Monday, November 05, 2007

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th November 2007

Current affairs

What song did the England team use to psych themselves up for the final?
& Which team won the play off for 3rd place in the Rugby World Cup?
How many blades dies the new Gillette Fusion Power have?
What is the title of the new Radiohead album, released for download only in October?
Name either of the front runners in the Lib Dem leadership race?
According to a Channel 4 survey, which is the best city in the UK to live in?
Which instrument is taking over from recorders in school music lessons?
Which British poet has been celebrated with a statue at the new St Pancras station?
Why did Led Zepellin have to postpone their reunion concert?
What is John Arne Riise’s basic monthly salary (pre tax), according to details leaked on the internet (to the nearest £10,000)?

Picture Round

The theme of the picture round was map symbols, featuring the OS symbols for pub, beacon, golf course, picnic area, and youth hostel among others. No one got the symbol for landfill site!

Music Round

The music round was generally reckoned to be pretty hard. The theme was body parts (either in the band name or the song name), so we had Talking Heads, Bette Davis Eyes, Fat Bottomed Girls, Flaming Lips, Legs, and Stiff Little Fingers. Someone suggested Willy Nelson - wish I'd thought of that!

Movie Sequels

What is the first part of the Rambo trilogy called?
What is the name of the sequel to the 1970s film Chinatown?
How many sequels has Keanu Reeves had a starring role in?
Which film series has had most sequels out of Police Academy and Friday 13th?
What was the title to the sequel to Bridget Jones Diary?


In what decade did/was…

Queen Victoria die?
Hilary Clinton born?
Sydney Opera House open?
Smoking get banned on the Underground, including platforms?
Cliff Richard last have a UK number 1?

General Knowledge

Which band did Johnny Fingers play keyboards for?
On an OS map, what do the initials FB signify?
Who’s tallest out of Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Guscott and Jeremy Paxman?
Who wrote the 1812 Overture?
In which month does the Kentucky Derby horse racing event take place?
The meat of which animal is usually used to make doner kebabs?
Which two teams play in the sporting event known as El Clasico?
How many cards (maximum) are dealt to each player in a game of Blackjack?
Who is the current monarch of The Netherlands?
If Je suis is French for I am, what is French for You Are?

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