Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd October

Current affairs
How old is Ed Milliband (to the nearest 2 years)?
Who came 3rd in the labour leadership election?
According to Chris Moyles in a radio rant, when was he last paid?
In which city is the Commonwealth Games taking place?
Which of these people didn’t go to Russell rand’s stag night – James Cordon, Noel Gallagher, Jonathan Ross and David Walliams?
In which city is the Tory party conference being held?
Who will play Freddie Mercury in an upcoming film about Queen?
Who won cricket's County Championship in the last hour's play of the 2010 season?
Which BBC drama series reappeared for its 9th series on 20th September 2010?
Which of the following words did Ed Miliband use most in his Labour conference speech: Generation, Country or Government?

Picture Round

Music Round
The theme was records that had been number one at the time of the Ryder Cup.  A good, varied mix, and most teams did very well.

British Foods
What Midlands town is associated more than any other with pork pies?
What name is given to a small, round cake filled with currants and made from flaky pastry?
What name is given to a bun made from yeast dough, mixed with eggs, fruit peel, sugar and currants and wrapped into a roll?
Arbroath Smokies are made from which kind of fish?
in which century did Britain's first fish & chip shops open?

Civil Wars
In which century was the English Civil War?
Name the two opposing forces in the American Civil War
In which Civil War was the battle of Guernica?
Which ‘B’ is the name of the winning side in the Russian Civil War?
Which of these civil wars was the most recent – Danish, Finnish, or Greek?

General Knowledge
Which London Borough is this pub in?
Who wrote the novel Catch 22?
Which animal’s name translates from the Greek as Black and White Cat Foot?
Which British port is the home to HMS Victory?
Who released an album called No Jacket Required?
Which superhero is the alter-ego of Little Eric (of 29 Acacia Road)?
Which of Canada and Australia has the greater land area?
Which tube line is the busiest, in terms of passenger journeys per year?
Which peninsula forms the southernmost point of England?
Paintings by which deceased criminal were sold at a London auction in August 2010?

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