Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Quiz questions from Sunday 6th February

Current Affairs
What is the name of the cyclone that ravaged Queensland last week?  (1 pt for first initial)
How did locals protest against plans to close against the planned closure of Stony Stratford library?
Which American musician is the new director of creative innovation at Intel?
Which of these film sound tracks did John Barry not write – Goldfinger, Jaws, or Midnight Cowboy?
What sort of online service did the Police launch last week?
On which date is Australia day celebrated?
According to official statistics, by how much did the UK economy contract in the last quarter of 2010?
Which party resigned from the Irish government?
Why was Sian Massey in the news last month?
How many matches did Andy Murray win at this year's Australian Open?

Picture Round
Coming Soon

Music Round
The theme was size, so Tinie Tempah, Massive Attack, Thin Lizzy (RIP Gary Moore), They Might Be Giants, and more

Bars and restaurants in TV shows
What is the name of the coffee shop in Friends?
Which TV soap features a nightclub whose names over the years include The Cobra Club and R&R?
That is the name of Mike’s pub in Only Fools & Horses?
Which TV soap features a bar whose names over the years include The Waterhole and Charlie's?
Who was the owner of The Phoenix Club? (Character)?

What term describes the process of drying timber prior to it being used?
In the plastic PVC, what do the initials stand for?
What name is usually given to a mixture of two or more metals in solid solution?
What name is generally given to a non-woven cloth, produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibres?
Aluminium oxide, porcelain and earthenware are all classified as what type of material?

General Knowledge
Who’s taller out of Roger Federer, Roger Daltrey of The Who, or Lisa Rogers?
What was the first name of Ring George VI?
True or False – Walt Disney was scared of Mice
In which country is the seaside resort of San Sebastian?
Which band released the albums Elephant and Icky Thump?
Which TV detective series ran for 33 episodes from 1987 to 2000?
Who wrote 'The Lord of the Flies'?
Which on average is colder: the north pole or south pole?
According to tradition, which city was founded in the year 753BC?
Which is the only station on the Victoria Line that has no interchange with other tube or train lines?

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