Friday, May 14, 2010

Quiz Questions from Sunday 2nd May

Current Affairs
Which British scientist warned against contacting aliens last month?
Which of these celebs were stuck furthest from the UK in the post volcano travel chaos – Alex Reid, John Cleese, or Chris Moyles?
What is the maximum squad size for a premiership team for the 2010 / 11 season (to the nearest 20%)?
Which 1970s musical re-opened in the West End last month?
Which of the Queen’s grandchildren ran the London Marathon?
Which investment bank is now facing a major fraud prosecution ihn the United States?
Which Nottingham-born author died last week aged 82?
On what date does St George's day fall?
Who won the PFA player of the year award?
Name the historian in trouble for attacking rivals via anonymous internet reviews?

Picture Round
The theme of the picture round was political posters, with the team having to say which year the different posters were used

Music Round
Number ones from previous General Elections, featuring Stay, Annie's Song, Amarillo, and more
(Hint - I really liked this idea, and I may well use it again soon for another event that happens every few years)

General Election
In which town did Gordon Brown talk to Gillian Duffy?
Which British political party promises to give schools £2,500 for each child on Free School Meals?
Which of the party leaders went to the same school as Dido (though not necessarily at the same time)?
What subject does Gordon Brown have a PhD in – Economics, History, or Politics?
What was the last British General election to deliver a hung parliament?
Which British political party promises to raise the threshold of Inheritance Tax to £1m?
How many former British PMs are still living?
Complete the political slogan – ‘Vote Red and Yellow and get [Blank]’
How many constituencies are there in the UK, to the nearest 10%?
Which British Prime Minister was once a leader of Lambeth council?
General knowledge
In geography, what is a Vale?
What percentage of US households pay no income tax?
What does the word Lederhosen mean, literally?
Which TV sitcom has characters called Jack Jones, Joe Walker, and Charles Godfrey?
Who wrote the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?
The inhabitants of which UK town are nicknamed 'Mackems'?
Who is the president of Argentina?
In a top-level football match, how many separate colours of shirt must be worn on the field of play?
The mineral Bauxite is an ore of which metal?
What did MPs receive for the first time in 1912?

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