes

Which country are the biscuits TimTams made in?
Which region of France does Camenbert traditionally come from?
Is Rogan Josh traditionally from which Indian region – Punjab, Goa or Kashmir?
Which European country is most associated with Fondue?
Which American state is the home of Buffalo Wings?

General knowledge

In which state is the city of Denver?
Which G8 country is led by a person with a black belt in Judo (we need the name of the country)?
Which road connects Tottenham Court Road to Leicester Square?
What does the acronym Quantas stand for?
Which medical procedure did Dr Christian Barnard perform for the first time?
Who is a made up character out of: Captain Birdseye, maker of frozen food, Mr Kellogg, maker of breakfast cereal, and Mr Kipling, maker of baked goods?
In science, what is absolute zero, in centigrade, to the nearest 10 degrees?
Which role has been played in films or on TV by Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell & jonathan Rhy Meyers?
What does the word Meretricious mean?
What sort of sporting arena exists at Walthamstow, and Wimbledon, but no longer at White City?

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