Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd May 2009

Current Affairs
What is the name of the Obama’s new dog?
Who were Damian McBride’s notorious emails addressed to (main recipient)
How many goals were scored in total in the 2 legs of the Liverpool / Chelsea champion’s league quarter finals?
In how many languages (to the nearest 10) did the Pope give his Easter blessing?
What song did Susan Boyle sing on Britain’s Got Talent?
What are Sainsbury’s going to call the fish Pollock – supposedly less embarrassing for customers
Who was the king of England 500 years ago this year?
How many levels of threat are there on the WHO's flu pandemic scale?
Whose second solo album, called 'Further Complications' is released next month?
Who has recently retired as Poet Laureate?

Picture round

Music Round
The theme was covers. Teams had to name the Original Artists and songs in each case, not the artist doing the cover. Tracks included Hey Ya, Like a Virgin, and I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Museums & Galleries around the world
In which city would you find The Anne Frank museum?
In which city would you find The Prado museum?
In which country in the UK would you find the coal mining museum Big Pit?
Which of these cities does not have a Guggenheim museum – Berlin, Stockholm, or Venice?
& in which city would you find the Smithsonian Air and Space museum?

Alter Egos
What name is Natasha Khan better known by when performing?
Who is Paul O'Grady's most famous alter ego?
Who wrote 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde '?
Who adopted the persona 'Ziggy Stardust'?
Cornishman David Pollard's divorce was brought about by the affair of his alter ego on where?

General Knowledge
In the video game Nintendo DS, what do the initials DS stand for?
The term 'le binge drinking' has been adopted in French slang: true or false?
What is the name given to a baby kangaroo (or other marsupial)?
What flower is the symbol of Yorkshire?
Which UK city saw a giant mechanical spider in action in 2008?
What was the painter Van Dyck’s first name (not Dick)
What is the French word for Firemen?
What is the maximum number of different clubs is a golfer allowed to have with him during a game?
Which country does the anime cartoon style come from?
What was the previous name for the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland?

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