Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th January 2009

Current Affairs
Which TV show got the highest UK audience on Christmas Day?
How many football teams from the top 4 English divisions played on Boxing Day (to the nearest 5)?
How many seconds were there in the last minute of 2008?
Which relative of Chris Hoy also received an award in the New Year Honours (e.g. brother, sister)?
Which recently deceased Nobel prizewinner said: "I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God created on earth, certainly greater than sex, although sex isn't too bad either."
What has Norwich Union recently been rebranded as?
Who is the Israeli defence minister?
Which out of The Mini, miniskirt, London Eye and tube map will not appear on a stamp in 2009?
Steven Gerrard was arrested after a fight in which town?
Who has been revealed as the new Doctor Who?

Picture Round
Guess the month from the newspaper front page. Not as hard as it looks, and the key is to look at the smaller stories, not just the main headline. Probably best to print it out to see it properly.

Music Round
The music round this month followed the theme of the month, and was a review of the best and best selling singles of 2008, including Katy Perry, MIA, Mystery Jets, MGMT and Coldplay

Who was appointed president of Cuba in February?
In which month of 2008 did the price of oil reach $100 per barrel for the first time?
Where did Great Britain finish in the Olympic medals table?
Who said of sadomasochism "why worry, if you're not hurting anyone?
Who won the ‘beard of the year’ award (two possible answers accepted)

Coming attractions
Which female British singer has a new album out called ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ in February
In which month will the Grand National be run?
Which character from his TV shows does Sacha Baron Cohen play in a film released in May?
Which website is Channel 4 using for Big Brother auditions this year – Bebo, Facebook, or YouTube?
Which famous British scientist will be celebrated in the 200 year anniversary of his birth (& the 150 year anniversary of this most famous book) in 2009?

General Knowledge
People in which job generally have a CORGI certificate?
What does the German work Vier mean?
Who writes the Tracy Beaker books?
An atoll is an island primarily made out of what?
The Beaufort cale is used to measure the strength of what?
A Daguerrotype was an early type of what?
In which country would you find the Cresta Run?
Which has larger ears: the African Elephant or the Indian Elephant?
Which French monarch was known as the Sun King?
What type of animal is the character Feathers McGraw in the Wallace and Gromit film The Wrong Trousers?

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