Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quiz Questions from Sunday 8th January

Current Affairs
Which Royal is volunteering to help with his or her local Scout pack?
What unusual step did David Cameron take to ensure his determination & concentration at recent EU negotiations?
Which American citizen tweeted "maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country."
Who plays the role of Michael Heseltine in the new film The Iron Lady?
Why didn’t much happen in Samoa on Friday 30th December?
For what reason has the company PIP been in the news?
In which US state have Republicans been voting for presidential candidates this week?
Which team topped the Premier League going into the New Year?
On what date after Chjristmas did the Duke of Edinburgh leave hospital?
Name the creator of St Trinian's who died this week

Picture Round
Events of 2011 - teams had to say which month certain events happened

Music round
Music from 2011, including Jessie J, Adele, Professor Green and Nicki Minaj.  A bit of a nightmare for the older players

Review of 2011 
Which country saw the first revolution of the Arab Spring?
Who denied the advent of an economic crisis by saying “The restaurants are full”?
Name the two Sky football commentators who lost their jobs for making sexist remarks?
What unlikely food did the US congress reclassify as a vegetable in 2011?
In the UK in 2011, 8 months of the year were warmer than average, and 4 were cooler than average.  Name two of the cooler than average months.

Coming Attractions
What is the name of the new Batman film, out this summer?
On what day of the week does the Olympic Opening Ceremony take place?
Who is England’s first Euro 2012 game against?
What event is the subject of Julian Fellowes new TV drama?
What Jubilee (paper etc) will the Queen be celebrating?

General Knowledge
In which country would you find the Formula 1 track Interlagos?
Which British artist has a teddy bear called Alan Measles?
Who wrote the Jeeves & Wooster stories?
Which British film features 2 gangsters called Fat Sam and Knuckles?
Asparagus is in season in the UK for 2 months – name one of them
What famous military action took place on 25th October 1854?
What is the name of the main artery which leads from the heart to the rest of the body?
In which continent would you find the Mountains of the Moon?
Stromboli and Hawaiian are types of what geological phenomenon?
On weather maps, what is represented by a line with triangles along its length?

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