Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quiz questions from Sunday 13th March

Current affairs
Which government department or public body was revealed to be paying £22 for a lightbulb?
What position did the Lib Dems come in the Barnsley Central by election (one either way)
Why is Iran threatening to boycott the 2012 Olympics?
Which of these countries is the home to the world’s richest man – India, Mexico, Russia, US?
Which of these countries has just re-classified beer as ‘alcohol’, from ‘a foodstuff’ - India, Mexico, Russia, US?
Which Island was the basis of a recent 3-part series by David Attenborough?
A new ice cream, 'Baby Gaga' has become notorious because it contains what ingredient?
Which British food has recently won EU Protected Geographical Status?
What is the name of the new No. 10 Downing St cat?
Name the space shuttle which made its final flight in February?

Picture Round
The theme was twins, so pictures of the Waugh brothers, the Grimes brothers, two Thatchers and, most challengingly, the Bedser brothers

Music Round 
The theme was single name artists, so Madonna, Emimem, Gabrielle, Adele, and more

In which decade did the National Lottery start in the UK?
Which number is considered to by unlucky by the Chinese?
How many wishbones does a turkey have?
Is it lucky or unlucky to see one magpie on its own?
What is the probability of throwing 3 sixes in a row? (fraction)

Which party recently joined Fine Gael in a new coalition government?
How many Irishmen have won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
What is the surname of the two cricketing brothers who play for Ireland, one of whom recently scored a match-winning century against England?
Which Irish rebel leader was killed in an ambush on 22 August 1922?
What is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland?

General knowledge
Which long-running TV drama featured a character called Reg Hollis?
How much does The Big Issue cost?
How many litres of milk are needed to make one standard 250g block of butter (to nearest 20%)
Which Guy Richie film features a character called Bullet Tooth Tony?
Who was the President of France, immediately before Nicolas Sarkozy?
What grain is malt usually made from?
Which South American desert is usually considered to be the world's driest?
What is the name of Amazon's portable e-book reader?
British Summer Time was introduced during which conflict?
RIBA is an institute for which profession?

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