Friday, April 08, 2011

Quiz questions from Sunday 3rd April

Current affairs
Who captained England in their game against Ghana this week?
Which local cinema is currently celebrating its 100th birthday?
What colour has been unofficially used to describe the new London Overground train service?
Which politician is visiting Moneygall in Ireland next month to find out more about his Irish ancestry?
What is the new cost for a prescription in England (to the nearest 10%)?
Which two teams contested the Cricket World Cup final?
What is the name of the stricken nuclear power plant in Japan?
What was the full name of the TUC mass demonstration which took place on 26th March?
What was authorised by UN resolution 1973?
How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married?

Picture round
To celebrate Mothering Sunday, the pictures were of the mothers of famous men - Tom Cruise's mum, David Beckham's mum etc.  It proved pretty tricky for most teams.

Music round
Keepng with the family theme, we played 10 tracks from bands with siblings in them, so The Kinks, Bros, The Nolans and more

Which cake, beginning with an S, is covered in marzipan and traditionally eaten at easter?
Which dessert was supposedly invented by a drunk chef in Derbyshire in the 19th century?
What country was the dessert Pavlova created in?
What two colours do you see in a Battenberg cake?
Which dessert means 'pick me up' in it's country of origin?

Film characters – name the films that featured the following characters
Tyler Durden?
Travis Bickle?
Rick Blaine?
Nina Sayers?
Ted Striker & Dr. Barry Rumack?

General Knowledge
In which city did The Guardian originally have its head office?
How much excise duty does the government take on a bottle of wine bought in a supermarket (to nearest 20%)
Which actor played guitar on one track of the Oasis album Be Here Now?
Which sport is the American athlete Derrick Rose associated with?
What is the current name for the airport that was originally called Idlewild?
Which planet in the solar system is furthest from the sun?
What common name is given to the mineral iron pyrites?
What major historical event broke out in 1789?
Which two counties are separated by the river Tamar?
Which European country split on 1st January 1993?

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