Monday, October 06, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 5th October 2007

Current Affairs
Which is the most recent financial institution to be nationalised?
What does HBOS stand for?
To the nearest 10m what is Arsenal’s wage bill this season?
In Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, which role did Paul Newman play?
Who, at their conference, did the conservatives vote to be the greatest ever Tory?
Which of these people did not speak at the conservative party conference – football boss Karren Brady, or Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den, or author Terry Pratchett
Which city hosts Octoberfest?
Paul Scholes, Jonny Wilkinson and Didier Drogba all injured which body part this week?
What was the most likely cause of the fire on the Cutty Sark?
What will the Scottish government introduce for all children starting primary school from 2010?

Picture Round
US Cities Picture Quiz
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Music Round
This month's music round was on the theme of 'Animals', featuring tracks by Atomic Kitten, Arctic Monkeys, Boomtown Rats, B52s etc. You get the picture.

What colour cap does a plastic bottle of semi skimmed milk have in Sainsbury’s?
What flavour is a pack of Blue Extra chewing gum? (precise – not just mint)
What colour is a packet of Walkers cheese and onion?
What colour was The Incredible Hulk originally in the comic books?
The The Muppets, what colour hair does Beeker have?

Long John Silver features in which novel by Robert Louis Stevenson?
Name the most recent in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series of films?
What is the nickname given to the skull and crossbones type flag reputedly flown by pirates?
Pirate radio DJ Delbert Wilkins was a creation of which comedian?
Which country's waters have seen more pirate attacks than any other in recent years?

General knowledge
What brand of footwear does the company R Griggs make?
Which US city has the area code 212?
What kind of art is Lascaux in France famous for?
Who was the regular England test captain prior to Michael Vaughan?
What was the Dutch currency before the Euro?
Who’s the taller out of film directors Mike Leigh and Spike Leigh?
Which game is played with Mallets and Hoops?
Which actor’s autobiography is called My Name is My Bond?
Which company makes the ‘Kelly’ handbag?
In the film The Godfather, who is the character Johnny Fonteine supposedly based on?

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