Monday, October 08, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th October 2007

Recent Events

Which band won this year’s Mercury Music prize?
What do the letters RMT stand for?
Which reggae song did the Conservatives choose as their rallying cry at this year’s party conference?
Which one day cricket record did Yuvrat Singh set in mid September?
What will be the new name for Virgin Megastores?
What name did the Blue Peter producers think was unsuitable for a cat?
What product does Paddington Bear advertise in a new ad?
What is the legal age for smoking cigarettes in the UK?
What is the nickname for the Argentinean Rugby team?
What was the name of the first man made object to orbit the earth, launched 50 years ago this week?

Picture Round

A tricky picture round this month, featuring people (vaguely) in the news, like Zac Efron, Hazel Blears, George Chuter, George Osborne (who hardly anyone got), Marcel Marceau and Lois Maxwell.

Music Round

The music round was marred by a) me cocking up the stereo, and b) many of the tracks being too obscure. Theme was biblical references in song or band names, with some obvious ones like Angels, and Devil in Disguise, and also some shockers like Jesus & Mary Chain (Never Understand) and Judas Priest (Breakin' The Law), although it was also shocking how few people knew Israelites by Desmond Decker

Beers of the world

In which town in Germany is Becks beer brewed?
Which country produces Singha beer?
Which state in Australia produces Swan and Emu beer?
Which African country has it’s own Guinness brewery?
In which English county is the Black Sheep Brewery?

Who am I?

Born in Hampstead in February 1927, she is a 2 times Oscar winning actress
Born in Homerton in February 1957, he is a film and TV actor and former amateur boxer
Born in July 1866, she is an English author, illustrator, botanist and conservationist, best known for her children’s books
Born in May 1820, she was popularly known as The Lady of the Lamp
Born in May 1769, he was an Anglo-Irish soldier and statesman who came to prominence in the Napoleonic Wars, eventually reaching the rank of Field Marshall

General Knowledge

What does the word rhinoceros mean literally in Greek?
Which Back To The Future movie is mostly set in the Wild West?
Which animal is shown on the tin for Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup?
What does ‘syrup’ mean in Cockney rhyming slang?
Who popularised the slogan The Medium is The Message?
What colour is an Alba Rose?
Which country has the highest population densities out of Sweden, Germany and Spain?
According to mythology, what happens to a person if they meet their doppelganger/double?
What was the previous name for Sri Lanka?
How many letters are there in the Portuguese word Arguido?

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