Monday, December 05, 2011

Quiz Questions from Sunday 4th December

Current Affairs
Name all three teams drawn against England in the Euro 2012 group stage
What colour was Jimmy Savile’s coffin?
Which TV talent show judge has a perfume called The Female Boss?
How many people are there over 100 in the UK? (to nearest 10,000)
Why did over 100 people complain about the new Littlewoods TV ad?
Name the enquiry currently investigating phone hacking and media conduct
Which recent date saw a mass public sector strike?
Which square in Cairo has again been the focus of Egyptian demonstrators?
What notable anniversary of the King James Bible falls in 2011?
Which Republican candidate was reduced to a prolonged silence in a TV interview when asked about Libya?

This month the pictures were all of world leaders - and beyond some obvious ones like Angel Merkel and Julia Gillard, they proved pretty tricky for most.

The theme was mashups; teams had to name the two artists mashed together.  All mashups were taken from this site; the best one was probably this one (AC/DC vs. Katie Perry)

Company names
Which clothing company was named after a South African antelope?
Which toy company was named ‘Play Well’ in the language of the country it was founded in?
Which office supplies company was originally called the Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company?
Which car company was named after the Latin word for Listen?
Which book gave the company Starbucks its name?

Which central London tube station reopened on 28th Nov, having been closed since April?
Which literary figure and lexicographer said that "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life"?
In an annual average year, London receives less rain than either Rome or Bordeaux - true or false?
Which London roundabout has been nicknamed 'Silicon Roundabout'?
The first Roman settlement at London was founded in which century AD?

General Knowledge
What musical instrument did Louis Armstrong play?
What subject would you be studying at school if you were learning about Geffen Goods?
In what century did Dick Turpin live?
How many Baldwin brothers are there?
Which video game character stars in the game …& the Curious Village?
In terms of energy production, what does the abbreviation CHP stand for?
Name the stadium in which Barcelona play football
How many England football managers have received knighthoods?
People who suffer from Anosmia lack what?
In which travelcard zone is the Landor pub?

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