Monday, September 08, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th September 2008

Current Affairs
How many medals did Great Britain win at the Beijing Olympics?
If GB came 4th in the total table, where did Australia come?
Who won Big Brother? (1st & last name)
What was the average rainfall total for the UK in August 2008, to the nearest 20mm? (the average from 1961 – 1990 was 92mm)
Jacqueline Wilson’s childrens’ book ‘My Sister Jodie’ withdrawn for sale in August because it featured which anatomical swear word - arsehole, prick, or twat?
Give the surnames of the two US VP candidates
Which white American actor blacks up to appear in the new film Tropic Thunder?
What is the nationality of the Man Utd footballer Dimitar Berbatov?
What is the proposed new name for Virgin Radio?
Name the latest hurricane to threaten New Orleans

Picture Round
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Music Round
The theme of the music round was 'modes of transport' and featured tracks from The Cars, Divine Comedy (National Express), the Manics (Motorcycle Emptiness), Van Halen (Van - geddit?) and Sister Sledge (Sledge - geddit?)

Popular mis-quotations
According to popular myth, who says "Don't throw those bloody spears at me" in which film?
Which UK prime minister is commonly misquoted as having said "Crisis, what crisis?"
The film Casablanca contains the phrase "Play it again, Sam." True or false?
To which character is the term "Elementary, my dear Watson" usually (but wrongly) attributed?
Who is misquoted as saying "dreams are the royal road to the unconscious”?

Seats of learning
What school does Harry Potter go to?
In which country in the UK is Gordonstoun school (where Prince Charles went)?
In Australian academia, what do the initials QUT stand for?
In which British city is Herriot Watt University?
Is Harvard University on the East Coast or the West Coast of the US?

General knowledge
Which country does the liqueur Benedictine come from?
In which American sport might a player score a triple double?
In which American sport do the Washington Redskins play?
Which kind of fruit is an Egremont Russet?
If fridges and freezers are termed ‘white goods’, what are TVs, DVD players etc termed?
Which famous musician was known as The Lizard King?
What was the last UK no. 1 single that Michael Jackson had (BBC chart)?
Who’s tallest out of Richard Branson, Richard Madeley and Cliff Richard?
Which is the most Easterly station on the Central Line?
Which film features a criminal gang called the Dead Presidents?


Dick Madeley said...

Branson, then me, then Cliff who's two inches shorter and nowhere near as handsome.

Dan said...

Hi Dick,
No, it's actually you. At 6'2" you're a couple of inches taller than the others. & don't let them tell you otherwise!