Monday, November 03, 2008

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd November

Current Affairs

How long will Jonathan Ross be suspended from his BBC programmes?
What is the name of the new shopping centre in White City?
Writer Aravind Adiga recently gained much press coverage for winning what?
Which brand of phone (e.g. Sanyo) does James Bond use in the new film?
Which local council has decided to get rid of their speed cameras?
What is Ricky Gervais’ character’s job in his new film Ghost Town?
Why is Pete Burns suing his plastic surgeon (which body part)?
How much money was George Osborne accused of seeking in donations from Russian Oligarch Olig Deripaska?
Which team won the opening match of Rugby League's World Cup?
Tzipi Livni is a candidate to become Prime Minister of where?

Picture Round
Movie Monsters Picture Quiz
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Music Round

This month the theme was bands with The in their name (pretty easy to set, clearly), and featured The Rolling Stones, The Verve, The Gap Band, and The Housemartins among others.

Musical Instruments

Which musical instrument is…

Liberace most commonly associated with?
Django Reinhart most commonly associated with?
Phil Collins, most commonly associated with, when he was with Genesis?
The comic actor Arthur Marx, one of the Marx Brothers most commonly associated with?
The actor George Formby most commonly associated with?

The Elements

What is the lightest of the elements?
What radioactive element was used to murder former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko?
What element is used to make the filaments in traditional style light-bulbs?
Name the only two elements which are liquids at room temperature.
Animals with blue blood rely on which metal (rather than iron) as an oxygen carrier?

General knowledge

What is the more common name of the medical condition sleep apnoea?
In which country is Schipol Airport?
What hobby would you be pursuing if you were using Fat Quarters?
Which famous Spanish artist designed the logo for Chupa Chips?
Who were the two original team captains on the TV quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks?
What was the original name for Bertolli spread?
In which US state was Elvis Presley born?
Which is the most senior of the air force ranks Wing Commander, Squadron Leader and Group Captain?
What is the circumference of one of Chris Hoy's thighs, to the nearest 2 inches?
Which famous actress was the heroine of the original Halloween movie in 1978?

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