Monday, June 02, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st June 2008

Current Affairs
What is it now illegal to do on the tube, as of this morning?
The music of which band is celebrated in a new musical called ‘Never Forget’?
What is FA cup final scorer Kanu’s first name?
At which English football ground was the UEFA Cup final held? (Stadium name, not team name)
What is the most frequently handed in item of lost property, according to TFL, at 35,000 items a year?
What % of the vote did the Conservatives get in the Crewe and Nantwich byelection? (to the nearest 5%)
Where did Cherie Blair conceive Leo, according to her recent book?
What was the profession of the woman painted by Lucian Freud in a painting sold for $33m in May?
What is Gordon Brown’s favourite pop group (he listens to them every day)?
Why is South African Oscar Pistorius likely to be disqualified to run at this summer’s Olympics?

Picture Round
People in hats:

Music Round
The theme of the music round was bands with siblings in them, including Oasis, Bros, Spandau Ballet, The Kinks, The Osmonds, and The Nolans. (Just as siblings aren't allowed to have babies, most of this lot proved why they shouldn't be allowed to have pop groups either)

Food & Drink named after places
Which cheese is also a village and a gorge in Somerset?
Which wine is also a town located 20km South West of Rome?
Which cake is also the 4th largest city in Scotland?
Which sugar, used in home baking, is also a colony in Gyuana?
Which Mexican state, next to Guatemala is also a brand of hot sauce?

What was the year
In which year was…
James Nesbit born, comedy western Cat Ballou won the best picture Oscar, and Stan Laurel died?
Jonny Wilkinson was born, Alien won the best picture Oscar, and Sid Vicious died?
Dutch footballer Arjen Robben was born, Amadeus won the best picture Oscar, and poet John Betjeman died?
The UK handed sovereignty of Hong Kong to the Chinese, As good as it gets won the best picture Oscar, and the Notorious BIG died?
Britney Spears was no. 1 with Toxic, The Aviator won best picture Oscar, and actor Peter Usinov died?

General knowledge / Random Trivia
What does the word Nivea mean in Latin?
What does the Restaurant name La Rueda mean in Spanish?
Who wrote the children’s book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
The meat of which animal is generally used to make Pastrami?
Which popular craft activity begins with ‘casting on’ and ends with ‘casting off’?
What is the highest denomination Euro banknote?
Which tube station is nearest to the ship The Golden Hind?
Which animal is fastest out of a coyote, an elk and a wildebeast?
What type of hat does Indiana Jones wear?
In the film Office Space, what piece of office machinery is destroyed by the main characters with baseball bats?

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