Friday, July 11, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 6th July 2008

Current Affairs
Who won the TV show The Apprentice (first name and surname)?
Who was the first scorer at Euro 2008?
& who scored the most goals?
A disused tunnel near which mainline rail station in London is the location for a new graffiti exhibition?
Which was the first political party to declare a candidate to oppose David Davis?
Why has Zara Phillips dropped out of the Beijing Olympics?
Why was the psychiatrist Raj Pasaud suspended from practicing for 3 months by the general medical council?
Which popular item of stationery celerated its 60th birthday last month – the Big Biro, the Bulldog Clip, or the Rotadex?
Which star of the TV show The Incredible Hulk makes a cameo appearance in the new Incredible Hulk film?

Picture Round

Music Round
The music round was on the theme of American towns or cities, and featured 10 songs by people like Whitney Houston, Dinah Washington, Simon & Garfunkel, Will Smith, and Bob Marley (Buffalo is a town in New York State)

People named after other people
The rapper Calvin Broadus gets his stage name from which cartoon character?
Which American public figure is Christiano Ronaldo named after?
Who was Dennis Bergkamp named after?
Which singer wrote the song that Chelsea Clinton is named after?
Which pope took his name from his immediate predecessor?

Health & Medicine (In honour of the anniversary of the NHS)
How many portions of fruit and / or vegetables does the Department of Health recommend eating per day (minimum)?
What painkilling drug does Alka Seltzer contain?
Who was the Minister of Health responsible for the formation of the National Health Service?
What is the name of the controversial new model of clinics, strongly opposed by the BMA?
If you had suffered a sprain, would you have damaged muscles or ligaments?

General knowledge / random trivia
The chemicals CFCs are notorious for causing damage to what?
What product is Burton-on-Trent most famous for?
Which Grand Slam tennis tournament did Greg Rusedski reach the final of in 1997?
In the 20th Century, four clubs won the old 2nd Division and then went on to take the League title the following season. Name 2 of them.
The two halves of which country were united in 1976 after over 20 years of near-continuous warfare?
In how many Rugby World Cups did Mike Catt play?
Which composer wrote the 1812 overture?
The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of which major war?
The founder of which supermarket coined the motto ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’?
What is the name of the bottled water marketed by Del in an episode of Only Fools & Horses?

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