Thursday, November 05, 2009

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd November 2009

Current Affairs
Which drug has Andre Agassi admitted to taking during his tennis career?
What gift did the England World Cup bid organisers give to the wives of the World Cup committee?
Name two other people also on the Nick Griffin QT panel? (Not Dimbleby)
What colour uniforms will the TNT postal delivery workers wear?
Which west end musical is Jane Horrocks currently starring in?
How many iPhones have been sold globally since 2007? (to the nearest 20%)
Which newspaper printed an article claiming that 'there was nothing natural about the death of Stephen Gately'?
Which living artist currently has an exhibition of his work at The Wallace Collection?
Who provides the voice of Mr Fox in the new stop-motion film?
Following the recent expose of fake celebrity stories in the tabloids, which of the following is true: Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud being a physics and astronomy enthusiast; Gordon Ramsey starring in an animated comedy as himself, or director Guy Ritchie receiving a black eye from juggling cutlery?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme this month was 'salutations & titles' so songs & artists featuring the words Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir, Prince, & so on.

Kits & Uniforms
Which famous British regiment wear a maroon beret?
Which English club's kit was the Juventus strip modelled on?
Which English club's kit was the Atletico Bilbao strip modelled on?
Members of which famous club sport 'egg and bacon' ties?
How many chevrons would a police sergeant wear on the sleeve of their jacket?

People called Jones
Which person called Jones was born in 1969, and won a Golden Globe for acting in the film of Chicago?
Which person called Jones, who died earlier this year, was best known as the General Secretary of the TGWU?
Which person called Jones was born in 1953 is a TV presenter and a keen sailor?
Which person called Jones was born in 1970, works as a singer and has duetted with both Cerys Matthews and Terry Wogan?
Which person called Jones was born in 1974, also works as a singer, and is on record as hating pop reality like X-Factor and Pop Idol?

General knowledge
Who wrote the book 'Our Man in Havana'?
Which company makes & markets Scrabble in the UK?
Which county is the town of Bakewell in?
The Viking Line was a possible name for which tube line?
Which language does the word Phobia come from?
Britain's most senior judge is named Lord Judge: true or false?
Who said "I'm Britain's favourite German, albeit at the head of a very short list"?
Which famous economist said "In the long run, we are all dead"?
With which city are Massive Attack predominantly associated with?
What does the French word 'papillon' translate to in English?

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