Monday, September 12, 2011

Quiz Questions from Sunday 11th September

Current Affairs
In which country were the World Athletic Championships held?
By what % above inflation are rail fare increases pegged at?
How many of these new words were added to the OED this year - Mankini, ReTweet, Sexting – 1, 2 or 3?
Name the album that won the Mercury Music Prize
What did Stephen Fry name as his top gadget on Channel 4?
Which fast food restaurant has announced that it will be putting calorie counts on its menus?
What will gay men soon be permitted to do again, after a 25 year ban?
Which peer and minister got into trouble this week for saying NHS reform would present "huge opportunities for the private sector"?
Which film has been the subject of much dicusion due to Anne Hathaway's accent?
With what kind of trophy were England presented to mark them becoming test-cricket's #1 team?

Picture Round
Men with beards - teams had to identify ten pictures of bearded men, like Jarvis Cocker, Jim Carrey, Getafix from Asterix, and Karl Marx, all of whom had their eyes blocked out to make it a bit harder

Music Round
The theme was Repeats - artists or song names with words repeated, e.g. The Ting Tings, Sunday Bloody Sunday, or Time After Time.

Famous addresses
Which London station does Harry Potter use to go to Hogwarts?
What is the more popular name for the building at 30 St Mary’s Axe?
Which London Gallery would you find in St Martin’s Place?
What number Baker Street did Sherlock Holmes live at?
Which popular London landmark is situated in Kensington Gore?

The Rugby World Cup
Which country is hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup
England won the World Cup in 2003 - but how many WC finals have they played in?
Who are the current holders of the Rugby World Cup?
Which 2009 film is based around the events of the 1995 World Cup?
In which decade was the first rugby World Cup held?

General Knowledge
In which year did swimmer Ian Thorpe win 3 Olympic gold medals?
Who is the tallest out of Kenneth Branagh, Kenny Dalglish, or Kenneth Williams?
In what field of the performing arts would you use Benesh Notation? – Acting, Dance, or Music?
What % of the London Underground network (by distance) is in tunnels?  (to nearest 10%)
What does the YouTube ‘L’ rating stand for?
The name of which political party translates into English as 'Ourselves Alone'?
For what type of animal is Richmond park best known?
What are the 3 main types of nuclear radiation?
From which language does the word 'geography' originate?
What is the name of the gourmet Fish & Chip shop on Clapham High Street?

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