Monday, February 02, 2009

Quiz Questions from Sunday 1st February 2009

Current affairs
What is the occupation of Chesley Sullenberger 3rd, recently in the news?
What is the new on-the-spot penalty fine for not having a valid ticket on the London Underground? (to the nearest £10)
& what is the new on-the-spot penalty fine for possession of cannabis? (to the nearest £10)
Did shares on the US Dow Jones Index rise or fall on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration?
Who is the new celebrity in Dictionary Corner in Countdown?
In the Chinese calendar, what animal represents this year?
How did Joe Kinnear accidentally refer to the footballer Charles N’Zogba last week?
Who is the new shadow Business Secretary?
Who has been nominated for an Oscar for their role in Rachel Getting Married?
Which TV presenter has recently revealed he receives hate mail from creationists?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was colours - so songs from Green Day, Simply Red, Coldplay, White Stripes etc. One of the easiest for a while, but only one team got full marks on it.

Which architect designed St Paul's cathedral?
Which Australian city is known as the City of Churches?
Paddy's Wigwam' is a popular nickname for what?
Name the current archbishop of Canterbury.
Which artist is most famous for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Monkey Tennis
In recent TV programmes…
Which celebrity drove a taxi around America?
Which celebrity opened up a pub with his best mate?
Learnt to sail tall ships with his son?
Drove through Italy in a Mini, in honour of The Italian Job
Travelled overland from Britain to Australia

General Knowledge / Random Trivia
Whose face is on the American $100 bill
Write down the equation to add up all the cells from D7 to D53 in Microsoft Excel
In which modern country is Transylvania?
Who wrote a letter in January 2001 addressed ‘From number 42 to number 43’?
How mush duty (note – duty, not VAT) do you pay on a standard size bottle of wine (to the nearest 20p
What was Che Guevara's real first name?
The Montgolfier brothers were famous for flying what type of aircraft?
What is the distance covered in a full circuit of the Circle Line, to the nearest mile?
Which novel famously opens with the line: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" (title and writer)?
& finally, in Alexander Dumas’ book the Three Musketeers, who was the third musketeer after Athos and Portos?

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