Monday, March 03, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd March 2008

Current Affairs

In which province of Afghanistan was Prince Harry stationed?
What type of law did Dr Rowan Williams say was inevitable in the UK?
How many goals were scored in total in the African Cup of Nations (to the nearest ten)?
How many goals have Man Utd scored against Newcastle in the Premiership this season?
Which American presidential hopeful won a Grammy in February?
Which Balkan country declared independence in February?
What relation to Fidel Castro is Raul Castro, the new leader of Cuba?
Fill in the blank – Blu-ray is the VHS what [blank] is to Betamax?
In which country in Britain is the new statue to Tommy Cooper?
Why was the former exotic dancer Brooke Busey-Hunt have cause to celebrate last Sunday?

Picture Round

See it here

Music Round

Boys and Girls - songs named after a boy or a girl, featuring Mandy, Kayleigh, Mickey, Geno, Stan and Ben, among others


Consider the number set: 1,3,3,3,4,4,6,7,8,9

What is the count of the numbers?
What is the sum of the numbers?
What is the mean of the numbers?
What is the mode of the numbers?
What is the median of the numbers?

Real Names

By what names are these people better known?

The rapper Marshall Mathers
The DJ Julius O’Riordan
The comedian Matthew Hall
The model Laura Hollins
The actor and playwright Ian Roberts

General Knowledge

Which architect designed St Paul’s Cathedral?
Which is officially the fattest state in the US out of California, Florida and Mississippi?
Which city was the original location of the Elgin Marbles?
In what part of a horse is the fetlock?
Which dance style is named after Arabic words meaning ‘fugitive peasant’?
Who was the song Hey Jude written about?
What colour are Viagra pills?
What does the word Primogeniture mean?
In which decade did the revolutionary Che Guevara die?
In the video game Grand Theft Auto – Vice City, which city was Vice City based on?

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