Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Quiz Qs from Sunday 7th March

Current Affairs
Which political party has the new slogan ‘Vote for Change’?
Which mobile network has the new slogan “We’ve Upped The Game”?
Which American actor was part of the US trade delegation to Russia last month?
How many songs, to the nearest billion, have been downloaded from iTunes?
How much, to the nearest billion, did RBS lose last year?
Who had the most success at the Brit awards, winning in 3 categories?
Name the TV presenter who is being investigated for an alleged 'mercy killing' of a former lover?
Speeches at which event are to be restricted to a maximum of 45 seconds?
Which famous musical studios are to be sold by EMI?
Tory MP Nicholas Winterton publicly complained about expenses not covering the cost of what?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was numbers, with the songs and bands counting up from 'One Step Beyond' to 'Ten Storey Love Song'

What won best picture?
Funny Girl, Oliver, or Romeo & Juliet? (1968)
All The President’s Men, Rocky, or Taxi Driver? (1976)
Amadeus, The Killing Fields, or A Passage to India? (1984)
Apollo 13, Braveheart, or Babe? (1995)
Atonement, No Country for Old Men, or There Will Be Blood? (2007)

The World

What is the circumference of the equator in miles (to the nearest 10%)
What named scale is used to measure the strength of earthquakes?
What is the most abundant chemical element on earth?
Earth's hottest inhabited settlements are in which country?
The earth is not a perfect sphere, but flattened at the poles: true or false?

General Knowledge
What item or range of furniture in Ikea is called Klippan?
What is the second largest city in France, by population?
Which Rugby League team are known as the Black and Whites?
Which war was also known as the Black and Tan war?
What is the connection between Charles Darwin and English pottery?
What was the channel UKTV History rebranded as?
Which British river does the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge cross?
According to legend, which English king allowed the cakes to burn?
Broadly speaking, in which direction is the continent of Africa moving: north, south, east or west?
Which radio station uses the slogan 'Music that matters'?

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