Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quiz Questions from Sunday 7th August

Current Affairs
Describe the incident that led to Paul Daniels being hospitalised last week
What colour jersey did Mark Cavendish win at the end of the Tour de France?
Which MP was asking Qs in the hacking enquiry when the pie man struck?
Name the last ever space shuttle
Which is now the most popular boy’s name for new-borns in the UK – Oliver or Thomas?
Who left £50,000 to his dogs in his will?
What did the Maltese parliament vote to legalise on 25th July?
In what field is the Stirling Prize awarded?
Who has been appointed coach of the USA football team?
What was this week described as 'A sugar-coated Satan sandwich?

Picture round
Comedians, in honour of the Edinburgh Festival (which sadly niether Steve nor I will be going to this year).  No one got Imran Yusuf.

Music Round
The theme was Body Parts, so Talking Heads (which very few people got), Black Eyed Peas, Elbow, Flaming Lips, and more.  Like the picture round it was pretty tricky for most.

Dead companies
What year did Woolworths close down their stores?
Which B was a sandwich chain in London, up to 2007?
What Z was a store that briefly occupied the site of the Virgin Megastore in Tottenham Court Road?
Which S was a sports TV channel, now only available in Ireland?
Which company bought the record shop Fopp, when it went into administration in 2007?

Hacking Scandal
Since the general election, how many times did David Cameron meet with News International?
Which central figure in the hacking scandal also had the distinction of scoring the first-ever goal for AFC Wimbledon back in 2002?
Why was Jonathan May-Bowles recently in the news?
Who resigned as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police?
For how many years did the News of the World run?

General Knowledge
In which country is Caracas?
How many times did Gandhi get married – never, once, or twice?
Who was Prime Minister directly after Winston Churchill?
Where is the mango tree native - the Carribean , India, or New Zealand?
Which recent US TV show had a character called John Locke, named after the British philosopher?
What name is given to the zone where one plate of the earth’s crust is drawn underneath another plate?
What was the English name of the writer Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski?
Which brewer uses the slogan 'Beer from the Coast'?
in which county would you find St Michael's Mount?
Which type of grain is commonly called corn in the United States?

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