Monday, February 08, 2010

Quiz questions from Sunday 7th February

Current Affairs
What is the name of the new electronics device unveiled by Apple in late January?
How many Gland Slam finals has Andy Murray reached?
Complete the title of the new Disney cartoon – The Princess and the ????
Which part of the cars Toyota is recalling needs replacing (2 possible answers)?
Why is Billy Bragg withholding his taxes?
New England rugby selection Shontayne Hape was born in which country?
Who is giving away a lock of her hair with her new CD?
Which commentator, known as the 'voice of rugby' died last month aged 86?
Name the company which has just taken over Cadbury's?
What is the value of annual sales of Dairy Milk in the UK: £43m, £369m or £874m?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was covers - teams had to identify name the song and the original artists from a secection of cover versions. Some came from Live Lounge CDs, others, including Hot in Herre and Jump came from this excellent selection.

The Six Nations
Who are the current Six Nations title holders?
In which year did Italy first play in the Six Nations tournament?
Which country officially joined the tournament in 1910, expanding it to the Five Nations?
The England v Wales match on 6th February commemorates how many years of rugby at Twickenham?
Which country holds the record for the most grand slams, with 12?

Which soft drinks company owns Walkers Crisps?
Which Lager company owns Wolf Blass wines?
Which company, normally associated with confectionary company also makes Whiskas?
Which fast food chain owns a large stake in Pret a Manger? (As someone pointed out, this is now out of date)
Which large banking group also owns Nat West?

General knowledge
Which country has the Car plates CH (e.g. like the UK has GB)?
Which animal does cashmere come from?
In what decade was DNA fingerprinting first used in crime detection?
What was the politician Mo Mowlem’s full first name?
Which film from the 1980s featured 3 doctors as the main characters – Dr Venkman, Dr Stantz & Dr Spengler
Arthur Milton is known as England's last 'Dual international'; which two sports did he play for the country?
How many different people have served as British Prime minister since the end of the Second World War?
What was New York's JFK airport previously known as?
Which Anglo-American writer was known as The Master?
In which Australian city did England win the 2003 Rugby World Cup?

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