Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quiz Questions from Sunday 3rd July

Current affairs
What sort of animal is Rufus, who job is to keep pigeons away from Wimbledon?
What was Project Volvo, in the news last month?
Which of these companies did not announce store closures last month – Focus DIY, Habitat, Jane Norman, Robert Dyas?
How old is Chelsea’s new manager? (Exact – years)
What is the name of the hacker group who are accused of hacking Sony and the CIA?
Who will sponsor the FA Cup from next year?
Which two British actors married in secret on 22nd June?
Which actor died on 23rd June, aged 83?
What major tournament did Rory McIlroy win?
Name the square in Athens which has been the scene of repeated anti-government protests?

Picture Round
In honour of the financial crises we showed 10 pictures of famous Greeks - Archemedes, Socrates, Telly Savalas, and Tina Fey

Music Round
Covers - teams had to identify the artists and bands who originally recorded the songs we played

Film Titles
Which Pirates film (1 – 4) was subtitled The Curse of the Black Pearl?
Which 2006 film was subtitled The Ballad of Ricky Bobby?
What was the subtitle for Terminator 3?
What is the subtitle for the current Transformers film?
Which Police Academy film was called ‘Back in Training’ – 2 or 3?

Which American brothers, famous for their doubles partnership, won the Wimbedon title in 2006?
As the crow flies, what is the nearest tube station to Wimbledon's Centre Court?
Who was the no. 2 seed for this year's Men's Singles?
Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament still played on grass courts: true or false?
Name one of the two women who won a Wimbledon singles title between 2000 and 2010 who is not a Williams sister?

General knowledge
What is the 5th letter in the word Reykjavik?
In what decade were barcodes first introduced to stores?
In which country in the UK is Big Pit, the coal mining museum?
Which British city is known as ‘Auld Reekie’?
Which champagne is known as ‘The widow’?
With which group of artists would you associate Dante Gabriel Rosetti, William Holman Hunt & John Everett Millais?
Who was the first man to fly across the English Channel?
What name is given to a lake formed from a meandering river?
Which two scientific scales, measuring the same thing, only coincide at a value of -39?
What station was named 'Clapham' up until 1989?

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